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    Thread: 1.9 TDI horsepower? TDI to Chevy Adaptor?....

    1. 05-21-2009 01:17 AM #1
      I need the input of you Pros...
      I have a 1.9 TDI that is essentially brand new. It came from a crash test car.
      I was planning to put in in my Caddy, but the transmission issue has turned out to be much more costly & bothersome than I figured. I will give up & sell the Caddy.
      I would like to know what kind of horsepower & torque to expect from the TDI. I will have Giles build an M-TDI pump for me. I hope to get the approximate power of a stock Chevy 283.
      I will be putting this in a Hotrod. Will I have enough torque to move a 2500 lb car through an automatic? I am thinking about using a 200R4 automatic trans. I also have a T56 in the corner, just in case. There are some very cool 5, 6, & 7 speed autos out there in Japanese & Euro cars, but I have no idea what it would take to run one standalone. Any ideas?
      IS there a VW to Chevy adaptor plate available? Is there any other RWD transmission solution that I need to consider?

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      05-21-2009 01:50 AM #2
      this makes no sense.
      your giving up on putting a tdi in a caddy. (a vw caddy, i hope) its not that hard
      now you wanna put it in a hot rod.........why.... aren't you building a hot rod
      you want the power of a stock 283......what is that, like 120 hp
      go put it in yer hotrod......all the other guys will prolly laugh at you. hot rodding isn't for the fuel minded.....unless you commute in it

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      Damn you and your odd statehood.
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      I mean if you're so paranoid that you think the government has nothing better to do than fuxk with random people then not sure what to tell you.

    3. 05-21-2009 10:17 AM #3
      Quote, originally posted by hardhatz »
      , but the transmission issue has turned out to be much more costly & bothersome than I figured.

      It may be more costly to adapt this to fit up to a gm trans..
      The idea of a diesel hot rod does sound neat, but I would feel a benz OM616 or OM617 or a cummins 4bt would probably be an easier option.. No need to have a pump built for those either... ( THe Benz OM617 (5 cyl Turbodiesel) makes about 120hp from stock and is already bolted to an auto trans.. They can usually be picked up rather cheap attached to a rustbucket car.. ) THe Cummins 4bt has a ton of adapters available, although I guess these engines are a bit harder to source..
      But if you want to use the TDI I think it's Acme Adapters makes the whatnot to bolt this up to a Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick transmission..

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      05-21-2009 10:43 AM #4
      What engine do you have? Lots of people have put A3 and A4 TDIs into A1s and A2s.....this isn't exactly a gound breaking swap.
      As for power, it depends on the TDI. If it's an ALH, stock it's 90hp and 155lb/ft. With nozzles, tuning, and a big turbo you can get in the 100s for hp and high 200s for torque.

    5. 05-21-2009 10:50 AM #5
      I bought the VW Caddy to create a commuter for those days I don't need my 3/4 ton PU. I thought the swap of the TDI would be a bolt-in, but I was wrong about that.
      With the TDI, I would want the tallest gear ratio available only in a late TDI trans, preferably a 6-speed (DRW?) which was not offered OEM in USA. Every one I have seen available was very expensive, and then there are the issues of special mounts & axles & perhaps an engine cradle needed to fit the MkI.
      I want to resurrect a Model A Ford which has been in my family for 75 years, for daily commute of about 200 miles. I choose to use the TDI because I already have it, & it will fit well. I have a 200R4, and a T-56 on hand, but if there are better options that give a lot of ratios, I'm all ears
      The Model A had 40 HP, so I guess the 90 or so TDI would be a big step up, I was just curious how much the Giles-blessed motor would make, and what the torque curve might look like.

    6. 05-21-2009 12:50 PM #6
      I hope you plan to update the suspension and seat.. Ever drive a stock Model A an extended distance?
      Even with the 5 speeds with lower ratios you'll still have some crazy milage out of a caddy...
      I would suspect the 200R4 would be a bit much as there is alot of power loss though them.. Not to mention you would need some creative valve body work to get the thing to shift even half assed.. Custom torque converter (probably about an 8 or 9" one) with a somewhat high stall. Manual would be my preference with these diesels.. Expecially if economy is your goal.. Till you get the 2004R working half diecent you're milage woudl probably be maybe in the 30's at best.. ( less than the Caddy with the TDI and an the old 4 speed...)
      Acme makes a kit to hook up to a toyota 22R style trans and the Tracker/ sidekick manual and auto trans.. All available in 4x2 versions.. I believe I have seen a kit to connect to older Jeep (Kujo??) 5 speeds, but I don;t know if I have ever seen that one in a 4x2 version... If you have connections with a good machineist you can pretty much connect it to about anything, ideally though you want something fairly light weight so that you aren;t loosing a ton of power through the trans...Something of Aisian origin would probably be your best bet..

      Modified by maxfax3 at 12:54 PM 5-21-2009

    7. 05-21-2009 01:01 PM #7
      Somebody mentioned the 5 cyl mercedes-benz diesel engine (OM617).
      There is a company that announced they are going to produce OM series engine to GM sbc transmission adapters.http://www.4x4labs.com I do not know how far they have come with this project.
      Either way you will still have to mount your transmission and engine in the model T so there is going to be fabricating and welding involved.
      IIRC there are 2 companies that manufacture adapters for the vw engine to fit the Suzuki Samurai. You could run the Samurai 5 speed manual but it looks like you want an auto and I don't think the Suzuki transmissions in the Samurai or other Suzukis hold up well anyway. ACME also makes an adapter to fit the Toyota 4 cyl. 22R pickup transmissions (auto and manual). I think the newer Toyota pickup or Sidekick/Geo Tracker transmissions are electronically controlled. Maybe an earlier Toyota pickup auto (I think 86 was the first year they offered it) would be mechanically controlled? I would contact the Acme Adapters company and ask. I also think they will sell you just the parts you want not the whole kit. The big problem I have with their idea is that they use the gasser flywheels on the diesel engine and they drill more holes in it. I am afraid this will weaken the flywheel.
      Good luck...

    8. 05-21-2009 01:38 PM #8
      Maxfax it looks like we posted the same information simultaneously...
      Are you referring to the Peugeot transmission? Yes its from Peugeot the French car maker and it was used in Cherokees in the late 80's behind the 4.0L I-six. It is not considered a desirable transmission for a 4x4 (expensive to repair in the U.S. and does not hold up under any hard use) though it apparently holds up well in a Pug 505. I am not familiar with any kit currently made to put a diesel in the Cherokee. They did offer one a Renault diesel found in some other Euro-spec vehicles. They were fitted to a 5 speed manual. I have been into Jeep Cherokees for 10 years

    9. 05-21-2009 03:21 PM #9
      Yep that would be the trans.. I've seen them blown to pieces behind a 2.5 in a Wrangler.. I would imagine they would hold up okay in a car.. Normally far less abuse...
      I may be thinking of the Cummins 4bt adapter to the Wrangler.. There was a small company that made such a beast for a bit.. Wasn;t a good seller since the trans couldn;t hold together anyhow behind a 2.5 let alone a diesel..... Most people opted for some variety of GM trans...
      (going off topic now) Wasn't it a Renault diesel they used in the 84 - 86 Cherokees???

    10. 05-21-2009 06:11 PM #10
      I've never heard about a 4bt kit sold specifically for the Wrangler. I would like to see that. But the 4bt is big and heavy I don't know how it would work in a Wrangler. There are adapters for the Cummins B series to GM and Ford stuff since the 4bt was offered as a repower kit for commercial vans to put in place of a gasoline engine. This is cool because the engineering has already been done on how to make a 4bt fit in certain vehicles. Have you checked out http://www.4btswaps.com. I want to build a 4bt pickup conversion. I want to use an F250 4x4. I think that is what America needs now, a full size pickup with a 4 cylinder turbo-diesel giving it decent power for most jobs and better fuel economy that were used to seeing.
      The Peugeot transmission apparently lasts a long time even in Africa where they use those cars for long distance taxis and drive them over dirt roads for hundreds of thousands of kms. with only rudimentary maintenance. Apparently something about using it for rock crawling in a Jeep kills it.
      Yes there is a Renault diesel engine that came in some Cherokees. I think the engine was used in Renault vans. They are not common here. I hear they were more common in Europe. I also have been told they are a pain to get parts for in both places because the Cherokee specific stuff can be hard to find in Europe and the Renault specific stuff is not common in the U.S.
      Wow, were way off topic now...

    11. 05-27-2009 10:41 PM #11
      sorry to pile on but there are a bunch of 4bt wrangler swaps out there.
      the guy in this video does 4bt swaps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9ULDv7vCKs
      i considered a swap in my rubicon but i'd need to swap gears and tranny... not worth the $ but i'd kill for a 4bt wrangler! bad ass for sure!!
      - j

    12. Member
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      '09 335d
      05-28-2009 10:29 AM #12
      I'd love to mate a ALH to the 4L60E that's in my'03 S10 ZR2..
      A 4bt would be ever better, but they aren't cheap.

    13. 05-28-2009 10:40 AM #13
      I guess the adaptor plate is the key.. With all the demand, somebody should be making one.

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