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    Thread: 1968 vw beetle turn signals

    1. 05-31-2009 11:44 AM #1
      The ambers come on when headlights are swithed but i cant get the turn signals to flash. i cleaned the contacts replaced steering colum wires. maby some one has a wiring diagram for turn signals. horn works. maby its switch or i reacently re wired entire car no idea. any help will be welcomed.

    2. 05-31-2009 01:29 PM #2
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    3. 05-31-2009 02:09 PM #3
      could it be your flasher relay, have you tried appling power to it,?? if you put power to it and the lights come on and stay on then the relay is bad, if they blink or it clicks then it is good and something else is wrong. With the key on there should be power at terminal 49 in the socket. It should also have power with the key off and the hazard switch on. you need to get a jumper wire and connect the 49 and 49a on the relay and see what happens. I cant tell from those pics if I even saw one, unless that is it on the last pic? but that looks like the switch. it should be close to the back of the speedo
      do the emergency flashers work? checked all the grounds? key is on?
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    4. 05-31-2009 02:53 PM #4
      the wiring doesnt match the diagram completly. they were blinking untill i took the colum apart to fix horn they were just blinking the wrong way. i forget how to activate emergency flachers? i have another flasher relay but it doesnt have the post that comes through the dash board for it can i take the post out of the old one?

    5. 05-31-2009 11:11 PM #5
      that is your switch, there is a relay somewhere near the back of the speedo, it is what makes the lights blink, but it sounds like you have something else goin on with wiring.
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