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    Thread: Trouble code po321, engiine speed sensor

    1. 10-22-2010 12:59 PM #1
      Hi, I replaced battery on 2002 Jetta 2.0, now car starts but dies right away, 321 code comes up, seems to be getting fuel.. I think sensor is o.k. reset code still dies out.........any help is appreciated Thanks JIM......

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      May 27th, 2002
      10-24-2010 10:26 PM #2
      IMMO or not to IMMO HO

      Post a real VCDS auto-scan

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      10-24-2010 11:26 PM #3
      Hello and welcome to this part of vwvortex, as an introduction please make sure to have read and understood the additional rules for this specific forum as well as the frequently asked questions. Also note that This Is The VAG-COM Forum, NOT The Generic OBD-II P-Codes Forum.

      Specifically make sure you supply detailed vehicle information like make, model, year, engine type (engine code if possible) as well as other details which could be useful (i.e. have there been repair approaches already or have parts been replaced).

      Even though an Auto-Scan may not contain fault codes, it still holds other vital information which may be useful to answer your specific questions. In many cases its not the obvious things that will help figuring things out, but its the small things that are usually missed. Usually when people ask here they have already checked and done everything within their power, please keep in mind that we cannot answer to things we don't know about. So if you are noticing something that might help, you should mention it as well.

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