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    Thread: Burning your Bridges in Finance...

    1. Senior Member beng's Avatar
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      May 13th, 2002
      NutVegas, NJ
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      03-19-2009 01:04 PM #1
      This made me laugh my ass off...sent to me by a colleague.
      I guess this guy plans to NEVER return to Bloomberg, or pretty much any finance field for that matter.
      Can't say it wouldnt be fun to do though....

      Quote, originally posted by joelx »
      "Some guy named Jerel Smith quit working for Bloomberg and sent the following email to all of his coworkers… It basically just tells the people Jerel Smith didn’t like off and gives some advice to everyone else at the end. Unfortunately, Jerel Smith forgot the existence of the internet and the fact that funny F U letters to your former colleagues are now will follow you for the rest of your life. He even posted the letter on his myspace… I hope his music career works out, because no company will ever hire him again lol. Jerel Smith quit working for Bloomberg four days ago, and I think that I am the first blog/website to pick it up. Below is a screenshot of his corporate screen (though why Bloomberg is using 1998 era software beats me)."
      Where do I begin?
      I’m sure you’ve read your share of goodbye letters so you know the drill. Head
      up to the 6th floor,grab the latest “go green for the environment and not cuz
      ss21 *our sales tracking function* has more minuses than a 4th grade math class”
      snack and settle in.
      *Old senior salesperson*…dude….you’ve been there 9+ years, don’t
      you think hijacking a colleagues computer, changing their msg9 and entering fake
      ballet lessons in their out is getting old? I wish you several years of early morning
      mid forehead tea bags by none other than bigfoot himself. Now that’s humor….as
      soon as they’re not around you talk **** about steph, curtis, kevin, yang,
      gomez, sobo, swartz, scher, montoya, soares, gabe, janet, david szo, u name
      ‘em he’s gossiping about them faster than a desperate house wife…I sat next
      to this bag of twaut for a year so believe me I know. No one gives a duece that
      you were a dj in the 80s..nearly 30 years ago….its over. You’re not funny
      dude, you remind me of this guy in my 6th grade class named Dip Shytman who
      was the self procclaimed class clown…tell a joke, and watch the person who gave
      u a courtesy laugh…are they still laughing when you look at them 4 seconds
      later? You’re not fooling anyone, your low self esteem is more apparent than
      you’re polarized associations with your chinese italian heritage when either
      side is seemingly convenient…I use to blaze every morning and at lunch just
      to numb myself to ur mouth flappage, stop telling everyone about your mystery
      diet, that….doesn’t exist, for real results see the section on {fon mar swa}
      Steph, *Old colleague* don’t trust this dude, if u had any idea the **** he’s said
      about you, the credit he’s taken for your sales and hard work…let it be known
      who the real engine behind sapi is…side note steph, that broke my heart, thought
      you were more savy than that, that’s all I have for you, I hope everything works
      out, bar the last issue you’ve been like a big sis to me, I look up to you and
      how you handle clients, I choose to remember everything positive
      *Former CEO* …I’d love to smack the heroine needle out of your arm and shove
      it up your purple suited arsse you loud mouth tasteless family size bag o’
      douche…no wonder you’re always screaming at everyone, you probably need a fix
      you amy winehouse hermaphradite bbc walking fashion fopa….quiet the **** down,
      join narcotics anonymous, and stop wearing suits that match the neon colored
      rooms of the building….peter g. Runs the show, everyone knows that, *****
      court jesture…and soomee, rock on…done
      *Former Colleauge* so I thought u were cool mang, till of course u became a TL and ascended to the ranks of tomfukery. Lay off the new guys for
      Christ Sake, Napolean syndrome? Little mans disease anyone? Why do you stomp so hard when you walk? You’re like 67 pounds, trying to make your presence felt?
      When you look in the mirror in the morning…do u see a minature size pooper
      scooper? One made coutre for say…paris hiltons dog? Done
      Now what’s your name again? The former head of adsk that was sleeping with
      justin lada and made out with him at a company party in front of everyone and
      was moved to sales soon after for the sole reason that daddy waddy is daddy
      walbucks? We didn’t forget… Count Smutula….I hope the revolving door
      smacked the starbucks out of your mouth…no that wasn’t an accident, snitch,
      how many meetings have you missed, how many meetings have we all missed?
      *Former Colleague* for Christ sake, the man has a wife! You think we
      don’t notice when your outs coincide while traveling? The frequent breaks together?
      Its like watching the captain cheerleader makeout with the star athlete, and dude,
      bbg’s Ron Korning, don’t think I forgot that day on the escalator when you know who
      did you know what…that’s just a little secret between me and you. I’m sure
      your apartment smells of leather bound books and mahogony…what cnn wasn’t
      hiring? …done
      *Head of TradeBook, another branch of Bloomberg* Too easy….
      Plus I’m sure you would take this out on my buddies in tb…and they’re good guys.
      But bryan ahrens sends his regards…know what I mean? {fuccurself } god I
      hope I wrote the link right
      *Former Colleague* were u always like that? or was it the new title?
      Are you displacing your anger about…well…you know. I don’t wanna be mean here
      so I’ll just say you can work on that issue or choose not to its up to you, but
      stop being a total…well….you know, like a mother of lassie, there how’s
      that, that wasn’t to bad….
      Who’s that guy who was a tl of conneticut a while back? Tall brit dude with
      diahrea of the mouth…nobody likes you dude…no one wants to travel with you
      cuz apparently you never shut the *** up, none of the girls new to sales want
      to date you so stop sitting on their desk and running your pilsbury piehole.
      You harassed a good buddy of mine for months, she’s not interested, I wish she
      would ante up and take u to hr already….done…also…you look like a
      characature of my scrotum…ok seriosly…done
      *Former Sales Manager* I’m convince that you wake up every
      morning and **** off with sand paper then crank up hannah montana and do 9
      minute billy blanks abs. Fit for life! Awesome, next….counselling….You socially awkward rectal
      cavern…learn some interpersonal communication skills…learn to talk to
      people with some respect…better yet just respect yourself and maybe it will
      become transitive…done
      Lindsey Kemp already left….****, cuz that woulda been fun
      I’m sure I’m missing a few like the closet racist {fon geo waek} but I had to
      get that off my chest. To much goes unsaid at bloomberg, like the ridiculous pay we
      receive…*** a cert, what good will that do a rep in the now? You either have
      to throw it in your 401k a year from now and cross your fingers cuz of this
      awesome market or take half after taxes eat out your hard work. Bbg’s a farm, I
      have a lot of respect for bloomie, he’s a genius… Create a company to higher
      young attractive people, teach them how to use bbg and wait for turnover to
      occur… A rep paid 45k a year will repay that when they leave and purchase a
      bbg at their new place of employment. Bloomie took a risk, he invested that
      severance check in an idea and look at him now…he grabbed his balls and took
      a jump…well, balls in hand I’m taking a leap, and boy are they heavy…
      Know your worth, if you’re doing intricate spreadsheets and building financial
      models that sreps are truly ungrateful for, which you guys really are cuz you
      have no idea how much work they actually require, and you look at your check
      and don’t see it reflected in your pay. Take a look at the fear that keeps you
      frozen in place. (Eckhart Tolle -power of now and a new earth….russel
      simmons_ do you, tsun szu- the art of war…read em) Or maybe its not api maybe
      you’re puting off that CFA or MBA! Get on it!!!! Stop being a chump, how many
      excuses have you used thus far? buckle down and get after it….have an idea
      for a start up? Flesh it out and make a move….if it doesn’t work out at least
      you tried….its not enough to be proud because of someone elses last
      name….”I work for Bloomberg”… Make your own mark…
      If we had a bad interaction I was either stoned, tired (3 hrs of sleep a night
      for two years working on my true passion and waking up for work the next
      morning) or you’re probably just a douche. Thank god for no drug tests, right?
      Yeah I know trust me, its my little secret friend…ps- the 6th floors totally
      tripadelic with all the flashing lights…take lunch in central park…blaze a
      doobee, tell the cops u work at bloomie and the misdemeanor becomes a loitering
      citation, then comeback and be a 6th floor munchie pirate, top it off with a
      nap in the quiet room.
      **** ur go key )
      Rock on: Bob Huber, Ryan Dacey, Osakwe Beale, Zoe Karl, Keith Bunnell, Spells,
      Jesse G, Nadorf, Gerard, Gonzo, Sobo, Gomez, Montoya, Siskind, George P, the
      Andersons, Semedo, Emma D, Corbet, frat, Andy, Mcmullin, Ameado, Osbourne,
      Cole, Meo. If I forgot u I’m typimg this while riding my bike. So my apologies
      Max, Scott, I tip my hat to u guys I have the utmost respect for u and I
      apologize for taking this long to figure out my direction.
      Curtis…thanks for giving me room.
      Everyone… If you want to have a drink with the kid, and hear me do my thing
      and rant about bloomie. I’m performing at the Sugar Bar on Friday from 8-12.
      254 72nd street between broadway and west end 1, 2, 3 train to 72nd and
      broadway….free trump vodka cocktails….
      Jerel Smith is now Corporate Rel, full time.
      You can reach me at:
      Gmail: corporaterel@gmail.com send me an email so we can stay in touch.
      Facebook: Jerel Smith
      Join the group Corporate Rel presents the Boardroom
      I’m {out}….
      God bless the quiet room

      LMFAO! Something to lighten the mood in this forum.
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      "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve"

    2. Member DSG-TDI's Avatar
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      Mar 7th, 2002
      03-19-2009 01:30 PM #2
      Hahaha, nice. I had a co-worker abruptly quit about two years ago after his boss got a promotion, and on his way out, sent out a hilarious "I'm outta here" e-mail to select people in the office and the entire company management. We all still get a chuckle out of it.

    3. Senior Member ChrisMD's Avatar
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      Jun 15th, 2001
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      03-19-2009 01:37 PM #3
      Alright, the couture pooper scooper made me laugh.

    4. Member maskedSONY's Avatar
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      Nov 7th, 2000
      2007 Accord EX-L
      03-19-2009 01:39 PM #4
      seriously? looks like he didnt leave a stone unturned.
      Quote Originally Posted by Turbiodiesel!
      It really is the perfect, no excuses all-rounder for the rich guy who's accustomed to having it all - the Hybrid version especially. It's like an F-150 Raptor banged an M5 in the men's room of a biker bar. Nobody really wanted the results, but damn - what a set of genes.

    5. Member titleist1976's Avatar
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      03-19-2009 01:42 PM #5

    6. Member
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      Nov 20th, 2003
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      03-19-2009 01:43 PM #6
      lol...i love the shout outs at the end and the plug for his show. Im assuming this was kind of a tongue in cheek email for the most part

    7. Senior Member SAPJetta's Avatar
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      Feb 3rd, 2001
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      03-19-2009 01:54 PM #7
      Wow ... LOL
      Way to make an exit [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?

    8. Senior Member 6cylVWguy's Avatar
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      Jun 14th, 2000
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      03-19-2009 04:30 PM #8
      "charicture of my scrotum"....I have to say that was funny. I may have to use it some time.
      A cousin of mine works at Bloomburg, I;ll have to ask him if he knows this guy. Didn't sound like he was mentioned in the guy's email rant.

    9. Senior Member beng's Avatar
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      May 13th, 2002
      NutVegas, NJ
      Family Truckster
      03-19-2009 04:34 PM #9
      "If we had a bad interaction I was either stoned, tired (3 hrs of sleep a night
      for two years working on my true passion and waking up for work the next
      morning) or you’re probably just a douche."
      I had a good augh over this line.
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      "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve"

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