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    Thread: New Audi RS 3 Test Mule Spied at Nurburgring

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      04-29-2010 11:12 AM #1

      AutoExpress has published a collection of photos of a believed RS 3 test mule doing its rounds at the Nurburgring. The shots are significant because this isn't the same Sprint Blue RS 3 test mule we're used to seeing. The chin shows differences and the front wheels at least are a new design.
      With a name like RS 3 and knowledge of Audi's hardware you can bet this'll be an A3 with the TTRS' 2.5T 5-cylinder engine. If AutoExpress is right, the RS 3 will get the new 7-speed S-tronic DSG unit as one of or perhaps the only transmission choice. AutoExpress says the 2.5T FSI will be at a lower 330hp as well.
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    2. 04-29-2010 01:15 PM #2
      Is there really point in such car? I mean IMO the car itself would be lovely, but current generation A3 is really an outgoing model and istead of building the late attempt to slightly increase some sales somewhere within some lonely Audi enthusiasts, they really should take the cover off from new A3.
      Call me Mickey mouse if the reviews of RS3 are not going to state how wonderful the sound and dynamics of 2.5T R5 are, but how firm the ride and disconnected the steering are. Let me guess, "it's really not what you'd call a driver's car".
      ok, seriously, is it really a profitable business case?

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      04-29-2010 01:27 PM #3
      Looks like they are trying to figure out the lower facia.
      This or the S3 may be the only car I consider to replace my stage 3 wagon.

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