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    Thread: motor mount 1.8t

    1. Member d18tfoltz's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 5th, 2009
      Hagerstown, MD
      2003 VW Jetta 1.8t
      12-16-2009 10:29 AM #1
      i have a 2003 vw jetta 1.8t and im looking on info on replacing the motor mounts in my car. i found info on the dogbone and driver side mounts but not the transmission mount on the drivers side. if anyone has any diy with pics if possible, on any of the mount if you have them. thamks in advanced.

    2. 12-16-2009 03:21 PM #2
      you probably having a hard time finding info on it in here because it is a trans mount, not engine related.
      try manual trans forum or MK4 forum, might work better for you......

    3. Junior Member JoseDR's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 23rd, 2007
      Central New Jersey
      2002 1.8T Jetta (AWP) & 2009 Routan
      12-16-2009 04:19 PM #3
      I don't have pictures but it is easy, once you remove the air box you will see the mount and the four bolds that hold the mount and transmission. Once you remove the air box you will see just how easy it is to do.....

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