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    Thread: DIY: Replacing Ignition Lock Cylinder

    1. 02-15-2010 07:39 PM #1
      Im going to be starting about from where the steering wheel/stalk removal DIY leaves off http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=2541684 Start there and stop just before removing the actual stalk assembly
      Photo credits to FaelinGL [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      What you'll need for the remainder is not much.....
      A paper clip
      Some hex bolts
      hex keys (sorry i forget the exact size)
      Chisel and Hammer (but I'd recommend a dremel with a small cutting wheel, you'll see why soon)
      Small(micro size) and Big Flathead screwdriver
      Torx bits

      The plastic piece left on the steering column is simply held on by two clips underneath it, and the wires which tuck into them.....i just removed the two clips and unclipped the wiring on the right side and swung it over to gain access to the security bolts.

      The two plastic clips can be seen underneath the steering column here.....

      And the clip that holds the wires on the right side....

      After Removing the Steering Wheel and plastic coverings take note of where the stalk assembly is positioned on the steering column, i would mark it with a marker or something, because if you don't set it in the original position, you will having rubbing or your signals won't turn off when you turn. (i ran into the rubbing issue, so i had to rip everything apart and adjust)

      Remove the Hex key bolt on the collar holding the stalk assembly to the steering column, then remove all the wires connected to the back of the stalk assembly and slide the stalk assembly off the steering column.

      It should now look something like that, remove the ignition switch by removing the TWO tiny flat head screws covered in special vw red paint just right of the ignition switch plug, and then sliding the switch out.
      To remove the tumbler from the actual lock cylinder housing... Turn the key to the On position ON, NOT START. Insert a paper clip into the hole in the side of the tumbler and jimmy it around, and when it goes in just pull on your key and it will all slide out, play around with it , this took me a few minutes

      Now to remove the security bolts, you can either .......
      A) use a chisel to spin the bolts out ( i couldn't manage to do this)
      B) use a dremel to make it a slotted bolt and remove with a big flathead screwdriver as FaelinGL did (recommended)
      C)chisel the $%# out of the actual lock cylinder housing, breaking of chunks of aluminum to expose the bolts, which then makes it easier to spin them out with a chisel ( someone special used this method) - (not AS recommended )

      After removing both security bolts, remove the ground screw off the lock cylinder housing using a torx bit (forgot the size sorry)

      Bolt on new lock cylinder housing, i used hex key bolts, for easy removal if the problem ever were to arise again........make sure the new housing is in the on position so your ignition switch and key tumbler all line up properly ........ the rest goes back on just as it came off

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    2. 02-16-2010 11:00 AM #2
      add to faq/diy

    3. 03-04-2010 10:05 PM #3
      bump to add to faq/diy section

    4. 01-05-2011 12:23 AM #4
      I just did this on my 2000 jetta but I took a different approach.

      I took the inside parts of the ignition switch from another donor car and just swapped out my broken parts.. pretty easy.. let me rephrase that , appeared A LOT EASIER then trying to swap the entire cylinders with those safety screws and close quarters for actually doing all that work.. took me under 30 minutes to pull the one and replace mine..no pulling steering wheel, no pulling airbag..just gotta replace the parts in the same order and position that they were removed.. I took a few pics when I disassembled the switch but theres really not much in there to show you.. a few aluminum pieces, a couple of springs and 2 plastic retaining clips..keep in mind you need the ign key to get the key cylinder out before you can take the rest of the switch parts out..I got lucky and found a car with 2 keys so I grabbed the door,glovebox, and trunk cylinders as well so everything could be keyed the same.. these parts were pulled from a 98 Passat and seemed to be pretty much universal..I replaced my door latches last year and they were from a 98 Audi A4 too..those also gave me the option to ad a key cylinder to pass door if I ever feel the need..all boneyard scores

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    5. Member dremhmrk2's Avatar
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      01-05-2011 10:34 AM #5
      Just a suggestion, good write up but the photos should be a bit easier to follow, I never really knew what you were referring to in your photos. Circle the items you are referring to.

      But thanks a lot, and it's a lot more than nothing, thats for sure!
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    6. 02-02-2011 12:46 PM #6
      that would be ok, but in my situation the actual rod that turns the ignition switch broke, which would require you to take the entire thing out

    7. Junior Member
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      Jan 23rd, 2011
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      2002/Volkswagen Jetta
      02-18-2011 12:15 AM #7
      is there anyway to get my car started without my key!? my dad already got the key switch out but when we start it, it stalled so how do i get the key lock out or what do i need to do to get it started? and pleaseeeeee dont tell me im completely screwed O.o

    8. 06-01-2011 05:57 PM #8
      Okay guys I'm at my wits end here. My car got broken into yesterday and they completely f'd up my ignition tumbler it's not responding to the whole paper clip move any suggestions?

    9. 09-06-2011 12:49 PM #9
      Thanks a lot for this guide, i just had to change my lock housing ( broken tab) , those security bolts where a pain to remove, 20 minute each using a triangular file and a flat screwdriver.

    10. Member
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      Apr 21st, 2003
      2004 R32, 98 mk3 Jetta
      01-24-2012 01:11 PM #10
      now what do you do when the key is broken inside the ignition lock cylinder?

    11. 01-29-2012 04:22 PM #11
      I just finished replacing the entire lock cylinder. After spending much time removing the security bolts (dremel AND chisel) I was not about to replace them with new bolts from VW which I had bought with the new lock cylinder. I got Hex Bolts from Lowes in the specialty bolt section. What you need are M8-1.25-16 bolts. M8 is the size, 1.25 is the thread pitch (coarse. HD only had 1.0 fine, hence the trip to Lowes) and they are 16mm long. I think the VW bolts may actually be 18mm cause I bought 20mm and they were too long.

      Also, the M12 spline tool needed to remove the steering wheel I did find at Advance Auto. Its autocraft PN AC835 12 point screwdriver bit set.

      Hope this helps the next guy...

    12. Semi-n00b
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      Oct 12th, 2011
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      2000 Jetta TDI
      03-17-2012 02:16 PM #12
      The pin broke on the electrical switch side so I purchased a used ignition assembly. When it arrived I dismanteled it and my original assembly. When I got them both apart I noticed that the good one had some extra parts. A brass looking pin and a extra pin and spring. Swapping the guts is not going to work so I went to assemble both ignitions and got both of them all back together. Both of them are jammed and the key will not turn in either one. I tried to dissasemble them to figure out what I did wrong but since you cannot turn the key, you cannot line up the hole to insert the paper clip. So now the steering wheel is locked and I cannot drive the car to the shop to have the ignition repaird by a professional. You win some you lose some.

    13. Member jaxbrandon's Avatar
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      04-23-2012 09:04 PM #13
      you're a saint
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      Quote Originally Posted by AntParmenter View Post
      Welcome to vortex..Now tits or GTFO

    14. 08-24-2012 11:15 AM #14
      I just did the job today. I used a dremel tool to cut a slot across the top of the security screws. My screws were tight. So what I did was use a flathead screwdriver with a square shaft and turned it by using a crescent wrench on the square shaft to put more torque on the screwdriver. They moved very easily doing this. I tried using a chisel first but I couldn't get a good angle cause I didn't remove my steering wheel.

    15. 09-27-2012 02:58 AM #15
      Mine just broke and i picked up an entire steering column assembly and will be attempting this tomorrow.

      I'll be using a 3/8 hex drive instead of a spline to remove steering wheel and will be using hex bolts to replace the security bolts. Thanks to the OP and everyones advice.

      Does anyone know if I need a paperclip to get the tumbler out, or can I use a pin or needle?

      Taking the tumbler out should be my next step after removing the steering wheel to avoid the steering from locking right?
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    16. 10-03-2015 10:58 PM #16
      Is the pics for this uploaded anywhere? Just ran into this problem

    17. 05-02-2016 12:00 AM #17
      can you just buy the rod ( ignition lock actuator)
      i just had that happen on my 2002 audi a6 2.7l tt
      I replaced the ignition switch and i have power now , however the rod is broken I believe and loose, it moves in all directions

    18. 05-02-2016 12:01 AM #18
      Quote Originally Posted by kevilay View Post
      Is the pics for this uploaded anywhere? Just ran into this problem
      was your issue ever resolved?

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