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    Thread: FEELER: 1.8T AWP Engine For Sale, Stock or Built???

    1. 01-27-2010 06:16 PM #1
      I have a AWP 1.8T out of a Jetta. It has bearing wear in the bottom end and knocks slightly. I have built several 1.8T's in the past (stock-extreme), and was wanting to see what the demand was for: AWP engine rebuilt completely stock, or rebuilt with Forged SCAT rods w/ AEB pistons, or rebuilt with Forged SCAT Rods and Wiesco/SuperTech Forged Pistons.
      I would go through the engine and check all tolerances.
      It would be sold as a complete long block. (if I rebuild it stock, it will be sold with the K03 Turbo installed, it currently has one on it right now)
      I'm guessing I would sell it for as follows:
      How it sits right now: $750
      Stock Rebould w/ Turbo: $1800
      Rebuild w/ SCAT rods & AEB Pistons: $2300
      Rebuild with SCAT Rods and Aftermarket Pistons: $2650
      If you are seriously interested in it let me know. Make Offers, this is just a feeler to see what would be the best route to go with this motor.
      Thanks, RAY

      Modified by raysines at 4:20 AM 1-28-2010

    2. 01-28-2010 05:10 PM #2
      Any Comments??? I'm Just looking for feed back
      Is it worth building the motor a built bottom end, or just rebuild it stock and then selling it?
      I know what it costs to build these motors, are the prices i have listed fair, low, high? The motor is just sitting in my shop, and I'm trying to find out what is the best option for moving it. I don't have any particular need for it right now.

    3. 01-30-2010 10:16 AM #3
      Anyone interested in making an offer on the motor how it sits?
      AWP Engine, Bearing wear, slight knock in bottom end. Head is good, T-belt is good.
      Includes Turbo

      I can ship

    4. 02-02-2010 09:49 PM #4
      maybe, but how do i know if the build is good.

    5. 02-03-2010 11:04 AM #5
      How does anyone know if a build is good..? Its a risk people run, even if they build it themselves.
      I have built several 1.8T motors in the past, including head work. I have also built over 20+ engines in the last 4 years for different projects i have.
      '02 GTI 1.8T AWP stock, AWP w/AEB head and bottom end.
      '02 Jeep 4.0L
      Cummins 5.9 TD
      '99 Toyota 2RZ 2.4L
      '00 Toyota 3RZ (currently running Compound Turbo set up, tO4E & GT45)
      '91 Saturn 1.9L, Stock, mild build, built bottom end w/ Toyota SC14 supercharger.
      I would include a build sheet with all the internal specs and tolerances. I stand behind my word! I have references that I can offer.
      I am a Metal fabricator and Automotive Technician.
      I can offer picture of previous builds and projects for entertainment

    6. 10-08-2010 02:53 PM #6
      Hi there, im looking for a 1.8t to put into my 2000 golf gls. For the rebuild with the new scat rods and aftermarket pistons is the turbo stock aswell? And is it ready to drop right in? Also where are you located? I'm in ottawa so let me know.

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