Okay, so you probably know Iron Man's alter ego Tony Stark will again drive an Audi R8 in the upcoming Iron Man 2 sequel. You probably also know that it'll be a Spyder this time around because spy photos showing actor Robert Downey Jr. on set driving the car surfaced months ago. Still, we bet you didn't know that the now legendary S8 that starred in the movie Ronin was not Audi's doing but rather simply because Ronin's director John Frankenheimer simply appreciated the car's size and speed. It was essentially a freebie for Audi but remains one of the most remembered Audi movie spots.
We just learned this for ourselves while reading a piece in the Wall Street Journal about the upcoming Iron Man movie, along with some good background and quotes from Audi of America CMO Scott Keogh. Read it and our review of the R8 Spyder after the respective jumps below.
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