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    Thread: Putting paddle shifter on 2010 CC Sport

    1. 02-20-2010 08:51 AM #1
      I know that there has been some talk about retrofitting the paddle shifter steering wheel on the 2010 CC Sports and Lux's. I also remember seeing that someone mentioned that VW probably uses the same harnesses in the cars that have and dont have the paddles. I was wondering if there was anyone that had a wiring schematic/transmittal for the 2010 CC Sport to see if there is indeed some sort of wiring near the steering column to retrofit the paddle shifter wheel.
      The other thing i was thinking, knowing that the paddles are nothing more than a switch and when we put the shifter in manual mode it is doing nothing more than hitting switches. I was thinging about just getting a paddle shift wheel and running my own overlay harness to the wheel from the harness at the shifter. Again the one thing that would help is some sort of schematic.
      Anyone else tried this or considered it??
      Just curious.

    2. Member RafaGolfBr's Avatar
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      Dec 17th, 2001
      Coconut Creek - FL
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      02-20-2010 07:59 PM #2
      concidered yes, tried it not yet.
      A wire schematic/controller pins layout would help a bunch!

    3. Member Bullitt_TDI's Avatar
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      Dec 12th, 2006
      Oberaurach DE
      2011 GTI
      02-20-2010 09:38 PM #3
      here's a starter....for mk5... but at least you can get an idea what we're in for.
      My wife is gonna pick up a dsg sportwagon. This would be a mod I would consider.

    4. Member EvoVEnto's Avatar
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      Sep 29th, 2000
      too many to list
      02-20-2010 10:36 PM #4
      IN the works , there are few harnesses to get and alot Vag work .
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    5. 02-21-2010 11:37 AM #5
      Looking forward to it. Please let us know when you guys do swap out, and take lots of pics - very interested in doing that, now that i have 50% more torque. BTW, anyone know place to do vag work in Los Angeles?

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