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    Thread: 1992-1994 Eurovan Transmission Dipstick?

    1. 05-24-2010 11:41 AM #1
      Does anyone know where I can get a transmission dipstick for my 098 transmission? Will a dipstick on a 097 transmission work? Perhaps if I knew the exact length I could make one. Helpp!!

    2. 05-25-2010 07:16 PM #2
      Yes I added one to my 01 eurovan. Europarts of San Diego offers a kit.

    3. 05-26-2010 10:41 AM #3
      Sounds like the OP is looking for just the stick and not the whole kit? (Pre-95 should have dipsticks from the factory IIRC.)

      For just the stick, try worldimpex.com. They usually can seem to find all sorts of odd parts. I try them whenever my other favorite places don't stock something. Also try http://www.europarts-sd.com anyway...they don't list just the dipstick but a whole kit...but if you call them up and tell Steve what you're after, he can usually find it.

    4. Member
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      Feb 27th, 2007
      Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
      2016 Golf R, DSG + DCC
      05-29-2010 09:18 PM #4
      Europarts is out of the kits and can't get any more. I've been looking for one for a while. I managed to find a tube so I just need the dipstick. If anyone has one they'd like to sell please PM me.

    5. 06-12-2010 12:07 AM #5
      There are several guys in TheSamba classifieds parting out older EVs. I would give them a shout.

    6. n00b
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      May 10th, 2002
      Woodside, NY
      1993 Eurovan 2.5l I5
      06-16-2010 08:58 PM #6
      If you are still looking for a dipstick for your EV pm me.

    7. 04-16-2011 07:51 PM #7

      Wondering if you still have a dipstick for the Eurovan transmission? If so, I would
      be interested..

      Thank you,


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