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    Thread: Volkswagen Announces Jetta TDI Cup "Street" Edition

    1. 08-26-2011 02:50 PM #141
      Quote Originally Posted by Wiskas View Post
      I believe this car and other models should have at least the 170HP engine just for the extra grunt and power for the top end. Hopefully VW will see fit to at least add the 170 hp to the range even as an extra cost item.

      Recently drove a Ford Mondeo in UK with 170hp and the difference between 140 hp and 170 hp is like night and day//

      Any one heard snippets re the 170hp making an appearance in N. America
      Not going to happen... Not worth the additional cost to VW to pass inspections for a motor very few people would want

    2. Junior Member crewcab63's Avatar
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      Apr 28th, 2002
      South Orange County Calif.
      '63 VW Baja, '63 VW Crewcab, '69 VW Squareback, 2011 Golf Variant TDI, 2012 CSG 4dr base Golf R
      09-08-2011 04:41 AM #142
      VW should just bring the Golf GTD over to the US, it comes with the 170 HP TDI motor. I bet they could sell a few of those. While they are at it bring over the TDI Caddy to compete with Ford's Transit Connect Van.

      VW is so LAME

    3. Member YONI RED's Avatar
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      Sep 19th, 2008
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      10-06-2011 09:09 AM #143
      I Like Bumper.... ok everything

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