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    Thread: OEM+ (My Progress Thread)

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    1. Member Zach!'s Avatar
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      Jan 8th, 2010
      SF Bay Area
      2005 1.8t GLI+ // V8 Touareg T1
      11-20-2010 09:52 PM #1
      I've moved the build here:

      Build Part II

      Welcome to the OEM+ GLI Build

      19 y/o
      Santa Clara University Business Student
      Yogurt Swirler and Carpenter's Apprentice and Part Sales@HardParkerGarage
      SF Bay Area

      Index Below!

      2005 Jetta GLI
      1.8t AWP Engine with a 09A Tiptronic Transmission
      Black Magic Pearl
      ~103,000 miles


      OEM .:R32 Steering Wheel
      OEM Climatronic Swap
      CheckTemp II
      GTI Dash Board Swap (Shaved Airbag Door)
      New South Boost Gauge in 42DD A-Pillar Pod
      COGA-PA Public Adress and Musical Horn
      C-Pillar Brace with Camera Mount
      Hardwood Flooring in Trunk
      Audi TT Automatic Leather Shift Knob
      OEM MFD Version D Navigaiton
      -Aux-Input Harness
      OEM .:R-Line Floormats
      OEM Seat Arosa Headlight Switch W/ Rear Fog
      Custom Brushed Aluminum B-Pillar Seat Belt Sliders

      18 x 8.5 BBS RSIIs et38
      -5x120 Bolt Pattern
      -Full Polished Stainless Steel Lips
      -Gold Centers
      -Titanium Finished Assembly Bolts
      42DD 15mm Adapters Front, Final ET: 23
      25mm Adapters Rear, Final ET: 13

      KW Variant 1 Coilovers
      26mm H&R Front Sway Bar
      28mm H&R Rear Sway Bar
      ECS Urethane Rear Coil Spring Isolators
      Audi TT Spindles
      Audi TT Control Arms (-1.9* Front Camber)
      --Polyflex Front Position Bushings
      --OEM High Density Rear Position Bushings
      Audi TT Ball Joints
      Moog Tie Rod Ends w/ Grease Nipple
      OEM Polo Strut Mounts and Bearings with Chromed Caps
      SPC Camber Shims (-1.5* per side, for a final of -3.2*)
      SPC Toe Shims (-.5 per side, for camber correction)
      ECS Tuning Rear Beam Centering Plates


      Painted with G2 USA Paint Kit

      .:R32 Front Brakes
      -OEM 13.1" Rotors
      -Akebono Euro Ceramic Pads

      Zimmerman Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors
      Akebono Euro Ceramic Pads

      APR Stage 1 Tune
      -Stock, Valet, 91, and 100 Octane Tunes
      -TBA and Fault Code Erase
      -Security Lock-Out
      2.0T Ignition Upgrade
      -Red Top Coil Packs
      -IE Raw Finish Adapter Plates
      -NGK Iridium Plugs (.4" Gap)
      Polished Intake Manifold
      Polished Alternator
      Polished Valve Cover
      Polished Throttle Body
      Polished Fuel Rail
      Custom "By Savko" Dipstick w/ R32 Tube
      Custom "By Savko" Oil Cap
      NewSouth Power Gasket
      Short Air Intake
      OEM Downpipe into stock piping with Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler
      Fuel Rail Wire Tuck
      EVAP/N249/N112 Deleted
      Secondary Air Injection Delete w/ Integrated Engineering Block-Off Plate
      PostReleased OEM-Style Resistors for All Deletes
      034 Silicon PCV Breather Hose Set
      Forge Turbo Inlet Pipe

      Helix OEM HID Replica Headlights
      -6K HID Projectors
      -H7 Sylvania High Beams
      -BA9 Blinker Bulbs
      -White LED City Lights
      Slightly Tinted GLI Tails
      OEM Shark-Fin Antenna
      Red Rear Tow Hook
      .:R32 Aero Wipers
      FixMyVW Key-Fob Gas Door Popper
      OEM Euro Rub Strip With Euro Cut Out and No Side Markers
      OEM Passenger and Driverside Stubby Mirrors

      Now onto some pictures:

      Please give me any input, ideas, questions, whatever you wants!


      Page 1: Into + Compression Test
      Page 2: Inner Axle Joint Rebuild + Wiring Work + MAF and TB Clean + PhatNoise
      Page 3: Huge Parts Ordering
      Page 4: Miscellaneous
      Page 5: Christmas GTG Cruise + 034 Strut Mounts and Coil Cover + Gary's Jetta + 10mm Front Spacers + Lip Skid Plates
      Page 6: Axle Rebuilding
      Page 7: Alignment + Painting Brakes
      Page 8: Blue Mirror Glass and TT Shifter Ordered
      Page 9: Random Shoot at House
      Page 10: Miscellaneous
      Page 11: Installed TT Shifter + Random Shoot at Adrians
      Page 12: Cut Out OEM Sway + Reinstalled Engine Cover + Polished Lights + Repaired Bumper Clips
      Page 13: Random Garage Shoot + 4Motion lip + BBS EI Caps
      Page 14: Water Pump Failure + Ordered Control Arm and Strut Mount Rebuild Kit + Timing Belt Change
      Page 15: Passenger Side Motor Mount Replaced + Car Goes to Streetwerkes + Mike's GTI + Front Sway Bar and New Coils Ordered + 240D Shoot
      Page 16: Fighting with ECS + Ordering Full New FK Streetline Kit
      Page 17: Mike's Car w/ Wheels + Rolling Luis' Fenders + Car on Stock Wheels
      Page 18: Huge Order Arrived (Sway Bar and Coils) + RCs Dismounted + RC Refinishing Begins + Car at Streetwerkes
      Page 19: Axle Issues at Streetwerke + 3k Fogs in OEM Headlights + Tire Bubble + TT Work and Pics
      Page 20: Painted Intake and Removed Battery Box + Hit and Run
      Page 21: Ordered Euro Front Rub + Intake Clean + New Tool
      Page 22: Wheels at Wheel Techniques for Refinishing + BBS Valve Caps + TT Spindles Ordered + Race Fuel + RCs Refinished
      Page 23: Finished RC Shots
      Page 24: TT Spindles Arrive + TT Spindle Install + EuroSwitch LED Mod + New DP Nuts
      Page 25: TT Spindle Issues + Camber Plates + Detail Day + Quarter Repair Begins
      Page 26: Helix Headlights + OEM Lexan Shields + Camber Plate Cleaning + Camber Plate Install
      Page 27: Ian's TT + Ball Joint Plans + Modded Ball Joint + Exhaust Hangers + RCs Mounted Pictures
      Page 28: Strut Nut Tool Purchased + Daly City Shoot + Back to OEM DownPipe
      Page 29: RC Meets Curb
      Page 30: Headlight Wiring Mod + Euro Rub In
      Page 31: Mazda Wash + Quarter Panel Primering + OEM Navi Arrives + Ordered Clear
      Page 32: Primered Mirror Cap + Navi Install Attempt 1
      Page 33: Primer Life
      Page 34: Painting Mirror, Quarter, and Rub Strip
      Page 35: New CAI Filter + Painted Rub On
      Page 36: Brake Booster Simplification + Broken Coolant Junction
      Page 37: Miscellaneous
      Page 38: Calvin's Mazda Spoiler and Shoot + Navi Working + Wisdom Teeth
      Page 39: Calvin Being a Whore
      Page 40: Cluster Planning + Porsche Brake and Other Item Order + Stubby Mirror Order + KufaTec Navi Harness
      Page 41: APR Trial + Aaron's R32
      Page 42: Cluster Modding
      Page 43: Porsche Brake Idea
      Page 44: Car in Storage for School + RLine Mats
      Page 45: Miscellaneous
      Page 46: Climatronic Swap Ordered + Seat Switch Ordered + Chrome Edge Grill Idea
      Page 47: Exhaust Hanger and Shock Mounts Ordered + Climatronic Parts Arrive
      Page 48: Original KW Set Cleaning + Climatronic Pics + Paint + Camber Plate Bearings + Exhaust Mounts Arrive
      Page 49: Clear Side Markers + Seat Switch + R-Line Mats Installed + GLI Lip Back On + Personal Plate Ordered
      Page 50: OEM Trim Removal Tools
      Page 51: Miscellaneous
      Page 52: Building Driverside Stubby + Install
      Page 53: Terminal Removal Kit Ordered
      Page 54: Brandon's Car + Kufatec Navi Harness + Exhaust Hangers + H&R Endlink Broken + Smog + Sister's Car Brake Pads
      Page 55: Mikado Garage Door Opener + Random Gas Station Shoot
      Page 56: Mike's Cluster Swap + R32 Front Brakes Obtained + Mikado Garage Door Opener Installed + Camber Plate Bearings
      Page 57: Miscellaneous
      Page 58: Miscellaneous
      Page 59: Ordered H&R Sway Bar Links + Random Pictures
      Page 60: Miscellaneous
      Page 61: Oakland Cruise and Meet + H&R Sway Bar Links Replaced + Remove OEM Lower Rear Spring Pad + Cleaned R32 Brakes + Clima Sun Sensor Install
      Page 62: NEW KWS!!!
      Page 63: Unboxing Climatronic Harness + Unboxing KWs + Bay Bridge Shoot
      Page 64: KW Install + Axle Boot Repairs + Removed Strut Brace
      Page 65: R32 Front Brake Install
      Page 66: LED City Lights + MoCool + Four Rings GTG
      Page 67: Christmas Cruise + TT Arms Ordered
      Page 68: Miscellaneous
      Page 69: TT Control Arm Bushings Ordered + Climatronic Swap Start
      Page 70: Climatronic Swap Concluson + Rob Farry Shoot + GTI Dash + TT Arms Arived + Poly TT Arms Ordered + Custom Plate Installed
      Page 71: Climatronic Swap Finished
      Page 72: A/C Valve Repair + TT Bushings Arrive
      Page 73: Polished Bay Parts from Kevin@ EI + Painting Brakes with G2 Red + Power Gasket + Alternator Failure
      Page 74: Valentine V1 Ordered (Turned out to be faulty)
      Page 75: Stubby Mirros Painted by Ian + IE Beam Plates Rejected
      Page 76: Silicon Coupler (Didn't Fit) + Power Steering Sensor Replaced
      Page 77: Stubbies Painted and Cleared
      Page 78: Miscellaneous
      Page 79: Miscellaneous + Birthday
      Page 80: Miscellaenous
      Page 81: Replacement Interior Trim
      Page 82: Considering LM Reps or MAEs
      Page 83: Beauty Shots of Ian's Wheels
      Page 84: Brushed Aluminum Boost Gauge Surround Ordered
      Page 85: Axle Joint Replacement Arrives + Auto Trans Fluid + Matigg Trunk Blend +
      Page 86: Stubbies Cleared More
      Page 87: Miscellaneous
      Page 88: Stubbies Painted and Installed + Hella4 Monterey Cruise + Polo Strut Mount Talk
      Page 89: Strut Mount Pics from Ian + Bay Shot
      Page 90: VF End Links Ordered (Never Shipped)
      Page 91: 2.0T Ignition Upgrade Ordered + SAI Block Off Plate + Injector O-Rings
      Page 92: TT Arm Bushing Removal + Miscellaneous
      Page 93: Extra GLI Badges Arrive + 2.0T Ignition Parts Arrive + Trunk Blend Arrives + Shots of IDWurk's Jetta
      Page 94: Passenger Bay Wiring Cleaned Up + 2.0T Ignition Installed + Trunk Blend Test Fit + Hood Bra On + Headlight Trim Added + Relay Box Deleted + Nues Bought! + Paper Clip Lip Holder
      Page 95: Nues Picked Up by Ian + TT Arms Stripped Down
      Page 96: Wheel Fitment Discussion
      Page 97: Miscellaneous
      Page 98: Miscellaneous
      Page 99: Hype
      Page 100: Nue Pics!!! + Rear Brake Pads Arrive
      Page 101: Dalmations
      Page 102: Miscellaneous
      Page 103: Grand Axle Realization + Ordering Joint Kit
      Page 104: 32G Promo Material + Plate LEDs Ordered + Short Ram Intake
      Page 105: Nues Dismounted + TT Arms Sand Blasted + TT Arms Painted and Bushings Added
      Page 106: Plate LEDs Arrive + Ball Joint Nuts Ordered
      Page 107: 225/40/18s Arrived + CV Joint and Grease Ordered
      Page 108: Intake Arrives + Miscellaneous
      Page 109: EVAP Delete + Nue Test Fit + Trans Skid Plate Clean-Up + Bay Shots + Intake Painted + Adrian's Accident
      Page 110: Coolant and Junction Arrive
      Page 111: SAI, N249, N112 Delete + Trade for CHs and Nues to Mike
      Page 112: Stud Conversion
      Page 113: Hood Latch Repair + Fuel Rail Wire Tuck + Injector O-Rings + TT Arm, Polo Mount, Axle Rebuild, and Alignment Epic Work Day
      Page 114: RCs Sold
      Page 115: Emissions Resistors Ordered
      Page 116: APR Tuned!
      Page 117: Trunk Blend Work + Park GTG
      Page 118: Trunk Blend Details
      Page 119: Random Warehouse and Wash Pictures
      Page 120: Hoodless Photo Shoot + Lots of Planning
      Page 121: TIP Clean-Up + Catch Can + Hoodless Shoot Final Edits
      Page 122: Planning + 034 Silicon Hose Kit + Billet Dipstick Tube
      Page 123: PCV Kit and Dipstick Install + Alignment Concerns + EuroWerks Ticket Booked
      Page 124: Blanking Plugs Arrive from UK + Adrian's OEM HIDs + TIP Install
      Page 125: Climatronic Wiring Info + Treasure Island Pics + Camber Shims Ordered
      Page 126: Rear Camber Shim Install + Pictures
      Page 127: Nues Back On + Giant Wrench Day + Index Started + List of Build I Follow
      Page 128: Rain Tray Treated + Ghetto Short Ram Intake
      Page 129: More Nue Shots + Trunk Pic + Back on CHs
      Page 130: Front Plate Ticket + Battery Terminal ABS Issue + GoMiniGo Plate Bracket + 100,000 Mile Oil Change + Audi RS4 Reps On
      Page 131: Travy's Car + StanceWars + Misc.
      Page 132: New Wheel Hype + German Parts Hype + Electrical Fire + FCM Wiring
      Page 133: Axle Clamps + Special Axle Greasing Solution + Axle Repair + Toe Shims + Temp Wheels + Interior Items
      Page 134: Teasing + Misc.
      Page 135: Wheel Teasers + Stud Conversion Removal + RSII Reveal
      Page 136: RSIIs Mounted + Tie Rod Ends + Alignment at Caleb's Shop + Treasure Island Shots
      Page 137: Bought R Wheel + Split RSIIs + Blasted to Raw + Suit and Car Shots + Wheel Paint Purchased
      Page 138: More Wheel Stripping + Disassembly + ECS Beam Plates + Wheel Teasing
      Page 139: Wheel Reveal + Chit Chat
      Page 140: SoCal Trip + Shop BBQ + WaterWerks + Crafted Fitment + R Wheel Install + New Driverside Door Trim + Misc Interior Shots
      Page 141: Chit Chat + Photos with the BADubs Guys + Random Pics
      Last edited by Zach!; 10-11-2012 at 02:28 PM.

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      11-20-2010 09:54 PM #2

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      10-03-2011 08:45 PM #3

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      10-03-2011 08:55 PM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by PoonTang View Post
      I'll be back, maybe...

    5. Member yaboyblue20th's Avatar
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      03-03-2012 03:46 PM #5
      Love this car. I want my nav to fit flush and nice like that.

    6. Member kilimats's Avatar
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      11-20-2010 09:55 PM #6
      It looks super clean

      At this stage, I would start shaving things up, that's all I could think of
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      Quote Originally Posted by dele
      The guys on coils can pull off their own Airless pride thread cos they clearly are the underdogs in the air/static debate, kinda like the equality movement for women.

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      11-20-2010 10:02 PM #7
      Nice ride for 17!

    8. Member Zach!'s Avatar
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      11-20-2010 10:03 PM #8
      Quote Originally Posted by engineman98 View Post
      Nice ride for 17!
      Hey who needs a savings account anyway But seriously, I am so lucky to have such a great car, lots of work and saving

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      02-28-2011 09:46 AM #9
      Quote Originally Posted by engineman98 View Post
      Nice ride for 17!
      he's 18

    10. Member Zach!'s Avatar
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      02-28-2011 09:49 AM #10
      I was 17 when he posted that

    11. Member
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      02-28-2011 01:23 PM #11
      does a 3" dp into the 2" stock pipe do much? i want to upgrade my exhaust but 1. i can't stand the noise and 2. am currently having a dilemma with going with ebay exhaust and intercooler and other stuff or good name brands.
      I too am 18 so money is also an issue.

    12. Member bobbyk94's Avatar
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      11-20-2010 10:05 PM #12
      What are your streetlines set up right now? Thread wise?

    13. Member Zach!'s Avatar
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      11-20-2010 11:10 PM #13
      Quote Originally Posted by bobbyk94 View Post
      What are your streetlines set up right now? Thread wise?
      Not sure, i'll count for you next time

    14. Member Zach!'s Avatar
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      Jan 8th, 2010
      SF Bay Area
      2005 1.8t GLI+ // V8 Touareg T1
      11-20-2010 11:15 PM #14
      Doing now:

    15. Member !LL3ST's Avatar
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      11-20-2010 11:17 PM #15
      Clean, very clean

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      08-01-2011 03:38 AM #16
      Quote Originally Posted by kilimats View Post
      It looks super clean

      At this stage, I would start shaving things up, that's all I could think of
      Nair ftw
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    17. Member Mikey Pants's Avatar
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      11-21-2010 01:38 AM #17
      So so clean. Looks good rolling
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    18. Member orau22's Avatar
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      11-21-2010 01:53 AM #18
      lucky ass, 17 with a GLI, your car is super clean and OEM+ is the only way to go

      can you detail my car, please and thank you

    19. Member nchapman's Avatar
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      11-21-2010 02:19 AM #19
      Very nice build on a budget. Wish i could have had something like that at 17. Im 21 and my GTI isnt even that nice. :hide:
      '01 GTI VR6
      Quote Originally Posted by AntParmenter View Post
      Many are bagged so they don't actually ride around at that height. For the statics, their balls are so big it weighs down their car.
      Quote Originally Posted by engineman98 View Post
      The only way to make a 2.0 faster is to drive down hill.
      VR Society #252

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      11-21-2010 02:47 AM #20
      Floss Filthy x Team Big Shark x Gengstout x VIP Modular

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      11-21-2010 08:22 AM #21
      are you even old enough to shave?

    22. Member T.D.B.'s Avatar
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      11-21-2010 08:37 AM #22
      get a hi flow cat

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      11-21-2010 11:45 AM #23


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      11-21-2010 12:47 PM #24

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      Quote Originally Posted by spkn^GRMN View Post

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