Hey guys, wanted to see if anyone can help me out on my engine code. I have a 2001 MK4 Jetta 1.8T. My engine codes came on last night when I was driving on the freeway at about 75 MPH when I noticed my check engine light came on.

I went home and scanned my computer and two codes came back P1296 and P1762. The P1296 I already know its do to my faulty coolant temp sensor and my thermostat. However, I have not seen the other code which is P1762.

I looked online for a code definition and P1762 means ( 18170-P1762-Shift Lock Short to B+)
Which has something to do with my transmission

Has anyone here had the same code pop up on them, and what did you do to repair?

Thanks alot guys for your help...