I am starting this thread to post [legal] links for those of you that enjoy drum & bass and jungle music. If you have some mixes you really dig post 'em up!
Here's one I've been enjoying lately to start>>
KONGKAST #71 - ft. exclusive guest mix by Illeffect (Expansion Broadcast/ USA)
Style: hip hop, soulful, funky, deep
1. Icicle and Spectrasoul - Wounded [SGN:LTD]
2. Electrosoul System - So Close [Fokuz Records]
3. Loxy and Naibu - Hajime [Critical]
4. Lynx and Kemo - Global Enemies [Soul:R Recordings]
5. Break - Enigma (Calibre Remix) [Quarantine]
6. Mutt - Draw On Me [Spearhead Recordings]
7. Atlantic Connection - Can’t Destroy Love Part 2 (feat. Minds One) [Westbay International]
8. Sir Menelik - 7XL (feat Grand Puba and Sada X) (Instrumental) [Rawkus Records]
9. Kjell - Grand Groove [Forthcoming on Function]
>> Marcus Intalex and ST Files - Moonwalk [Renegade Hardware]
10. Redeyes - Blue Note [Spearhead Recordings]
>> Shimon and Andy C - Recharge [Ram Records]
>> D Bridge and Vegas - True Romance [Metalheadz Platinum]
11. High Contrast - If We Ever [Hospital Recordings]
12. Subwave - Think [Shogun Audio]
>> Lynx - Disco Dodo [Creative Source]
13. Commix - Rack-It [Hosptial Recordings]
14. Marcus Intallex - The Sentry [Soul:R Recordings]
15. Calibre - Electric Soul [Signature Recordings]
16. Commix - Bear Music [Hosptial Recordings]
17. Blackpocket - Ure a Star (Martyn Remix) [Fat City Records]
18. Data - Blowpipe [Lucky Devil Recordings]
19. Zyon Base - Simple Man [SGN:LTD]
20. Seba and Krazy - Arsenic [Innerground]
>> Roni Size and Reprazent - Watching Windows (DJ Die Remix) [Talkin Loud]
21. Eveson - Revert [Deep Soul Music]
22. Atlantic Connection - Danger Zone [Westbay International]
23. Seba - As Long As It Takes [Secret OPerations]
>> Break - Breakout [East Side Records]
About DJ IllEffect (Washingtonc DC/USA):
Mixing and scratching his way into countless venues across the east coast of the USA, IllEffect effectively draws from a hip hop influenced background all while remaining true to drum and bass culture. IllEffect favors the smoother, more soulful styling of drum and bass but manages to still mix aggressively with plenty of teases and double drops to boot. He is the founder and co-host of Expansion Broadcast - a drum and bass and dubstep radio show and podcast based out of Washington, DC and Baltimore, broadcasting live every week alongside his dubstep co-hosts, Ricky Ricardo and Whighzeguy.
Update: I thought it might be helpful to add style descriptions since there are a variety of flavors represented.
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