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    Thread: VW rearview mirror w/ built-in navigation, audio, satellite radio, back-up camera

    1. 04-02-2010 11:45 PM #1
      EXTREME STEALTH! One of a kind custom.
      This is an LCD screen that is built into the rear view mirror and can display any input - navigation, sound system, rear-view camera, dvd movies, video games, etc. - via rac video input. Anything you want. It performs remarkably well as both an LCD screen and rear-view mirror at the same time.
      Here are a couple of photos showing use for navigation and audio system:

      Included also is a small black plastic wire cover for the short run from the mirror to the upper console:

      It is built into the rear view mirror itself, it is NOT a "strap-on" version that binds to your original mirror; this actually is a full, factory-looking rear-view mirror that attaches to the factory mount on the glass on any VW windshield (passat, jetta, golf, etc.). No epoxy, etc. required, just a simple 1/4turn counter-clockwise. It does not come from the factory like this, the mount on this particular specimen was modified to fit VW windshield mounts. Here is a photo showing that it is a one-piece item:

      This was initially produced to be a back-up camera system, but I simplified the circuitry so that the built-in 3.5" colour screen can accept any input via rca video connection. In my system I used it as a display for the navigation and audio system (Alpine NVE-N872A and VPA-B222, PXA-H701, etc.).
      I used a blank switch (ASR position) in my car to turn the screen on and off, to preserve factory appearance all around.
      I am happy to answer any questions with regards to hook-up, etc. The item is like new and only ran in my car for less than a year. Works flawlessly.
      It includes the whole kit usable for back-up camera, including sensors, etc. The only thing I took out of the box was the mirror itself, so the back-up camera and the back-up sensors are still new-in-box. I did not use the backup camera and sensors but they are a valuable part of the package.

      Based on its custom-designed nature, this mirror has a neck that mates with the VW windshield clip, and has simple connections for powering the screen on or off.
      I hope this is enough info to generate serious interest. I really don't know where else you will find this type of "James Bond" hardware! Asking $220 obo.
      please email with any questions! cheers

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    2. 04-07-2010 06:37 PM #2
      Don't have an LCD head unit? Use this mirror screen for some software gauges. Consider the following options:
      Just some ideas...

    3. 04-13-2010 01:58 AM #3
      interested but pics don't work.

    4. 07-05-2012 12:16 AM #4
      I offered this for sale a while back at $220, with no takers, sadly. This piece is nothing short of brilliant, IMHO. If I did not already have a fully customized touch screen in the centre console of my B5 I would still be using this. Anyways, first $50 + shipping gets it. I've lost the pictures I took of it that showed many of the screen shots while in operation etc. Since I'm selling it so cheap I'm presently unwilling to go through the trouble to hook it up etc., but if there is a serious buyer I will at least show that it works. I had it paired with an Alpine VPA-B222 in my B5 and it displayed all functions of nav, audio, even dvd playback. This unit clicks right into the VW factory windshield mount, and there is a wire cover to give a clean look to the small run of narrow wires from the headliner to the mirror. Mirror still holds position as normal. Email me with any questions!

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      07-06-2012 09:04 AM #5
      Does it still have the camera? I will buy it.
      My e-mail is lance99@aol.com


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