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    Thread: HELP!! 2005 Jetta TDI 1.8 Transmission intermittent hard shifting??? 112k miles

    1. 01-29-2011 11:12 AM #1
      I have a 2005 Jetta TDI 1.8 with the Triptonic (sp) trans, and for the last month, as it goes from one gear to the next, the RPM's shoot up, and the trans shudders into the next gear.

      It will not do it every trip, only intermittently. I took it to the shop, and they scanned the car, only to come back with temp sensor bad, Engine High temp coolant circuit malfunction, and thermostat needs replacing.

      Stated that the trans was poss getting too hot.

      I do have some foam in the front grill (partial) to help the car heat up faster, as the diesel will not put much heat into the cabin if I don't.---I do NOT have the lower grill covered.

      ANY HELP?????

    2. Member CoolAirVw's Avatar
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      02-02-2011 10:19 AM #2
      Tdi 1.8?????

      These have alot of solenoid issues and might be worth changing them, but I have no specific experience with your problem.

      The trans TEMP code you need to ignore. Its probably there because of your engine cooling codes/problems, but even if its not it wont cause your issue.
      Auto trans fluid change or flush will not make a trans fail. Stop spreading the wives tale/urban myth.
      ASE Master Certified Technician with L1 Advanced Diagnostic Rating Recently passed ASE certification for Light Diesel repair.

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