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    Thread: Clutch release noise/chirp/squeak/hooo

    1. 03-26-2015 09:22 PM #421
      Hi everyone!
      I registered just to thank this thread!
      My GTI 2011 made this noise since this winter, I decided to googling and I found this thread.
      I took the number of the TSB, I called the dealer, told them the number, they said ok, bring the car to them, they diagnose the sound, order the part and install it.
      Very good service, I'm in Canada Quebec.

      Thank you!

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      04-09-2015 11:15 PM #422
      Quote Originally Posted by camarkim View Post
      Thinking back, they tried that on me. I walked and got the job done by my Indy mechanic and then filed the case with BBB to try to get VWoA to pay me back. (Which did not work) What a scam...I really believed (and still believe) they try to sucker you in by tearing down, then once it's apart they say, "Not our fault." Pay us to fix or put back together, which would leave the person at their mercy. I bet they know they will never pay for the clutches.

      You gonna waste your time calling BBB? Even if you don't, then remember to file a complaint with (NHTSA/DOT. ) Maybe if they see enough of these clutch complaints (and intake manifold complaints, and water pump complaints, at least for the CC) then VWoA will be forced to come clean about the bad clutches and other parts they put in the 2.0 engine cars.
      Yeah I think they would have screwed me after they had it apart. I didn't waste my time with the BBB. I didn't know about but I will file a complaint. I was pretty disappointed with the outcome, but I saw it coming. Oh well.

      Jealous to hear that others are having luck. Maybe I'll come to up to Quebec

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