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    Thread: Timeline (pic intensive)

    1. Member PKstrategy's Avatar
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      Oct 21st, 2004
      NYC > LA
      VR6 ketchup and mustard
      10-19-2010 05:17 PM #1
      So, I'm beyond bored today at work and never did this before so here goes:

      i guess it's just a collective way for me to recap the evolution of my GTI and experience with my hobby.
      Keep in mind, i prolly missed a lot of things and not all the pics are great quality.

      Bought this car in 2006. A 1998 GTI VR6. Had 1 owner, a female
      But surprisingly, she took pretty good care of her.

      So I dropped it. Patec Series 4 Hole****s

      This was my 1st VR6 and I got a lil too accelerator happy...

      Needless to say, i lost my license speeding It was suspended and revoked for probably 1 year total.

      The car sat for a year and I took that time to read on these forums, meet people and learn more about the mk3 and VR6's in general. I started meeting and speaking to a lot of different people on this forum and in person. Some local friends started a lil car club and I started to explore this culture even further.

      So like everyone else, a lot of the cliche modding began

      These tails started the very awesome yesterday thread

      I started going through a void where i wasn't sure what was rice and what was cool in the euro world

      My 1st wheels! BBS VZ's in 16x7.5 with 205/40 Toyo Proxes...on my path to wheelwhoredom.

      My 1st show. Show n Go like 3 or 4 years back

      busted my 1st oil pan. never again...

      Got a euro hatch from Jake@EuroHatchOnline.
      Installed. Not 100% functional. I had trouble re-running the existing harness. So i lost the function of my trunk popper switch. I was using the push button on the hatch, but currently, that **** is broken too. earlier that week i got into a fender bender, visible on the panel below the driver's tail light.


      Dyno Day @ Maximum PSI in NJ. Very awesome guys who work here and met some even cooler dudes from the forums and in general at this very event. Great laid back day with nothing but the fumes of gasoline, high revving motors and a few beers.

      our local meets was and is a popular place for my car to be and frequent. Almost every week, this is where I would take her to meet other volkswagen, audi and bmw fanatics, friends, enthusiasts.

      1st time at Eurothon, needs some work

      new shoes
      16x8 Porsche D90's in Gunmetal Powder coat on 195/40/16 Dunlop SP Sport 9000's
      30mm Adapters out back
      25mm Adapters up front

      at our yearly BBQ, the 2nd year

      WF 15. Wesley took this picture and it really brought out a stage my car had gotten to where i was really happy with. It was a long time coming, but worth it.

      newish grill, no more ricey turns/fogs (finally) These are Depo, taiwan smoked stuff. But they work and fit extremely well and really look good at night or day.

      a custom bra custom because VW never made this. There are the standard Golf and Jetta ones, and even the blank ones. I just thought it was a dope idea that i guess VW missed? So I have friends in the printing business and we made a patch and had it stitched on. Want one? PM me

      installed a Momo wheel and the horn button crooked. Got it from a friend on the cheap.

      1st time at broke.down. Was truly an awesome experience. I met a lot of ppl in person for the first time. It was from here I started really putting faces to names.

      needed MOAR LOW. So i got in touch with a fellow named Ian - super cool genius of a man. Hooked me up and really saved me many headaches. Thanks man

      Won 1st place at a local VW show But honestly, this was one of the most laid back, easy going shows and really was surprised that I even won anything. But it was shows like these and the time spent with good friends and like minded individuals that make all the hard work worth it.

      My 1st time at H20. Man, i can't even begin to start talking about this experience. It's really like none other. I seriously feel that no show, event, whatever can top this experience. I mean, don't get me wrong, some local shows and other events are dope and awesome in their own way. But this right here is definitely a time worth spending and a nice lil vaca if you will. I met so many people and good friends and drank so much, it was a blast.

      always loved Corrado speedlines and so I had to have a set and make em my own.
      15x6.5 (i think) and i wrapped on Federal SS 595 195/45/15 tires (for sale)
      Wheels are For sale now too

      newish seats. by far, a very comfortable seat that i would put in any mk3 any day. far more confy than leathers!

      Got rid of the shrek ear mirrors and changed up the tails.

      TFT a year back i believe. This was another show that you have to love. It's for a great cause and it's really laid back. sick location too. met more friends and cool people here as well!

      upgraded from Patec Series 4 Hole****s to H&R Ultra lows

      Did a rear seat delete and made a storage panel

      New Wheels! Widened MK4 Beetle Steelies in 16x8 on Toyo Proxes FZ4's.
      Not much stretch but they came with the wheels.

      MKV hubcaps to switch it up

      Sold my euro bumper and put on a damaged bumper and bombed it with various stickers

      I've always wanted Porsche wheels in 16x9. My Last set were 16x8 and they were D90's. These are Clubsports (for those of you who don't know) and pictured are a rare 16x8 as well. Took me a while to find em, but they were good offsets and too nice of a combo not to have. At least, for me.

      But before these wheels could go on, I already had another set I fell in love with.
      Borbet Type C's in 16x7.5" on 205/40 Falken 512's

      Drove her to Dustoff

      MOAR WHEELS - yeah, i got a problem, i know i know.
      TSW Hockenheim R's in 16x9 and 16x7.5
      The ones in black were on a drag car and the guy had an extra set.
      The ones in the box are brand 16x7.5"s. So I put together a staggered set and rocked like that.

      busted my knee and so the car sat again for maybe 2 months

      since i couldn't drive much, i took the time to take care of much needed brake refresh
      Slotted rotors up front, nice pads, stock new rotors out back, stock pads.
      Mk4 rear calipers (PITA to install)
      modified and installed some camber shims (Ingalls)
      oh and some Hella Color Magic All clear tails/strato silver

      While I recovered, the 16x9's got refinished

      Ready to roll and I'm also almost recovered at this point.
      This was before I drove her again in what seemed like forever.

      Came across these very awesome seats and had to have them.
      Euro Recaros from a VR6 Highline i believe. Basically zero wear and soooo comfortable.
      Got them from Jamie @ Orchid Euro - super cool dude

      Went to VAG Fair this year for the 1st time. Cool show, but a bad route to the place left me to lose a side skirt and end cap

      Took her to our 3rd club BBQ later that same weekend

      Later that month or so, i met some very awesome dudes on this forum with a real eye and talent for shooting cars. I've always wanted a proper photoshoot and so these guys made it happen:

      I won't post all the pics here, i'll leave the link in a reply if anyone's interested. Though I'm sure many of you are already familiar.

      Back in business, driving everywhere again.

      My 2nd time at Eurothon. Put more faces to names and even some familiars from the last time I went to this show. Another dope show in itself, it's a different vibe from most shows. They even got a Casino in the back! what!? B A L L I N


      The above pic is a demonstration of the value or an OEM VR lip

      Oh word?! MOAR WHEELS?!?!

      And they're finally ready.
      16x9 Porsche clubsports for the rears
      16x8 Porsche Clubsprots for the fronts
      refinished in Audi Silver
      Ran on 45mm adapters out back and 35mm adapters up front
      stretched on Dunlop SP Sport 9000's

      Test fit!

      Rocked out all day everyday just like this until H20 International


      This year's H20 was a mother****ing blast! It was a really awesome experience and got the chance to meet even more people and put more faces to names. The place was flooded every minute of everyday with more than amazing cars. I can't even express how great of a time I had and how fortunate I am to have met so many great people. I've got a lot of great friends in the mk3 and VW community altogether and I thank each and everyone of them for where I am today with my car. Especially all my local dudes, always got my back and we always make it happen. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this car and the people who show me support and love all these years is what keeps me going. This is definitely a hobby of mine that I very much enjoy. I've learned to look past the approvals and just paint my vision for myself and others to enjoy if they will. Critics and mistakes have taught me a lot and I thank them too. That being said, the car is FAR from done. Just happy with where it's at

      I missed a lot of people this year and that sucks equally as much. During H20, after a few Yueng Ling's, the guys at Drive.it blog and I bumped into each other and we setup a random photoshoot. The turnout was great and it was just awesome to have some personalities all in the same place at the same time. I'm not getting out of this anytime soon, so I'll catch everyone else in the last show or two before the season ends and then hopefully again before H20 next year!

      Thanks for reading. Sorry if I bored some. I know the car has been seen over and over and i'm sure y'all are sick of it. But I didn't know what else to do

      Future plans:
      The motor has some light work done to it.
      But i think it's time to take the pretty wheels off and put in some real work!

      268 Cams
      Mk4 HG
      Lightened Flywheel
      Among other things..


      stay tuned.
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    2. Member MRosier's Avatar
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      Sep 17th, 2006
      96 VR6T
      10-19-2010 05:29 PM #2
      nice ive enjoyed watching your car go through all the stages on here and seeing it around at shows. ill drop by next time I see you at a show and formally introduce myself

    3. Member vcampg's Avatar
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      Aug 24th, 2007
      98. 77.
      10-19-2010 05:36 PM #3
      very nice PK. always a favorite & look forward to what you have planned or the future

    4. Member
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      Jun 14th, 2007
      R32, B7
      10-19-2010 05:56 PM #4
      good stuff man.

      what ever happened to the hockenheims?
      welcome to the layer cake

    5. Member jbigs268's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 2009
      Rhode Island
      98 Ginster(sold) 01 Audi A4 avant QMT
      10-19-2010 06:19 PM #5
      Your car is awesome
      Good work brohongo, keep it up
      Quote Originally Posted by 95jetta17 View Post
      not again 11/11/11 never forget
      Quote Originally Posted by vento86 View Post
      anyone got anymore pics of that yellow gti?

    6. Member bigstu's Avatar
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      Mar 6th, 2008
      Mission Viejo, CA
      '94 Corrado SLC, '99 EuroVan, '14 CC R-Line . wheeliecoolvideos.com
      10-19-2010 06:22 PM #6
      Awesome timeline!!!!

    7. Senior Member reynolds9000's Avatar
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      Oct 16th, 2003
      Huntsville, Alabama
      '95 GLX, '97 GL (VR6)
      10-19-2010 06:38 PM #7
      Been a fan for a long time, and its come a long way. It was nice kicking it with you at H2O and learning the "ropes".

    8. Member #1 Hater's Avatar
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      Jan 14th, 2009
      sacramento, ca
      04.5 PG GLI
      10-19-2010 06:39 PM #8
      Well worth the click.

    9. Member sin bar's Avatar
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      Jan 12th, 2008
      sin bar ga
      10-19-2010 06:43 PM #9

    10. Member YooFatBoy's Avatar
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      Jun 27th, 2009
      10-19-2010 06:43 PM #10
      u wheel whore

    11. Member fukdapo9's Avatar
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      Aug 12th, 2010
      Oakville CT
      #9 Sold Waiting on #10
      10-19-2010 07:00 PM #11
      definitely a nice timeline and looks sick with the speedelines
      Quote Originally Posted by Myzteriuz View Post
      on some thread a guy said you'll blow seam seals and ruin your transfuser brackets?
      Quote Originally Posted by stewie griffin View Post
      i dont how to JB weld.

    12. Member PettR's Avatar
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      Nov 2nd, 2008
      Jahre ABF, R6, mk7 R, e-UP!, Tesla Model S
      10-19-2010 07:03 PM #12
      Ah, combining this thread with my dinner is the best thing I've done today

      This is awesome, and PK, you're the best
      Yes, I'm back in Norway. No I don't have time to go to the junkyard and find red 20th seatbelts or other rare **** and send it across the Atlantic ocean to you.

      Quote Originally Posted by dankvwguy
      They toed my car to the toe yard
      THE CBOX KREW ----Mk3 16V club--------

    13. Member FRESH WHITE TEE's Avatar
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      Jul 30th, 2009
      Easton, PA
      98 GLX VR6 95 Cabrio VR6
      10-19-2010 07:20 PM #13
      always loved your car
      Anyway, csb, bbs rs, and as always, lower it.

    14. Member Minor_Threat's Avatar
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      May 12th, 2009
      New jersey
      mkv, mk1
      10-19-2010 07:33 PM #14
      good **** pk
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    15. Member son of planrforrobert's Avatar
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      Dec 21st, 2009
      10-19-2010 07:36 PM #15
      It keeps getting better and better PK, the clubsports are money

      Loved it with the heckelende too
      Support your Local 81
      New German Performance

    16. Member nap83's Avatar
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      Jun 24th, 2007
      MK3 / Volvo S40
      10-19-2010 07:49 PM #16
      clicking onto this thread was a good choice, car came a long way.

      best phase --- the hock stage.
      For peace of mind, resign as the general manager of the universe.

    17. All Star
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      Aug 11th, 2006
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      10-19-2010 08:40 PM #17
      Good read Pk.

      Take notes noobs.
      FS: Garage Clean Out

    18. Member Dr. Cuddy's Avatar
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      Jul 19th, 2006
      (203), CT
      '13 CC R-Line
      10-19-2010 09:22 PM #18
      keeps getting better

      you rock the bra daily? my logo got faded to crap rocking it for most of the summer
      RIP Alexi

    19. Member brobs is back's Avatar
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      Jan 22nd, 2008
      gravel pit, IA
      golfs on junior cupkits with a side of chalet sauce... lifted Jeep Wrangler
      10-19-2010 09:31 PM #19
      hey pk nice to meet you at h2o... car looks great in person. the seats make me really jealous

      good thread
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      yo, is that a wolf?

    20. Member TimTwin's Avatar
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      Jun 28th, 2009
      amherst, OH
      Mk3 gti vr6.
      10-19-2010 09:46 PM #20
      Pk, absolute amazing. I love all of the rims you had up to day one.

    21. Banned
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      Aug 4th, 2008
      Cumberland, RI
      98 Silver Arrow Jetta Vr, 98 Porcelain Jetta Vr (RIP)
      10-19-2010 09:57 PM #22
      It was nice to finally put the name to the face at H2O. Your a cool dude and your car has come out perfect not to much yet not to little. Wasnt able to check it out to to much but was liking what I saw.

      for a straight up dude and a nicely done car

    22. Member catalina2.o's Avatar
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      Oct 27th, 2008
      Hillside, NJ
      96 4dr golf 24v, 2015 wrx
      10-19-2010 10:03 PM #23
      To be completely honest,
      It has been a pleasure meeting a dope ass dude like you,
      always down to talk about cars and really good vw community member, your car i must say
      is probably my favorite mk3 of all the other ones because its similar to mine althought yours has been around for way longer but also because your kinda like me you work hard to make your car look good and to be recognized this is why i love this car and enjoy having PK as a friend in the mk3 world. Cheers!

    23. 10-19-2010 10:15 PM #24
      PK nice to meet you, your a cool dude, car is redic too! Loving the clubsports making me want to get rid of the weds for a set! Keep up your good work man.

    24. Member dano17's Avatar
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      Aug 23rd, 2008
      Mohrsville, Pa
      Ballin 328i
      10-19-2010 10:19 PM #25
      I've always loved your car PK!
      Quote Originally Posted by rimmy
      wheels come and go, but rimz are forever.

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