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    Thread: 1982 Jetta Diesel Coupe $1500

    1. 10-06-2010 07:40 PM #1
      am selling my 1982 Volkswagen Jetta Coupe Diesel. This is a great car and I only wish I had more time to work on it. The previous owner painted over the original paint with grey house paint. I have removed half of it using low strength paint stripper with great results. There is some surface rust around the bottom of the windshield and the bottom of the rear side windows and the sunroof tray. There are some small rust holes along the bottom of the passenger door and the corner of the rear side window on the drivers side. Just recently the head gasket began seeping coolant on the outside of the engine block and a new head gasket will need to be installed. Before this problem surfaced, I had driven the car to Fresno and back without any issue. The car achieved over 40 mpg and didn't burn any oil during the trip. The car still starts right up and idles like a well tuned machine. Although the car runs and drives well, it needs some work to be 100% legit. The A/C compressor needs a new mounting bolt to align the alt belt, otherwise the alt belt fails after about 500 miles of driving. Located in 93955. The car has the following features:
      -Power brakes
      -A/C (not charged)
      -5 speed transmission

      The car needs the following:
      -Front wheel bearings (included in sale, high quality parts)
      -CV boot (included in sale, high quality parts)
      -Head gasket
      -Windshield wiper relay
      -High beam relay
      -A/C compressor mount bolt

      The car has many new parts:
      -Jetta MK3 windshield wiper motor upgrade
      -Oversize Battery
      -Various coolant hoses
      -Diesel injector return hoses
      -Bosch fuel filter
      -Headlight switch
      -Air filter
      -Intake box and clips
      -Cabriolet dash (no cracks)
      -Clarion Pro Audio 4 Volt CD player
      -Extra trunk lid with lock and key
      -Extra gauge cluster
      -Bentley Service Manual
      I'm asking $1500 for the car with the above parts listed.

      For $2200 you get the above plus the extras listed below:
      -Tan leather BMW 635 Euro Spec Recaro front seats
      -OEM MK2 Jetta power adjustable Recaro seat base (will work with BMW seats and Jetta MK1 floor pan)
      -Neuspeed sway bars, front and rear
      -Neuspeed upper front strut tower brace
      -Neuspeed lower front tie bar
      -New front suspension bushing kit (control arms, sway bar, etc)
      -VW MK1 OEM KM speedo (euro/canada spec)
      -Non A/C diesel alt. brackets and pulley (to remove the a/c compressor if wanted)
      -Scirocco steering wheel
      -VDO gauges (water temp, oil temp, oil pressure)
      -Porsche 944 ano black door handles
      -Power door lock solenoids (previously installed in a MK1)
      -Cabriolet fixed ano black wing windows
      -Koni Yellow/Neuspeed springs struts and shocks (adjustable shocks/struts with external knob)
      -Various door lock cylinders and keys
      -15" mesh wheels with tires (4), (2 tires need to be replaced)

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      where are you located?

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      10-25-2010 10:00 AM #5
      93955 is seaside, CA
      Quote Originally Posted by Barry2952
      I dragged her back to see the $4,500 Pacer. She hated it, but we bought it. She went home and cried. (when we sold it) my wife put an ad in the newspaper. A woman came out to look at the car. She said, "I really didn't go out looking for a Pacer." My wife replied, "Lady, nobody goes out looking for a Pacer. It's eighteen hundred bucks, take it or leave it!" The woman took it and drove away smiling. My wife cried.

    6. 11-06-2010 01:50 AM #6
      Price is now $900 including extra wheels and koni yellow/neuspeed spring set up. FIRM.

    7. 12-01-2010 03:03 PM #7
      Price is reduced to $750!!!! This is a steal folks! Willing to negotiate for the other parts as well.

    8. 12-08-2010 01:52 PM #8

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