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    Thread: Signs of a bad torque converter???

    1. Banned
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      May 6th, 2002
      09-03-2002 01:39 AM #1
      I have an 02 Jetta Tiptronic with the following mods:
      APR 93/Stock Chip
      Brullen 2.5" TB
      Carbonio CAI
      Hyperboost DV
      Turn 2 Motor Mount Bushings
      What would be some signs of a bad torque converter? Just curious becasue I'm sure I'm pushing the so-called "limits" of my Tiptronic...

      [Modified by M-Diddy, 6:40 AM 9-3-2002]

    2. 09-03-2002 03:15 AM #2
      A sign would be .... You're powering up a hill, rev rises, but your speed does not.
      I've been driving my tiptronic Passat very hard and it is way past the supposed torque limit (mods in sig). There have been zero problems so far (50,000 km), but I'll let you know if and when the transmission dies.

      [Modified by Shaun@SG, 4:17 PM 9-3-2002]

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