So this is how I installed a rear view camera on my JSW. Some of this content is useful for running wires for an amp install which I was doing at the same time. Tools needed are a variety of screw drivers for reaching and popping clips, tape, and a straightened out metal coat hanger. torx bits too.
Start by opening the rear hatch. On the left and right side you will see hand holds for grabbing and closing the hatch. Inside the holds are 2 tabs that pop right off with a screw driver revealing a screw. One on each side of the hatch.

There are 2 halves to the rear hatch interior plastic. Half way up the side you will see the seam where the 2 meet. Pull this apart on each side.

Now take a long screw driver and reach beneath the larger half of interior plastic. With a bit of force the clips just pop off. The long screw driver is needed to reach the clips in the center or you can just pull the whole piece off when enough clips are popped. Clips are the bright spots.

Here is the other half. Same idea, a few clips can be popped with a flat head.

Now you can access the roof interior. Here is the center section on the right meeting the driver’s side side panel. A few clips to be popped as well, you can remove the light in the ceiling as well.

Now to get the drivers side interior open you need to remove the plastic above the bumper, where the hatch closes on the interior and load floor. Look into the spare tire well and there are two screws that face towards the bumper, the rest is clips to be pried off.

Now you need to get the drivers side stuff off. First unscrew the tie down hook.

With a bit of force and feeling around for clips you can pop the side open enough to snake some wires.

Now I start running the wires from the battery for the amp and wires for the camera to the stereo. Notice the blue wire running from the stereo out the side of the center console. This is a very nice way to feed the wire down because you can run it under this kick panel that is dropped in this picture. Then run it behind the hood release lever panel to your door sill panel. I used zip ties to keep the wires up.

The driver seat running board panel popped

The rear seat running board panel popped

The side upholstery popped out of place

Now grab your straightened out coat hanger and tape your wires to the tip. Force the coat hanger towards the rear and up to get around the wheel well. I got it as far as I could then reached my arm in from the rear hatch towards the rear seat and grabbed the tip of the coat hanger. Here I started to run the wire up the side. I pulled the wires through the black lower pieces.

Now I ran the wire up though that center piece we removed earlier

Now the fun part. So you will see a rubber boot covering wires for the rear wiper motor and defroster. The boots wrap around these white brackets which clip to the car. The boot and clip easily pop off with some force from a flat head.

Here is the wire coming through the lower piece

Now I used the coat hanger again to run the wire through the inside of the boot with the rest of the wires.

And now I ran the wire into the rear hatch

Now I ran the wires to the license place bulb holder area and used zip ties to secure it.

So here is how I decided to run the wire from the camera into the hatch, through the license plate holder. FYI BE SURE YOU MOUNT AND WIRE YOUR REARVIEW CAMERA RIGHT SIDE UP! This way you will know which license plate bulb holder to modify.

And this is how I ran the wire through the bulb holder. Do not try running through the bad hole that runs into the metal frame of the hatch. The clear section runs straight into the open area of the hatch. I used silicone around the wire on both sides to seal from moisture.

FYI: this camera was free from crutchfield, it’s not ideal for the JSW because now the mico switch to pop the hatch is partially blocked. I just use my pointer finder to trigger the switch. Also it was a chrome camera, I taped off the lens and sanded, primed, and painted black. Otherwise it is a super clean install the only blemish it the hole in the bulb holder which no one can see.