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    Thread: mk2 golf relay box/fuse panel help...???

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      04-04-2010 12:52 AM #1
      shaking down a 89 golf iv'e only had for a week, noticing what works and what doesnt, anyhoo, there's a few fuses blown and one missing and i have no clue where to find a diagram to say what amp the missing one is, and i dont want to eff anything up, also on this diagram i found the #12 relay is not even there, the little metal tabs are there to hold one but it's blank...also my fuse that is not even there is the #20 one/fourth over on the bottom row from the diagram...anyone know what fuses/relays are what, or can send me a link that tells what they are GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!
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      You sir need this in your favorites:

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