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    Thread: Clutch release noise/chirp/squeak/hooo

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      05-17-2015 05:54 PM #426
      That makes me feel a lot better. I've owned the car 6 months and it's been fine, and hasn't made the noise since I first heard it. Like I said before, the clutch feels brand new. I'll just keep driving it and deal with it if it ever gets bad. Hoping to have this car for at least another 100k miles!

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    2. 07-12-2016 05:39 PM #427
      Quote Originally Posted by O_o View Post
      Update: got the car back today, and everything is right as rain. Great service from the dealer too.
      So I have to ask, how did you manage to get it sorted? I'm currently in battle with VW Canada as they are declining a warranty claim and my car is in pieces at the dealer.

    3. n00b
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      Jun 27th, 2016
      Ottawa, ON
      2012 GLI
      01-20-2017 04:43 PM #428
      So I've read through this entire thread but trying to get some more anecdotal data on what the root cause has been. I have the same noise that's being produced in the videos people have posted, under the same conditions.

      Long story short, I would like to know what the techs determined to be the root cause when people have had this work done. Trying to gather as much of these answers in my decision process. Thanks very much for any responses!

      My dealer diagnosed that the symptoms match that of TSB 2028783. However, they said the TSB solution (updated clutch assembly) wouldn't be approved under my CPO warranty. I escalated with VW Canada, and they returned with the same answer. No goodwill offered.

      I call the dealer back, and we got to the point that if I agree to a transmission tear down (8 hours), they can diagnose for the root cause. Two possible scenarios:

      1. If the root cause is the pressure plate or friction disc, it's "wear and tear", and I foot the bill.

      2. If the root cause is the slave cylinder, throwout bearing, or flywheel, then the warranty will cover everything - even other parts that became affected as a result.

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      Jun 25th, 2016
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      01-20-2017 11:34 PM #429
      Quote Originally Posted by merfy View Post
      So I have to ask, how did you manage to get it sorted? I'm currently in battle with VW Canada as they are declining a warranty claim and my car is in pieces at the dealer.
      I didn't have to do anything. I just took it to the dealer, explained the problem, they drove it, agreed that it was the release bearing and therefore covered by the powertrain warranty, fixed it, and presented me with an invoice for $0.

    5. 02-01-2017 07:25 AM #430
      Hi Guys first of all thanks for all the info in this thread and sorry for the massive post!
      I am hearing the same squeak in my 2010 Seat Leon FR 2.0 TSI 44K Miles - I understand this car has same engine and gearbox as the GTI MK6

      Problem i'm having:
      Intermittent for the last 6 months, Clutch release noise/chirp/squeak/hooo particularly when the car is cold.
      Clutch is/was also weird (find it hard to describe never had any clutch problem in any car i've ever owned some with over 100K miles)
      Pulling off from lights in 1st gear it was like i had no bite then a sort of wheels spin noise without any wheel spin and a jerky pull off. when the car got MOT'ed i mentioned this and the garage topped up the fluid and this seems to have helped restore the clutch for a few days however it has since started to go "Funny again" not to the extent of the wheel spins however it still makes the Chirp sound when cold and doesn't quite feel right.
      I have no apparent clutch slip that i have been able to detect and car is stock

      So i have a warranty with arnold clark that claims to cover the clutch.
      Yesterday booked car in to have it looked at and demonstrated the noise to the technician who said it sounded like a dry release bearing. i left the car with them the rest of the day and they called back to say they had looked at it and determined it was the breaks needing changed. As you can imagine i wasn't too impressed. I asked to speak to the service manager and demonstrated the noise again with bonnet up and he agreed it was coming from the gearbox. Tried to say it was normal and that I was putting it under un-due load! He also said that Thrust Bearings are no longer covered under warranty.
      He then said in order to look at it they need to drop the gearbox at a cost to me of £260 and if covered by warranty I will be refunded if not covered I will have to pay an additional £260 to have it rebuilt and that’s not counting any replacement parts.
      Here are the terms of the warranty;
      Clutch: Release Bearing, Pressure Plate Centre Plate (including failure due to oil
      leak contamination), Clutch Fork, Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder.
      (Note - Clutch components excluded if failure due to wear and tear)

      What do you guys think is it worth the risk having them look at it and saying it isn’t covered?
      Can anyone recommend how i can prepare for any potential battle?
      Is there anything that i would be able to see looking at the slave tob part to determine the fault?
      Reading through the forum it sounds as though the slave cylinder TOB issue that’s being reported in this thread.

      Thanks again

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