VWVortex.com - My EPC light keeps coming on and puts my Jetta in limp mode
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    Thread: My EPC light keeps coming on and puts my Jetta in limp mode

    1. 02-07-2011 06:34 PM #1
      My mechanic says he can't find anything wrong with my 2001 Jetta vr6. The car loses power. When I am on the gas pedal it starts pulsing/jerking around.

      Anyone have any ideas?

    2. 02-07-2011 06:59 PM #2
      scan with vag com, reset throttle (TBA) if doenst solve

      might be your pedal or you throttle that is F'ed up


      u might have fried your ECU (shorting the 02 sensor will cause this)


      some have replaced the crank position sensor with sucess it fixed the problem but i cant see where this would relate to the EPC...

      good luck

      and search is you friend it is well documented in many VW audi forums (google is you friend)
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    3. Member vwooom's Avatar
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      02-07-2011 07:15 PM #3
      my engine is not a VR6, but my car behaved exactly like this when my MAF needed replacing. I was afraid to pull out and pass on a 2 laner because it would buck and surge. just sayin

      The prob is if the
      - MAF is going the computer doesn't know exactly how much fuel to give along with the air going into the engine. This is what caused the bucking around for me. I popped in a new MAF and it ran like Secretariat in the 73 Belmont Stakes

    4. 02-22-2011 04:58 PM #4
      I took it the the VW dealership and it turned out to be the throttle body. Cost me $1,450. UGH

      NOW the check engine light is on. Went to O'Reiley's and used their scanner. The code was P0240 bank 1. The parts store said that was my o2 sensor but more research on the issue tells me it's the catalytic converter ($1,100 to replace). Going back to the dealership today to get an accurate diagnosis.

      Is this what I have to look forward to with a VW? I am so dissappointed.

    5. Member vwmuscle's Avatar
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      02-22-2011 05:20 PM #5
      just like in an airplane, place head between knees, and kiss a** goodbye.
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      02-22-2011 05:53 PM #6
      THAT STEALER took you to the cleaners !!!! my 2001 TB JOB WAS $575 two years ago

    7. Member MTVolks's Avatar
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      02-22-2011 05:58 PM #7

      Had this in my old Jetta, spent all kinds of money on sensors, new intake side of the turbo...

      Ended up being a dead MAF

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