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    Thread: What to do next: 8v 2.0L N/A

    1. 06-08-2012 09:20 AM #36
      Sorry guys been meaning to come with a meaningful update to this thread for a while, however some troubles over the winter meant this 8v engine is still not mounted together (can't do some of the machining jobs ourselves, and the people that would have been doing it didn't). Was hoping to show some dyno-charts somewhere around march, quite frustrated the engine still isn't running.

      Car currently runs our back-up engine, stock ABF running 45mm jenvey ITBs, but would much rather have been blasting around with some 8V alcohol!

      Still a bit reluctant to show pics though, know some of the competition lurks on the vortex, don't want them to know exactly which car it is that runs these specs!

    2. Member Svedka's Avatar
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      Jul 3rd, 2008
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      06-16-2012 01:57 AM #37
      Quote Originally Posted by root beer View Post
      More pictures too, or i'll get you banned or something.

      idle threats......

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