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    Thread: Thanks Josh!

    1. Member
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      Sep 30th, 2003
      Stevens, Pa
      06-06-2010 08:21 PM #1
      Just wanted make a thread to say Thanks to Josh and everybody else That helped him with the show.

      The Weather was threating, but today showed all the die hards that are still around.

      Thanks again.

      Your Mother was very helpful when I talked to her about my sons. Give her a hug for me

      BTW this thread is for compliments. If there is any negative bullsh*t save it for another thread
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    2. Member 16valverabbit's Avatar
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      May 9th, 2010
      Lifted Diesel Dually
      06-06-2010 08:23 PM #2
      It was my first time at Cult Classic and I had a great time! A job well done to all involved

      See you next year!

    3. 06-06-2010 08:26 PM #3
      Yes indeed!... another well organized event, so well organized that the rain was re-scheduled to come after it ended.

    4. Member badazzB6's Avatar
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      Aug 4th, 2008
      06 BMW 330i, 06 BMW X3 (wife's) 07 Pontiaic G5 GT, 02 Kawasaki Mean Streak. 03 B6 retired.
      06-06-2010 08:27 PM #4
      Agreed. Had a great time. Well put on. Def be there next year...

    5. Member eudorrra's Avatar
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      Jun 20th, 2006
      North Jersey, South Florida, the D
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      06-06-2010 08:35 PM #5
      favoritest show evaarrrr . my dad had a great time as well and first place in all-euro didn't hurt either. he's already talking about which new old car to bring next year to go for the hat-trick
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      Oct 22nd, 2000
      a garage in the ghetto
      63bug 85 jetta other stuff too
      06-06-2010 09:17 PM #6
      Josh and crew great show as usual thanks for all the hard work, been going since year one and it's always a favorite. Always top notch watercooled cars and a great venue.

      Sorry about the lack of aircooled turnout, expected a lot more , I think they were either too hungover or p ussed out over the rain threat. the few of us that made it there were chillin out having a good time, thats what matters.
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    7. Member sticky euro's Avatar
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      Nov 23rd, 2009
      '08 Jetta
      06-06-2010 09:31 PM #7
      this show was awesome, my first, and certainly not my last, i'll definitely be back next year

    8. Member goin2fast's Avatar
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      Mar 23rd, 2006
      Doylestown Pa
      Trying to remove everything OEM on 06 GTI
      06-06-2010 09:33 PM #8
      Thanks for all the . This show is a great deal of work for Josh and he does an excellent job. We also enjoy helping. I was a proud father as my oldest son (11) can now name all the VW models and years. He was the little guy collecting money and directing traffic. He had a great time and I would like to thank everyone for respecting the kid.

    9. Member remmyGLI's Avatar
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      Jan 17th, 2008
      ABF MK2 Golf /08 A3 S-Line/07 FJ Cruiser
      06-06-2010 09:53 PM #9
      Awesome times, great show.

    10. 06-06-2010 11:13 PM #10
      Quote Originally Posted by NJVWR32 View Post
      That said, does anyone know who won 1st and 2nd in the MK4 class?
      Post photos of all the winners

    11. 06-07-2010 05:28 AM #11
      BTW this thread is for compliments. If there is any negative bullsh*t save it for another thread
      Your talking about Josh and Cult Classic. You really think there would be anything negative said?! HA! Maybe when neon green pigs with jetpacks fly outta my a$$.

      Glad to see yall had such a good time. Wish i could have been there. I miss you Josh and fam!

    12. Member deletedo1m's Avatar
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      Jul 9th, 2007
      97 TR jetta, 87 jetta, 81 caddy, 95 cbr600
      06-07-2010 06:56 AM #12
      Great relaxed show. Always looking forward to the next one.

    13. Banner Advertiser nothing-leaves-stock's Avatar
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      May 16th, 2006
      5780 Main street center valley PA 18034
      a few.
      06-07-2010 08:25 AM #13
      thanks so much guys!
      I couldn't have done it with out my family and friends...they realllllyyy make things go so smooth so a BIG THANKS to them!
      I'll post another thread to ask what people would want different etc...couldn't help the weather and the %€~%%#£¥+>?!!!! road work!!!! sorry for that! but we always want to make it a peoples show and make it the most fun you can have!

      thanks again eveyone...look for the show feature in PVW soon
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    14. 06-07-2010 08:36 AM #14
      I dont think enough good things can be said about Josh and ALL the friends and family that helped out. Everyone did an amazing job!! Even the Mayor of Coopersburg got involved!!

      Once again Thank you

    15. Geriatric Member JUS_GT_EYEZ's Avatar
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      Nov 12th, 2001
      Green MK1, White Rocco, Red Mk2,Yellow Mk4,Grey Wagon
      06-07-2010 11:56 AM #15
      I need to get in on this too. Awesome show as always. The general vibe has not changed since the first one in the parking lot in the rain, but it has some how gotten better and better.

      A friendly family style get together with lots of cool cars, cool awards and cool people all over the place.

      Thanks again for an aweome show.
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    16. Member Matthew ink inc's Avatar
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      Sep 21st, 2009
      New Paltz, New York
      '98 e36 328is, '98 cbr900rr
      06-07-2010 01:40 PM #16
      show was awesome!
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