Considering this forum has more than doubled in size since in the last few years, it makes sense to double the number of "yes" votes needed to consider a new forum.
To clarify a few things - just because a forum reaches 400 "yes" votes does not mean that it will be created. Occasionally some threads suggesting a new forum will be shut down before the votes are reached if we determine that it is not appropraite for our website.
If a forum reaches 400 "yes" votes and is subsequently created, if the traffic in the forum or the quality of the posts is not up to our standards, we may decide to remove the forum. If a forum is removed it will not be added again.
For suggesting a new forum, there must be a thread posted in here with a poll that clearly states what the forum will be discussing, why it is relevant, and why it should be added to vortex. The options for the poll must be "Yes - add it" or "No - do not add it".
Once 400 "yes" votes is reached, then a decision will be made on whether or not to add the forum.
- Anthony