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    Thread: Mr.Variety's 4th of July edition! 1974 Chevrolet ''Spirit of America'' Nova

    1. 07-04-2010 12:24 PM #1
      ok its not low mileage but its to honor the 4th! but it not my fault because theres a 74 spirit of america vega on ebay with only 41,000 miles but there only 2 half assed pictures…… so anyways here you go america! any of you have any of the 74 chevy spirit of america cars well please share! no trolling

      btw heres the previous N/OCOTD http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...h-43-000-miles

    2. Member Dawg Dee-Lux's Avatar
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      07-04-2010 05:14 PM #2
      Happy 4th of July you guys!

      BTW: Cool car!

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    3. Get Off My Lawn!!! vwlarry's Avatar
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      07-04-2010 05:28 PM #3
      That's funny; it's the second time in as many days that these obscure, nearly forgotten special edition cars got a mention in TCL. I posted the SoA Chevys in another thread yesterday.

      BTW, those bumpers...they look even MORE grotesque now than they did 36 years ago. My God the Seventies was such a bleak automotive decade!

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