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    Thread: Good or Bad? Zapatag Offers Public Shaming of Bad Drivers

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      05-12-2009 12:30 PM #1

      We're not sure if this is a good or bad thing. is now offering the public ability to report the tag of a 'bad' driver. While this may be a good for reporting aggressive drivers, left lane lurkers, drunk drivers and the like, it could also be a way to highlight those of us who drive at the upper tolerances of the speed limit or worse... offer people a way to single you out. So is this a good or bad thing? Feel free to vote in our survey below.

      Also read more via the original story we found at Autoblog or check out the site directly via the links below.

      Full Story - Autoblog

    2. 03-31-2014 04:17 AM #2
      Many drivers are not following rules thats why many accidents happened. There are some people who are trying to put bad drivers in shame for what they have done. It's been gaining some traction, as petty thieves and other criminals have been getting shamed for minor wrongdoings.

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