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    Thread: VW Golf Horn Problem and turnig signal relay

    1. 03-25-2009 02:01 AM #1
      I have a problem with the horn too.
      I have a VW Golf 2003. I've been having weird electrical issues.
      1- The horn stops working. I was honking and it stops working long time ago. I unplugged the battery and it works again. It works for several months until it happened again. I did the same trick of unplugging the battery but it stop working couple honks after. Now the trick does not work anymore.
      What can I due to fix the horn?

      2- The turning signal relay. Every time I use the turning signal and the steering wheel goes to center and the turning light goes off. The relay keep clicking like the turning signal were on. The clicking goes on at randomly time couple times. Then, it is goes off until I use the turn signal again.
      Please let me know any ideas or a better place were to post this weird question

    2. 03-25-2009 03:13 AM #2
      1.Disconnect battery
      2.follow manual on how to remove steering wheel airbag. not that difficult.
      3.check that the plugs are all secure.
      if that does not work
      try replacing the clockspring inside the steering column. if that doesnt work, then, I dunno.

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