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    Thread: wheel bearing removal 02 jetta

    1. 07-18-2009 04:55 PM #1
      Its an 02 Jetta with 89k. Started to develop a whirring noise left front when driving above 15mph going straight and right it subsided a little going left. Ruled out tires by swapping and found a little play with wiggling tire with car raised.Bought a new bearing, removed hub but its sitting on my bench I'm trying to figure how to get the old one out. Do I need a special puller from the stealer to accomplish what should be an easy job? Alldata says i need to remove "circlip" none could be found! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Just about had it with this car cause it always something. Thankfully this forum has been very helpful- Mike

    2. Member vdubguy97's Avatar
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      07-18-2009 05:44 PM #2
      Dude you need a press. Your best bet is to take it to a shop or dealer and ask them to press out the old and press the new one in for you, it should be super cheap.
      I did one for a Customer at work for a 12 pack of beer that I'm drinking right now
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    3. 07-18-2009 08:59 PM #3
      I did try the search site here but once again, as in the past, it just doesn't work that well. I did find from googling a past thread on vwvortex which was fully explained with pics and procedures which I wish I would have found sooner because now I'm in a real pickle. I gotta get this thing roadworthy before the start of the workweek, so I'll be calling rental places early in the morning for a puller, but thanks again vdubbers I think a for sale sign is going on this car just too many problems and I'm getting too old for them.

    4. Member blakwagn's Avatar
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      07-18-2009 10:37 PM #4
      Yes...... Do what he said. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
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    5. 07-24-2009 01:30 AM #5
      So, can I remove the hub and use a press at work to remove the bearings/race? The specialty tools to do the bearings and race on the car just allow the hub to not be removed?

    6. Member formerly vr6 karl's Avatar
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      07-24-2009 01:51 AM #6
      if you go to you local autozone/pep boys they have a front wheel bearing removal tool you can rent. you need to pull the hub from the bearing, then theres a snap ring that needs to come out, then the bearing needs to be pulled out from that side.
      theres a diy

    7. 07-24-2009 02:07 AM #7
      SO this tool isnt a VW specific puller. Do you have to take the hub off? If so, would a standard press work as I have a serious machine shop at work.

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