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    Thread: transmission pressure check DIY ( testing pressure selenoid )

    1. 05-04-2009 04:30 PM #1
      if you have problems with the transmission, this is going to help you to check pressure solenoid, boost regulator and main regulator, for transmission 01M, 01n and 01P so check your transmission before you do anything,
      tools : pressure gauge and an hex key (allen)

      how to do it : connect the pressure gauge to transmission,
      the pressure connector is the one in the middle of the cable and the oil check hole

      start the engine, have somebody helping you to put the car in drive, the pressure should be at 60 psi in park, then put the car in D position and the pressure should be 120 to 150 psi at idle, now in every shift the pressure should cut back to 65~75 psi and this ends the check.
      ok here we go, if the pressure doesn't cut back during the upshifts or is 120~150 at all times, or is erratic replace valve EV6 and check boost regulator and main regulator.

      check ground connections and check for any P0773 which is the EV 5 (0026 with vag ) and replace if faulty and if everything is ok then check the TMC

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