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    Thread: audi q4 with p2101 code??need help....

    1. 04-13-2010 11:28 PM #1
      my 2002 a4 threw a p2101 code, throttle body actuator. car will hardly run, epc light is on and check engine light on. i swapped out the old throttle body with another one that is good just to see if thats it. car still wont hardly run. whats the next step. all i have to work with a is the mac mentor scanner right now. could it possible be an ecu issue. anyone had this same issue. thanks for any info.

    2. 04-13-2010 11:32 PM #2
      i clear all codes, as its detecting missfires and an po638 code also. i clear those codes, plug the scanner back in, and before i even start the car, that p2101 throttlebody actuator code is back.....is there anyway to check the throttle body without the vag-com stuff. maybe voltages with a multimeter. thanks guys.....

    3. 04-14-2010 01:37 AM #3
      also, i guess i should have asked this earlier, but will the cel or epc light even come on and motor deraite if the td needs aligned? just a thought. wasnt sure of what the symtoms were of a throttle body needing reset. thanks

    4. 04-14-2010 09:46 PM #4
      do you have to have the vag com scanner to do a tb alighnment? thanks...

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