VWVortex.com - any interest in a CF 4kq Votex front spoiler?
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    Thread: any interest in a CF 4kq Votex front spoiler?

    1. 05-02-2012 02:56 PM #76

      The radiator covers I will be making a few of here as the weather warms up. I've got 3 requests currently. $150 is the price I was offered for making them.

    2. 05-06-2012 03:41 AM #77
      nice! keep me posted on those! nqw the biggie.... what is up on these spoilers??? two of them are sold right here!!! are they in reach?

    3. Member
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      Mar 4th, 2012
      gj, co
      '87 4kcsq
      05-26-2012 11:15 PM #78
      Good info on the flares! That's something I have been thinking on for a bit too. Just a set that would comply with the 4k sideskirt and bumpers would be of great interest to me. I realize you are talking about an entire front end but still. . . just sayin.

    4. Semi-n00b
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      Jan 6th, 2011
      Charny, Qc, Canada
      3 Audi 4000 and a Iltis
      01-22-2013 07:58 PM #79
      Well it's been quite a while since nothing happened on this thread! Did the front bumper spoiler project died in the egg??? I wondered if the has even been posted on Mtrgeek as well??? I can't believe that there are not plenty of people who wants these things! Everybody would have a B2 if they would understand!!

    5. Member
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      May 2nd, 2008
      Park City, UT
      Mk6 GTI, B8.5 Allroad, B3 90T, 2007 F150 5.4 SCREW
      02-06-2015 01:30 AM #80
      Would have been sweet if this ever happened. Way better looking than the 2Bennett IMO and I need one for my new 4KQ.
      B5 S4 Avant 6MT | B8 A4 Avant | 4K CS Quattro | 2007 F150 Super Crew (tow/camping rig)

    6. Semi-n00b
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      Aug 24th, 2011
      Warsaw, Poland
      03-22-2017 11:38 AM #81
      Someone has for sale or know where to buy Votex Front Spoiler for Audi typ 81 85?

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