Today the Tig is getting its first weekly wash and is proving a bit more work than my recently traded A4. It’s a little more time consuming having to shift my little step stool along to be able to wash the roof/pano. Then when it came time to open the hood and wash under that, plus the top of the front grill, I was very surprised to see a wave of splashed grime over the right headlight that extended into the engine compartment. There were even traces of other splattering as far back as the battery and close to the firewall. Nothing major, but certainly something I never saw on the Audi.

Here is a pic of the Audi engine compartment where you can see a nice big weather-stripping that virtually encircles the entire compartment. It was easy to keep clean and how you see it in the pic is how I kept it looking over the three years I had it.

The first thing I looked for was a similar rubber strip, but all I could see is a small rubber strip that runs just behind each headlight. Then I noticed on the hood there are a series of 4 rectangular holes at the front left and right sides. I got to thinkin’, is there supposed to be some rubber gasket there to help keep out the elements? And this brings me to the reason for writing, “Is there any rubber weather-stripping on the hood of your Tigs?”

Well, I’m heading back into the garage. I still have the wheels to do. The Old Dogg was starting to pant and needed a break before going any further.

Thanks in advance for your input.