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    Thread: MK4Forum Essentials - DIY / FAQ & Resources Guide

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      Apr 3rd, 2002
      02-10-2011 09:38 PM #1

      Welcome to the new Do-It-Yourself / Frequently Asked Questions & Resources Guide!
      " The MarkIV Forum Essentials " (under construction...)

      In case you're new, this thread is a massive compilation of this forums most essential material.
      It will serve as your reference point for common topics & discussion, detailed step-by-step
      tutorials, technical information, and other great resources that you'll need during your stay.

      For the unadjusted don't worry - the old thread is still there. But I think you'll find this
      reorganized and fully reformatted version allows for much better browsing and simpler
      searching. With dead links removed and improved content, it also includes a couple
      Video DIYs that offer a pleasant alternative to the traditional typed tutorial.

      ( To submit tutorials, information, suggestions, or errors ... )


      While great effort is taken to categorize everything as practically as possible,
      keep in mind
      many topics cross multiple classifications and may be useful in various scenarios.

      If you already know what you're looking for you can search for it by pressing
      Control + F.
      Can't find it? Try again using a synonymous term, ("door lock" v. "door latch")
      or a different variation of the same keyword. ("rearview" vs "rear-view")

      Don't forget many DIYs cover removal & re-installation of a whole series of parts,

      so if you don't see a specific link to say, remove the a-pillar trim,
      remember that is a procedure found in the headliner remove & reinstall how-to.

      Last but not least, visit the MarkIV sister forums: The 3/2/G and .:R32 Forum,

      in addition to the Technical Forums for further discussion & information
      on everything from bodywork through lighting to engine & transmission tech.


      NEW! The Cheap Mods Thread (all about $100 Mods)

      General / FAQ


      Exterior Lighting
      Interior Electronics & Accessories


      Intake & Exhaust

      Wheels & Tires

      On Board Diagnostics (OBD-II)


      DIY: Key Remote Dissection
      DIY: Key Remote Window Operation
      DIY: Fog Lights, TMTuning 70mm LED Fogs: Installation
      DIY: Seafoam Motor Treatment


      Always remember the content of this thread is contributed by enthusiast not experts
      and that your most reliable source is a trained and certified professional.

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      02-10-2011 09:38 PM #2
      [ GENERAL / FAQ ]


      Mark4 Service Interval Check List - for all engines: What gets done by the dealer when schedules maintenance is performed.

      Fuse Listings

      Major Recall List - major recalls, window regulators, coilpacks, mafs, o2 sensors, heated seats, brake light switch, abs controller, etc.

      4-Door 1.8T Golf Production Figures

      Common Topics & FAQ

      The Registry List - want to find pictures of a specific color of car? want to find others who own your color or model? links to all the "registry" threads.

      The '1.8T vs VR6' Thread

      Differences Between GLI's - differences between the 2002-2004 200hp 24v VR6 GLI and the 2004.5+ 180hp 1.8T GLI.

      Everything You Need to Know: Winter Storage - storing your car for the winter or otherwise long period of time? read this.

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      How: Key Remote Battery Replacement - how to open the key fob/remote and replace the battery

      How; Properly Jack Up Your Vehicle - jack points, jackstands, safety.

      How: Start Your Car - just in case.
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      02-10-2011 09:39 PM #3
      [ 1.8T ENGINES ]

      Resources & Discussion

      1.8T Technical Forum - forum for discussion and topics related specifically to the 1.8t engine.
      1.8T Technical DIY/FAQ - a more comprehensive compilation of frequently asked questions, diy's, how-to's, and technical information related to the 1.8t.
      Engine Codes & Statistics - explains the various engine codes and differences between them: compression, stock boost values, power output, etc.

      Mark4 Coilpack / Ignition Coil Guide
      1.8T Cold Start Noises

      Idiots Guide to Basic Modding the 1.8T - by SoCalDubber
      Stock Turbo Tuning Guide - by SAVwKO

      1.8T Chip Tuning Guide - everything you wanted to know about 1.8t chips
      Official "What Chip to Buy" Thread - *2005 / poll results missing*
      BOV vs. DV - why replacing your diverter valve with a blow-off valve may not be the best idea.
      Cranked Wastegate - discussion and explanation of cranking the wastegate to squeeze out additional hp at the risk of damaging your turbo

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      How: 1.8T Oil & Filter Change

      DIY: Alternator Replacement

      DIY: Coolant Temp (ECT) Sender Replacement - change to the new green top coolant sensor.

      DIY: Clamping the MAP Sensor ("Diode Mod") - how to clamp your MAP sensor for increased performance.

      DIY: Diverter Valve Replacement - how to install a new diverter valve. *dead pics*
      DIY: Diverter Valve Maintenance - how to maintain a piston style diverter valve, applicable to most brands. *dead pics*
      DIY: Wastegate Actuator (N75) Valve Swap - how to swap N75 valves. *dead pics*

      DIY: Ignition Coil & Spark Plug Replacement - how to replace the ignition coils and/or spark plugs
      How: "Read" Your Spark Plugs - pictures showing various types of damage to spark plugs.
      DIY: Ignition Coil Wiring First Aid - repair a cracked ignition coil wiring harness with seal-all
      DIY: Ignition Coil Wiring Harness Replacement -
      DIY: Ignition Coil Wiring Wrap - prevent the ignition coil harness from cracking by installing an OEM heatshield from the Audi TT.

      DIY: Intercooler Clean and De-Oil -
      DIY: Intercooler (Front Mount) Modification & Install - how to modify an advan racing fmic from eBay for use with the 1.8T.
      DIY: Intercooler Vent Mod - how to make a vented fender liner to increase flow to a side mount intercooler.

      DIY: Powergasket Install - how to install a newsouth performance powergasket.

      DIY: Timing Belt &/ Water Pump Replacement - the ultimate 1.8t timing belt replacement how to.

      DIY: Turbo Inlet Pipe Replacement - how to install an upgraded (Neuspeed) turbo inlet pipe.
      DIY: Turbo Inlet Hose Install for K04-20 - how to upgrade the stock unit for a silicon replacement. for vehicles equipped with a K04 turbo.
      DIY: Turbo Upgrade - K04-20 - upgrade your turbo with OEM parts from an Audi TT-225.

      DIY: Turbo Timer Installation - how to install a Greddy turbo timer in a 2001 Jetta.
      DIY: Turbo Timer w/ Companion Install - how to install a blitz turbo timer and companion.
      How-to: Greddy Turbo Timer Installation Notes

      DIY: Underdrive Pulley Install - how to install a eurosport underdrive pulley kit (applicable to other brands).

      DIY: Valve Cover Removal & Gasket Replacement

      DIY: Water-Methanol Injection Kit Install
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      02-10-2011 09:43 PM #4
      [ 2.0L ENGINE ]

      Resources & Discussion

      2.0L Engine Forum - forum for discussion and topics related specifically to the 2.0L engine.
      2.0L Engine DIY/FAQ - a more comprehensive compilation of frequently asked questions, diy's, how-to's, and technical information related to the 2.0L engine.

      Budget Modding the MKIV 2.0L - by jwrony
      2.0L Tuning Guide - by Uber Ghetto

      Oil Consumption (1) - does your 2.0 burn oil? does it constantly need to be topped up?
      Oil Consumption (2) - more discussion on the oil consumption issue.

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      DIY: Camshaft Replacement - how to install TT260 camshaft. may be used for stock or other aftermarket camshafts as well. *Dead pics*

      DIY: Oil Dipstick Tube Replacement - how to replace the oil dipstick tube which is prone to cracking. can be used as a guide for all engines. *Dead pics*
      DIY: Oil Pan Replacement - how to remove/reinstall/replace the oil pan.

      DIY: Spark Plug Replacement - how to replace the spark plugs.
      How: "Read" Your Spark Plugs - pictures showing various types of damage to spark plugs.
      DIY: Spark Plug Wire(s) Replacement - how to replace one or all of the spark plug wires. *Dead pics*

      DIY: TDI thermostat in a 2.0L - how to install a less expensive thermostat from the TDI on a 2.0L *Dead pics*

      DIY: Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement - How to replace your timing belt in a 2.0 AEG *Dead pics*
      DIY: Underdrive Pulley Kit Install - how to install a Eurosport underdrive pulley on a 1.8T or 2.0L engine. may be used for other aftermarket parts.
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      02-10-2011 09:44 PM #5
      [ TDI ENGINES ]

      Resources & Discussion

      TDI and Diesel Forum - discussion of all diesel related modifications, installs, maintenance and issues.

      TDI Chips

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      DIY: Injection Pump Replacement on 1.9L ALH

      DIY: Timing Belt Inspection - Proper inspection of the timing belt on your TDI
      DIY: Timing Belt Replacement - How to replace the timing belt on your TDI

      Glow Plug Replacement - How to replace the glow plugs on your TDI

      Turbo Removal and Replacement - How to remove and replace the turbo on your ALH TDI (BEW engine is similar)
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      02-10-2011 09:44 PM #6
      [ VR6 ENGINES ]

      Resources & Discussion

      12v VR6 Engine Forum
      12v VR6 DIY/FAQ

      24v VR6 Engine Forum
      24v VR6 DIY/FAQ

      Mark4 Coilpack Guide - learn about the coilpack problem. (12v's and 24v's use different systems)

      DIY / How-To / Technical
      Many components on these engines are the same, so many of the how-tos apply to both even though they are written from the perspective of one.

      Tech: VgRt6's Master VR6 Guide - master list of above maintenance procedures and more.

      DIY: Alternator Replacement (1)
      DIY: Alternator Replacement (2)
      DIY: Alternator Wiring Cable Replacement

      DIY: Camshaft Install [12v] - Cam shaft install, very basic instructions.

      Tech: Coilpack [12v] Testing & Diagnosing - how to test a 12v coilpack.
      DIY: Coilpack [12v] Replacement: Aftermarket Alternatives - replace your coilpack with an MSD setup and a little ingenuity.
      DIY: Coilpack [12v] Repair (1) - how to fix a coilpack for cheap. (this method will not work with 24v's).
      DIY: Coilpack [12v] Repair (2)

      DIY: Compression Test [12v] - how to test for cylinder compression on a 12v.

      DIY: Coolant Distributor "Crack Pipe" & Thermostat Housing Replacement - often responsible for a coolant leak near front driverside corner of engine
      DIY: Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sender Replacement - how to change to the new green top coolant sensor.

      DIY: Engine Bay Fuel Line Replacement (1) -
      DIY: Engine Bay Fuel Line Replacement (2) - same link as alternator diy above

      Tech: Grounding Locations (12v) - locations for connection points if installing a grounding kit.

      DIY: Intake Manifold Rotary Change-over Valve "Shifter Rod" Replacement

      DIY: 2.0 MAF sensor in VR6 housing - use the cheaper 2.0 MAF sensor in your VR6.
      Tech: 2.0 vs VR6 MAF Sensor Innards Comparison

      DIY: Oil & Filter Change (1) - how to change your oil correctly.
      DIY: Oil & Filter Change (2) - *text only
      DIY: Oil Pan Replacement - how to replace a leaking, cracked, or busted oil pan.

      DIY: Oxygen (O2) Sensor Replacement - driving for an extended period with a bad MAF will often kill your O2 sensor(s).

      DIY: Serpentine Belt Tensioner Replacement & Bearing Lubrication - the tensioner is known to be the cause of engine compartment noise.

      DIY: 12v Spark Plugs and Wires - changing spark plugs and wires on a 12v (not applicable to 24v's).
      How: "Read" Your Spark Plugs - pictures showing various types of damage to spark plugs.

      DIY: Throttle Body Removal & Cleaning

      DIY: Timing Chains, Tensioners, and Guides [12v] - should be done around 100k miles.
      Tech: Sound Clip of Timing Chain Noise - learn to diagnose the chains.
      Tech: Pictures of Worn Timing Chain Parts - see what happens when they start to fail.

      DIY: Water Pump Replacement - how to replace the main water pump.

      DIY: 12V VR6 Grounding Kit - Engine bay grounding *Dead pics*
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      [ EXTERIOR ]

      Resources & Discussion

      The Bodywork Body Styling, & Body Kits Forum - general discussion of bodykits, exterior styling, bodywork techniques, products, and methods.
      FAQ: Paint / Prep / Filling / Molding - specifically for the Mark4 commonly touched up areas.

      Mark4 Paint Codes 1999.5 to 2004 - oem paint codes for most mk4's.

      Everything You Need to Know: OEM Front Bumpers - a list of the different types of bumpers available from the factory and what fits what. also covers rubstrip compatibility.
      Everything You Need to Know: Front End Conversions - exploit vw's platform sharing by swapping front ends to get a 'getta', 'jolf', or 'jti'.

      OEM Body Kit Part Numbers - part numbers for 337/20AE/gli/r32/rline body kit pieces.
      Custom Boser Hood Gallery
      Jetta Body Kits - *dated, no pics
      Jetta Aftermarket Grilles
      Jetta Rear Window Spoilers
      Golf/GTI Front Bumper Options - large list of available oem and aftermarket front bumpers/skins/lips for the golf/gti.
      The Side Skirt Thread - side skirt options for the mk4. pretty much all skirts will fit both golf/gti and jetta). *dated, no pics

      Roof Rack Thread All you ever wanted to know about roof racks for MKIVs.

      Shaved & Tucked Engine Bays - pictures and discussion

      Everything You Need to Know: Window Regulators - did your window drop into the door and not roll up? is it making grinding noises?
      Window Regulator Warranty Extension by VW - information regarding a warranty extension on window regulator for mark4 vehicles.

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      - Emblems / Badges -

      How: Remove "Debadge" Badges / Emblems
      How: Restore Finish of Surface Under Emblems after Debaging
      DIY: Rear VW Badge Removal & Restoration - removal, dissasembly, painting. applicable to golf/gti.

      - Grills -

      DIY: Home-made Badgeless Grill (non-sag!) - make your own badgeless grill using oem parts that won't sag. done on a golf/gti but same method would work on a jetta.
      DIY: Saggy Bonrath Badgeless Grill Fix

      - Bumpers -

      DIY: Front Bumper &/ Grill Removal (1) w/ *Video* - how to remove your front bumper and grill
      DIY: Front Bumper &/ Grill Removal (2)
      DIY: Front Bumper &/ Grill Removal (3) *text only*
      DIY: Rear Bumper Removal - how to remove your rear bumper, Golf/ GTI and Jetta.

      - Sideskirts -

      DIY: Sideskirt Install - *text only - done with oem sideskirts, but process can be used for ANY sideskirt.

      - Sunroof & Sunshade -

      Tech: Sunroof Drain Locations - have a water leak? water ingress.
      DIY: Front Sunroof Drain Hose Replacement - how to repair rear sunroof drains that are leaking water into the interior of the vehicle.
      DIY: Rear Sunroof Drain Hose Replacement
      DIY: Sunshade Slides / Clips - problems with the sunroof closing? is it hard to push back your sunshade?

      - Valances / Lips -

      How: Paint Stock / Factory Valances - how to color match your factory lower valances.
      How: Fit a GLI Front Lip to a GTi/Golf Euro Bumper - much easier than fitting it to a na bumper (requires cutting/molding)
      DIY: Stock Rear Valance Exhaust Modification - how to modify your stock/factory rear valance for later style non-turndown exhaust tips.

      - Windows -

      DIY: Window Clip Replacement - window fall into the door? need to replace your regulator clips? good for door latch too.
      DIY: Window Regulator Repair - how to fix them yourself.

      - Wipers -

      DIY - Removing the windshield cowl - and fixing noisy / squeaky wipers
      How: Replace Aero Wiper Blades - how to replace the blades on your aero wipers less expensively.
      DIY: Mono-Wiper Conversion - attain the dtm look with a single front wiper.
      DIY: Wiper Linkage Repair - fix your slow/dead front wipers.
      DIY Rear Wiper Removal / Delete - how to youremover rear wiper for that clean look
      How: Audi Avant Rear Wiper w/ Rotating Sprayer Retrofit - retrofit an audi wagon rear wiper to your hatchback and make the rotating sprayer function work.

      - Other -

      Blacking out B-Pillars How to black out the b pillar section between the front and rear side windows.
      Shaved Jetta trunk DIY - courtesy of tscbmxer92
      DIY: Brushed Aluminum-Look Mirrors
      3M Clear Bra Protective Strips for Roof Rack feet Protect the area where your roof rack feet sit on the roof
      DIY: Audi TT Jack Pad Install
      DIY: Hidden Hitch Install - model #60963
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      02-10-2011 09:46 PM #8

      Resources & Discussion

      The Lighting Forum - discussion of general lighting issues, trends, products, and reviews (not MKIV Specific)
      The Lighting DIY/FAQ

      MarkIV Bulb Parts List

      Everything You Need to Know: Euroswitches

      Taillight Options for Golf/GTI - collection of OEM and aftermarket Golf/GTI Tails.
      Taillight Options for Jetta (Sedan) - collection of OEM and aftermarket Jetta tails.

      Swapping Amber & Clear Parking Light / Signal Lenses
      OEM VW Fender Marker Part #s - compiled by diive4sho.
      Part Number for VW Repair Wire Needed for rear and front fog installs, 5 brake light mod, etc.

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      - DRLs -

      DIY: Disable DRLs - how to disable you daytime running lights
      DIY: DRLs as Parking Lights (1) - how to wire your stock headlights to use the turn signals as DRLs instead of main lights.
      DIY: DRLs as Parking Lights (2) -
      DIY: DRLs as City Lights - how to wire up your city lights to act as your daytime running lights.

      - Fog Lights -

      DIY: Fog Lights, OEM: Retrofit Wiring (1) - how to wire up headlamp-integrated fog lights on a vehicle that was not originally equipped with them
      DIY: Fog Lights, OEM: Retrofit Wiring (2)
      DIY: Fog Lights, OEM: Retrofit Wiring (3)

      DIY: Fog Lights, Hella DE: Installation - how to install a hella de fog light kit into lower grilles; discusses basic relay function and wiring.
      DIY: Fog Lights, TMTuning 70mm LED Fogs: Installation - review, install, wiring, & bracket making. discussion here.
      DIY: Fog Lights, Aftermarket: Euroswitch Wiring - how to wire aftermarket fog lights to a euroswitch; useful for any foglight install.
      How: Fog Lights Illuminated w/ High Beams - by tim00jti

      How: Aftermarket Fog Light Switch Wiring Fix - how to reverse a manufacturers defect on many aftermarket light switches that causes the fogs to be inop.

      DIY: Rear Fog Light Wiring (.pdf) - how to wire up a european style rear fog light.
      DIY: Rear Fog Light and 5-brake light wiring for Jetta - enables 5 brakes lights when brakes are applied or just the activation of the rear fog light.
      How: Rear Fog Icon in Instrument Cluster Wiring - br

      - Headlights -

      DIY: Headlight Bulb Replacement - discusses replacing all the bulbs in your headlight. Shown on a Jetta, Golf/GTI is the exact same but different bulbs.
      DIY: Headlight Beam Adjustment - general how-to on adjusting / aiming / aligning the headlight beam.
      DIY: Parking / Turn Signal Bulb Replacement
      How: Jetta Low Beams w/ High beams - how to jumper your lights so that your low beams stay on with your high beams.

      DIY: Audi LED-DRL Style Headlights
      How: Depo Angel Eye Headlights Wiring
      DIY: Helix OEM HID Replicas for Jetta

      DIY: Headlight Assembly Removal - how to remove the front bumper in order to remove the headlights
      DIY: Headlight Lens Polishing (1) - by ocdpvw
      DIY: Headlight Lens Polishing (2) - by FaelinGL
      DIY: Painting "Joey Mod" Headlights - how to black out your headlights (or paint them any other color you wish). For Jettas and Golfs/GTIs

      - HIDs -

      How: OEM HID Harness Assembly - make your own harness adapter for the installation of OEM HIDs with leveling motors. Applicable to jettas and golfs/gti's.
      How: OEM HID Auto Leveling - installion of automatic headlight leveling motors and sensors.
      How: OEM HID Leveling Motor Wiring How to wire up the OEM HID leveling motors. Applicable to Jettas and Golfs/GTIs.
      How: OEM HID Rheostat (Leveling Switch) Wiring - install the manual leveling switch in your oem hid's w/ leveling motors. jetta and gti.

      DIY: HIDs Install Instructions - without the crap.

      How: Jetta Retrofit HID Guide
      DIY: Retro HIDs (1) - how to make your own customer retrofit HID headlights
      DIY: Retro HIDs (2) - by Mcbee

      - Tail lights -

      How: Golf/GTI Tailight Removal - how to remove your rear taillights.
      DIY: LED Tailights - convert your existing tails to LED's.
      DIY: Tailight Tinting - general procedures for tinting your own tailights.

      - Side Marker & Repeaters -

      DIY: Side Marker (Bumper) Light Replacement *Video* - how to remove your sidemarkers. applies to all Mark4's.
      DIY: Side Repeater (Fender) Light Removal *Video* - how to remove your turn signal repeaters. applies to all Mark4's.
      DIY: LED Side (Fender) Repeaters - convert your fender repeaters.

      - Other -

      DIY: Comfort Turn (Triple Flash) Module - retrofit a komfortblinker like the mk5 & audi into your mark4.
      DIY: Reverse Light Switch Replacement - how to replace a malfunctioning reverse light switch.
      DIY: Trunk Harness Repair - license plate lights not working?
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      02-10-2011 09:46 PM #9
      [ INTERIOR ]

      Resources & Discussion

      Interior Forum - discussion of general interior issues, seating, lighting, materials, products, etc.

      Everything You Need to Know: Instrument Clusters - everything regarding instrument clusters, mfa, fis, european clusters, etc. see below for diy.

      Rear Seat Delete &/ Custom Trunk Setups

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      DIY: Armrest Delete - replace your front arm rest with the GL coin pocket.
      DIY: Armrest Support Play Repair - fix your floppy armrest.

      DIY: Brushed Aluminum Door Sills - inexpensive do-it-yourself door sills.
      DIY: Brushed Aluminum Door Handles

      DIY: Cabin "Pollen" Filter Replacement - how to replace the cabin filter, recommended every 40k miles.

      How: Center Console Upgrade - upgrade your center console to the late-style with cupholders.

      DIY: Dash Vent Upgrade - swap to jetta vents for a cleaner look.

      Tech: OEM Black Headliner Part & Pictures - part numbers for OEM black interior trim
      DIY: Headliner in a Can Mod - by jkrew
      DIY: Headliner Rewrap

      DIY: Interior Carpet & Headliner Removal - full interior color change. includes rearview mirror.
      DIY: Interior Console Parts Removal, pt. 1 - e-brake & center console, armrest, glovebox, ashtrays
      DIY: Interior Dash Parts Removal, pt. 2 - dash trim, brake light switch, radio, cupholder, radio/hvac cage
      DIY: Interior Door (front) Parts Removal, pt. 3 - front door panel, door unlock handle, and sideview mirror
      DIY: Interior Door (rear) Parts Removal, pt. 4 - rear door panel, door unlock handle and rusty triangle window insert (Alternative link)
      DIY: Interior Door Lock Pin Replacement - how to remove and install the interior door lock pins.
      DIY: Interior "Deck Lid" / Parcel Shelf Removal - applies to jettas only. allows access to third brake light.
      Tech: Interior Trim Part #'s - add OEM wood, metal, Carbon fiber, etc. interior trim to your car.
      DIY: Interior Trim Upgrade (1) - how to install a brushed aluminum trim kit.
      DIY: Interior Trim Upgrade (2) - installing trim kits, door pins, door lock led's, and footwell lighting.
      DIY: Interior Trim Painting
      DIY: Door Card Reupholstering - how to recover your door cards with whatever fabric you want.

      DIY: Door Lock Module Removal - how to remove the door latch in order to dissect it.
      DIY: Door Lock Module Dissection & Replacement - if you have problems with door locks, alarm arming, etc. your door lock module could be at fault.

      DIY: Floor Mat Anchor/Clip Swap

      DIY: Gauge / Instrument Cluster Aluminum Ring Install - add aluminum rings to your gauge cluster
      DIY: Gauge / Instrument Cluster Surround Painting
      DIY: Gauge / Instrument Cluster FIS Upgrade - how to install the European Sport FIS cluster in a car that previously had an MFA.
      DIY: Gauge Install: A-Pillar Pod
      DIY: Gauge Install: Boost Vacuum
      DIY: Gauge Install: Overhead Console Pod

      DIY: Glove Box Door Replacement - if your glovebox door hinge is broken, this is for you.
      DIY: Glove Box Hinge Repair Guide - how to repair that broken glove box hinge.
      Tech: Glove Box Differences by Model Year (1) - vw improved the design of the glovebox while also improving its capacity for late production models.
      Tech: Glove Box Differences by Model Year (2) - part number and lighting issues addressed).

      DIY: Peeling Trim Coating Fix (1) - deal with peeling rubber coating on door handles and pulls.
      DIY: Peeling Trim Coating Fix (2)

      DIY: Front & Rear Seat Removal
      DIY: Front & Rear Seat Cleaning
      DIY: Front Heated Seat Retrofit - Install heating elements to non-factory heated seats

      DIY: Shift Knob Install - install a reiger illuminated shiftknob
      DIY: Shift Knob & SCR Adapter Install - how to install a momo shift know and SCR adapter. Also details hoe to remove your stock shift knob (manual tranny).
      How: OEM Shift Knob on an In-Car Short Shifter - how to put an oem shiftknob on an in-car short shifter such as the b&m kit.
      How: Shift Boot on an Automatic Shifter - make your auto look like a manual.

      DIY: Steering Wheel Removal - process for removing any oem steering wheel.
      DIY: Steering Wheel & Wiper/Turn-signal Stalk Removal - how to remove the steering wheel and/or control stalks.

      DIY: Aftermarket Corbeau Seat Install and Customization

      Tech: Sunroof Drain Locations - have a water leak? water ingress. see exterior section for repairs.
      DIY: Sunshade Slides / Clips - problems with the sunroof closing? is it hard to push back your sunshade?

      DIY: Sunvisor Airbag Decal Removal
      How: Sunvisor Clip Removal - useful for when you are removing the headliner.

      DIY: Squeaky Door Seal Fix Fix your squeaky door seals.
      How: Squeaks and Rattles Solutions - discuss solutions to interior squeaks and rattles.

      DIY: Trunk Hook Install - install the shopping bag hook in the trunk that comes on new vw/audi models.

      - DIY: Audi TT (non Dead) Pedal Install

      Seat Upholstery DIY – DIY: Custom seat upholstery and disassembly
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      02-10-2011 09:46 PM #10

      Resources & Discussion

      Car Audio and Electronics Forum - general discussion of all car audio, video, and electronics products, issues, installs, and trends.
      Portable MP3 and Satellite Radio OEM Integration Forum

      Camera Mounts - want to shoot cool videos? You'll need one of these.

      DIY / How-To / Technical


      DIY: Alarm Horn Disable
      DIY: Alarm Horn Upgrade - change the horn and sound using this DIY.
      DIY: Alarm Motion Sensor Enhancement
      DIY: Alarm LED Indicators on Both Doors - add an alarm LED to the passenger door as well as the driver door, also deals with changing LED colors. *dead pics*
      DIY: Radio (Single-Din) Upgrade - questions about installing a Blaupunkt headunit, can be useful for other aftermarket units and double-dins as well.
      DIY: Radio (Double-Din) Wiring Fix - does your double din (~2002.5+) headunit sound bad? many were incorrectly wired from the factory.
      How: Remove a Stuck CD - procedure for removing and disassembling the headunit in response to cdp error 1&3 / stuck cd.
      How: Antenna Base Replacement - this requires dropping the headliner, which is covered in this discussion.
      DIY: iPod Install

      DIY: Door Speaker Upgrade (1) - replacing your stock speakers with aftermarket units.
      DIY: Door Speaker Upgrade (2)
      DIY: Subwoofer &/ Amplifier Install - installing a sub and/or an amplifier onto a double-din system. can also be useful for single din/non-monsoon systems.
      DIY: Fiberglass sub enclosure made easy DIY that explains how to build a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure for you trunk.


      DIY: Hella Horn Install (1)
      DIY: Hella Horn Install (2)

      DIY: DWA Siren Upgrade – Upgrading the stock alarm to a euro DWA siren


      Tech: Key Remote Replacement & Programming Guide - what you need to know about replacing a keyfob (remote).
      How: Key Remote Programming

      How: Key Remote Battery Replacement (1)
      How: Key Remote Battery Replacement (2)
      DIY: Key Remote Dissection - swap the innards of your keyfob to a new shell. complete disassembly
      DIY: Key Remote Retro Swap - swap your early model key for a later model
      DIY: Key Remote Transponder Swap

      DIY: Key Remote Window Operation - how to open & close your windows with your keyfob
      DIY: Alientech Install Guide - add a circuit board that leverages the built in features of you car to roll up and down the windows with the remote.
      DIY: Key Remote Range Enhancement - how to increase the range of the remote

      DIY: Key Remote Chain Loop Fix - how to re-affix the remote to your key chain if it breaks.
      DIY: Key Remote 'Turbo' Emblem Mod - add a turbo emblem to your keyfob.


      DIY: Dome Light LED Upgrade - install LED's in all the interior dome lights.
      DIY: Footwell Lighting: Neon
      DIY: HVAC Bulb Replacement - if your heating, vent, and air conditioning panel doesn't light up anymore.
      DIY: Sunvisor/Vanity Mirror Light Replacement - removal and replacement of bulb.

      DIY: W8 Overhead Console Install - parts, installation, wiring, faq. additional info here.
      DIY: W8-'Style' Overhead Console Lighting - get W8 lighting without spending the money on a new overhead console.
      DIY: OEM Overhead Console LED Upgrade - add LEDs to your existing overhead console for a W8 console look without the W8 console price.

      DIY: Trunk Lighting Upgrade: Cold Cathode
      DIY: Trunk Lighting Upgrade: Neon - add neon lighting to your trunk (procedure can be applied to Golfs/GTIs).

      DIY Cup holder rings – LED rings in the center console cup holders


      How: Interior Hardwiring - how to hardwire anything inside the car. gauges, lights, boost pressure. also includes wire routing through the firewall.
      How: Route Wires Through the Firewall/Cowl - need to run power wires for an amp This shows you a good path for getting through the firewall.
      How: Tach / RPM Signal Tap - finding the tach signal wire for turbo timer, tachometer, and other electronic devices that need it.

      Tech: Heated Seat Retrofit Wiring Diagram
      DIY: Heated Seat Temperature Sensor Repair - how to fix a likely problem in the heated seat system.
      How: Safely Work on Airbag Wiring - removing front seats and side airbag issues.
      Tech: Seats & Airbags: Resistors - proper resistors to wire into the front airbag harnesses when using aftermarket seats to take care of the airbag warning light.
      Tech: Seats & Airbags: Part #'s and Connectors - for swapping newer seats in older cars
      Tech: Seats & Airbags: Wiring Swap for In-Seat Airbag

      DIY Built in USB Charging Ports – How to add USB ports for phone charging cleanly


      DIY: Inverting Odometer and Clock Displays
      'LED Project #2' - incredible diy for adding LEDs to the speedo and tach that sweep with the gauge needles
      DIY Audi bulb monitoring system in a MKIV!


      DIY: B5 Mirror Switch Swap - install a passat mirror switch in your MKIV.
      DIY: Hatch Actuator Replacement - for golfs/gti's
      DIY: HomeLink Retrofit - wire up a HomeLink device (garage door opener) with a custom install.
      DIY: Push Button Engine Start - add push button ignition to your Mark4.
      DIY: Radar Detector Hardwire - how to hard wire a radar detector into your car.
      DIY: Trunk Latch / Microswitch Replacement

      Tech: Comfort Control Module (CCM) Location - how to get to the ccm which controls many of the interior functions of the car.
      Tech: HVAC to Climatronic Upgrade - discussion and feasibility of installing automatic climate control.
      Tech: Turn Signals Stuck On? - investigate a wiring fix to correct constant on turn signals after using the remote to lock/unlock doors.

      DIY: Passat B5 mirror switch in a MK4 – Installing a D-pad mirror switch from a B5 passat
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      [ DRIVETRAIN ]

      Resources & Discussion

      The Engine Thread - in depth engine specs, performance ratings, comparisons, stock dyno plots, etc.
      Synthetic Oil, Sludging, & Additves
      List of VW 502.00 & 505.01 Approved Oils

      Mark4 Coil Pack Guide
      Mark4 Spark Plug Specifications - need to know the type of spark plug, gap spec and torque value for your engine?

      Low Coolant & Cold Temperatures - low coolant level warning in the winter? read this.

      Everything You Need To Know: Engine Swaps
      FAQ: ASR/ESP Light

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      DIY: Optima Battery Upgrade - *dead pics
      DIY: Lightweight Battery Install

      DIY: Seafoam Motor Treatment

      DIY: Oil Catch Can Install

      DIY: Fuel Filter Replacment - all gas engines.
      DIY: Fuel Level Sending Unit Replacement
      DIY: Fuel Line / Connector Repair &/ Replacement -
      DIY: Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement
      DIY: Fuel Pump Replacement - all gas engines. *dead pics

      DIY: Engine Wiring Tuck / Cleaning
      How: Polish Engine Parts - how to polish your intake manifold as well as other engine components.

      DIY: ASR Defeat - modify the switch to automatically keep asr off when you turn on the car
      DIY: Front End / Clip Removal & Setting the Lock Carrier to the Service Position
      DIY: Starter Motor Repair &/ Replacement - how to replace and/or fix a grinding starter. 6-speed a little different, but much the same process.

      - - - -

      DIY: Axle Replacement - also can be used for CV/CV Boot Replacement (axle needs to come out).
      DIY: Passenger Axle Replacement - how to remove the passenger axle without pulling the spindle
      DIY: CV Boot Replacement and Joint Inspection

      DIY: Left Engine (Trans) Mount &/ Bushing Replacement
      DIY: Rear Engine (Dogbone) Mount &/ Bushing Replacement
      DIY: VF Engine (Dogbone)Mount Installl
      Tech: Aftermarket Dogbone Durometer Comparison

      DIY: Tie Rod Replacement - how to replace a tie rod assembly
      How: Tie Rod Replacement Tool - make your own handy tool for easily removing and installing tie rods on your car

      DIY: Front Wheel Bearing & Hub Replacement
      DIY: Rear Wheel Bearing & Hub Replacement (1) - how to replace the rear wheel bearing and hub
      DIY: Rear Wheel Bearing & Hub Replacement (2) - *text only
      DIY: Rear Wheel Bearing & Hub Replacement (3) *Video* - how to tutorial on diagnosing and replacing a defective rear wheel bearing
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      Resources & Discussion

      Manual Transmission Forum - general dicussion of vw manual transmission including troubleshooting, gearing, differences, rebuilding, and operation (includes clutch).
      Automatic Transmission Forum - general dicussion of vw automatic transmissions including troubleshooting, gearing, differences, and operation. ever wonder how a torque converter works?

      Driving Stick 101 - never driven a manual before? get advice and tips here.
      Downshifting Debate - downshifting and staying in gear when coming to a stop versus coasting.
      Double Clutching & Synchromesh - what are synchros and how do they take the place of 'double clutching'?
      Clutch FD& Launch - discusses proper launching techniques for drag racing

      VW Transmissions, Synchros, & Short Shift Kits - do you have gear grind or trouble shifting into a certain gear in a manual transmission?
      Second Gear Grind- fix that grind when going into second gear on your manual trans.

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      DIY: Manual Transmission Removal & Clutch Replacement - this one has everything you'll need
      DIY: Manual Transmission Removal + Clutch & Flywheel Replacement (2) - done on a 12v 5spd
      DIY: Manual Transmission Removal & Clutch Replacement - 00' GTi VR - *text only
      Tech: 6-speed Conversion -

      DIY: Transmission Fluid Change for 6 Speed O2M
      DIY: Changing Manual Transmission Fluid

      DIY: Dieselgeek Sigma 5 Shifter Install - includes a great explanation of shift linkage adjustment
      DIY: Shift Linkage Adjustment - how to adjust
      DIY: Short Shifter Install - install guide that can be used for pretty much every short shifter out there. "pin type" cable ends, earlier cars slightly different.
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      [ INTAKE & EXHAUST ]

      Resources & Discussion

      Cold Air Intakes 101 - an introduction to CAI systems: what they are, which one you should buy / comparisons, the benefits, the downsides, hydrolock

      Stock Exhaust Sizes: 1.8T / TDI / VR6's = 55mm, 2.0L = 50mm
      Aftermarket Exhaust List for the Transverse 1.8T – List of aftermarket exhausts
      Fitting a Golf/GTI exhaust on a Jetta and vice-versa – How to modify a GTI exhaust to fit on a Jetta because of length differences

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      DIY: Cold Air Intake Install (1) - how to install an ECS Tuning XAS cold air intake system. May be used for other brands as well.
      DIY: Cold Air Intake Install (2) - how to install a Carbonio cold air intake system. May be used for other brands as well.
      DIY: Foam Filter Cleaning (.pdf) - how to clean a foam-style (ITG) filter

      DIY: Exhaust Hanger Replacment – Replacing the stock exhaust hanger mounts
      DIY: Magnaflow Catback Exhaust Install – A simple catback install, should help with most exhasuts
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      [ BRAKES ]

      Resources & Discussion

      Brakes Technical Forum - general discussion about brakes including upgrades, pads, rotors, calipers, carriers, fluid, ABS, proportioning valves, stainless lines, e-brakes, etc.

      Stock Brake Sizes - an overview of different factory brake sizes for all mk4's.
      Common Brake Upgrades - list of common front and rear brake upgrades for all mk4's.
      Upgrading Rear Brakes - discussion on options and value of rear brake upgrades
      R32 Brake Conversion Checklist -

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      Tech: Brake Job Tools and Items - things you'll need for front and rear brake jobs, tools sizes etc.

      DIY: Front & Rear Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement - high level install of pads and rotors for vr6/1.8t cars.
      DIY: Front Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement - how to change rotors and pads on the front.
      DIY: Front Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement for 2.0/TDI's - how to change your pad's and/or rotors on your 2.0/tdi.
      DIY: Rear Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement - quick explanation of how to change the rear rotors and pads.
      DIY: 12.3" Front Brake upgrade - upgrade to the 12.3" rotors and came on the 337/20AE/TT and 04.5+ GLI's.
      DIY: Stainless Brake Line Install - how to install stainless brake lines
      DIY: Tyrolsport Brake Caliper Stiffening Kit - how to add a Tyrolsport brake stiffening kit.

      Tech: Brake Fluid Changes
      DIY: Brake Fluid Flush

      DIY: Brake Pad Wear Warning Indicator Bypass - how to turn off the brake pad warning light in the cluster if you are running aftermarket pads w/o sensors.
      DIY: Brake Light Switch Replacement - rear brake lights not come on or rear brakes lights stay on? see this.

      DIY: Emergency Brake Cable Replacement &/ Adjustment
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      [ SUSPENSION ]

      Resources & Discussion

      Suspension Tuning Forum - discusssion of suspension tuning, swaybars, strutbars, springs, shocks, coilovers, etc.

      Mark4 Suspension Geometry - why a majority of the time lowering a MKIV gains you more in looks than it does in handling.
      Mark4 Suspension Height Comparison - between OEM, OEM "Sport" and Eibach Pro-Kit springs
      Mark4 Guide to Camber and Alignments - what it is, what it does, and why we can't adjust it.
      Mark4 Alignment Specs - general alignment specs for mk4's (there are variations, but all a4 chassis cars should be within these ranges).
      The Damper Thread - how they work and what they do. excellent general thread, but has a mk4-centric view. read this thread if you consider yourself a car person.

      General Lowering Discussion Lowering for looks vs. lowering for handling,
      The "LOW" thread - pictures and wheel well measurements of cars considered "low" along with what suspension and wheel/tire combo yielded it.

      Oversteer vs. Understeer
      Swaybars 101
      Front Swaybar Clearance & Lowering - find out if you may have axle clearance problems with a lowered suspension.
      Rear Swaybar Options & Comparison List of rear sways for the MKIV.
      Mark4 Coilover List
      Coilovers vs. Spring/Shock Combo - can a spring & shock combo compete with coilovers?

      Can I just put lowering springs on my stock dampers/shocks/strut?

      It's not as easy as yes or not, but in the end, it's better to do it right the first time, read about the pro's and con's here.
      Can I put a VR6 suspension on a 1.8t and vice versa? 2.0 and TDI? GTI and Jetta?

      Why there is nothing technically wrong with "mixing" suspensions.
      DIY / How-To / Technical

      **Notice - The process for changing the suspension for any MKIV platform car is fundamentally the same. Therefore it does not matter if you are installing just springs, a cup kit, coilovers, a stock suspension, and if you are installing it on a Jetta, a Golf, a Wagon, a GTI, a 2.0, a TDI, a 1.8t or a VR6. Any suspension how-to is applicable. The same is generally true for swaybars and strutbars as well.

      How: Strut Mount &/ Bushing Replacement w/o Spring Compressor

      DIY: Shock & Spring Upgrade : Bilsten+H&R -
      DIY: Shock & Spring Upgrade : Shine RSS - upgrade the seriously performing shine real street suspension kit.
      DIY: Spring Upgrade : Eibach Pro-Kit - how to upgrade your stock suspension with new springs.

      DIY: Coilover Suspension Install : H&R - by Noah

      DIY: Front Swaybar Upgrade : Autotech (.pdf) - how to upgrade the front swaybar and drop the subframe.
      DIY: Front Swaybar Bushing Replacement / Lubrication - do you have a front end creak over bumps? try lubing or replacing the swaybar bushings.
      DIY: Rear Swaybar Install : Autotech
      DIY: Rear Swaybar Install : Neuspeed

      DIY: Front Upper Stressbar Install - Autotech
      DIY: Front Upper Stressbar Install - Neuspeed
      DIY: Front Lower Stressbar Install - Autotech

      DIY: Rear Beam Bushing Replacement - hearing noises come from the rear suspension? you might want to check this out.
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      [ WHEELS & TIRES ]

      Resources & Discussion

      FAQ: Wheel Tech - general information on wheel specs including Offset, Bolt Pattern, Center Bore, Backspacing, Diameter and Width.
      FAQ: Tire Tech - general information tire specs including plus sizing, speed ratings, deciphering the sidewall ratings (ex. 225/45-17H).

      Stock Tire Sizes - Recommended tire sizes (15" - 19" wheels) to keep you speedometer as accurate as possible. Including why moving from a 15" wheel to an 18" cannot affect the speedometer.
      The Stretched Tire Thread - the hows and whys of poking and stretching.

      VW OEM Wheel Gallery - pictures and names of OEM wheels and rims.
      Mark4 Wheel Database - pictures of dozens of MKIV wheel/tire and suspension combinations.

      Wheel Bolt Pattern and Offset, Spacers, Bolts, etc - Information on acceptable MKIV Bolt Patterns and Offset, Hub Bore, Wheel Bolt type (conical and ball seat), spacers, adapters etc.
      Wheel & Tire Size Calculator - Use this to see how different wheel and tire sizes will affect your speedomter readings, or to just compare two different sized setups.
      Wheel Weights - Outside thread with listing of many Aftermarket wheel weights.
      Offset Calculator - See how a different wheel width/ offset will affect your tire position.
      Mk4 Wheel Offset and Stance Picture Index - Use this to see examples of different offets

      The Spacer Thread - How to choose the correct size of spacers for your desired look.
      Using Flat 8mm Spacers with aftermarket wheels - Discusses the issue and solution for using lipless 8mm spacers with wheels that use centering rings.

      Jetta Wolfsburg Wheels (RXII) Pitting Issues - discussion about pitting, discolored, and peeling BBS RXII's used on Wolfsburg Edition Jettas.
      Mark4 Peeling Wheel Petition - discussion about peeling, discolored and peeling wheels on all MKIV cars.

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      DIY: OEM Wheel Lock Key Guide - how to identify what wheel lock you need

      DIY: Wheel Polishing
      DIY: Wheel Repair / Refinishing
      DIY: Wheel Refinishing & Painting *dead pics

      Wheel lock sizes
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      Resources & Discussion

      VAG-COM Diagnostic Forum

      Ross-Tech VAG-COM
      Ross-Tech Fault Code Wiki - comprehensive list of DTCs, descriptions, and possible solutions.

      Diagnostic Flow Chart for bad MAF - it's not a bad MAF until you do this.

      Aftermarket Radio Compatibility with K-Line OBDII Scanners - ie. VAG-COM, VAG 1551/1552; k-wire k wire k line

      DIY / How-To / Technical

      How: Setting Readiness Codes on a 12v (.doc)

      How: ASR/ESP disable - disabling the electronic traction aids via the ECU using a VAG-COM

      How: Testing MAF, O2 Sensors, and Catalytic Converters on a MKIV - using a VAG-COM.

      How: Add Cruise Control - using VAG-COM
      DIY: Key Remote Window Operation - with VDS-PRO *Dead pics*
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      NEW! The Cheap Mods Thread (all about <$100 Mods)

      Exterior - Bodykits, Bumpers, Side skirts, Valances, Badges, Front End Conversions, Wipers, Mirrors, Windows, Sunroof

      Smocked Front License Plate in lower grill
      Front End Swap
      Rear Emblem Background Removal
      Euro Image MK4 Rear Wiper Delete
      Rear wiper delete
      Roof Rack Paint Proctection
      Front Tow Hook With Bumper Vent
      Votex Look-A-Like Mod
      Painting Mirror Caps
      Painting Emblem Background
      Avus's Emblem Swap For GTI/Golf Mod Only)
      Front License Plate to Vent relocation
      Steve's Spoons (Smaller Mirrors)
      DIY Eyebrows
      Black Out Grill
      Painted Rocker Black
      Blacked Out Pillars Between Side Windows
      Front Plate Relocation
      DIY Big Mud Flaps
      Coolant Heater Lower Grill Outlet
      Painted Side View Mirror Caps
      OEM Votex Rood Rack Second Skin
      DIY Skid Plate
      Front License Plate Hole Filler
      Textured Rubstrips
      DOT Reflectors
      Another License Plate Hole Filler
      Painted Front Emblem
      Sleek-Look Windshield
      DIY VAG Jackpad
      Metal Hood Latch Pull Tab
      Wood Roof Rack
      Carbon Fiber Mirrors
      Front Plate Hole Delete/Cover Up
      Cracked Front Lip Zip-Tie Fix
      Custom European License Plates
      Rain Tray Painting
      Porsche Turbo emblem
      LED's Behind Front Emblem
      Replacement Rubber Trim for OEM Roof Racks
      Stubby Antenna
      Paint bumper grilles color of your choice

      Exterior Lighting - Headlights, Tailights, turn signals, side markers

      Yellow High Beams
      Parking Light LED Upgrade
      Bumper marker replacement
      Brake Light Flasher Module
      Black Folder Headlight Insert
      Red Tint Your Taillights R/R/R/R
      LED Lower Grill Amber Turn Signals (MKIV MK4 Golf GTI)
      Smoked or amber sidemarkers
      Clear Headlight Protection Covers
      Disabling DRL's
      Side View Puddle Lights
      Amber City Lights
      DIY Fog Lights
      Christmas Lights on Roof Rack
      Clear Side and Rear View Mirrors
      Dual Blinker Mod
      Turn Signals as DRL's
      Smoked Headlight Turn Signals
      Dual Turn Signals
      Blacked Out Turn Signals and Side Markers
      Glowing Trunk Emblem
      LED Bumper Daytime Running Lights
      Smoking and Blacking Out Side Markers
      Removing the Amber Color From Tail Lights
      Red/Clear/Red Tails
      LED Lit Trunk/LED Trunk Lighting
      Taillight Tint
      HID Upgrade

      Interior - Rattles, squeaks, shift knobs, steering wheels, trim kits, gauge clusters, gauges, seats, alarm, heating and A/C, interior disassembly, interior lighting

      Flat Trunk aka Rear seat Delete (with custom floor carpet)
      Trunk Wood floor
      Custom Door Sills
      Interior Refresh (Fabric Wrapping)
      Under Dash Neons
      Painting Rear View Mirror
      Fire Extinguisher Safety Mod
      GPS Mounting In Empty Button Blanks
      Interior LED's
      Sound Activated Neon Light
      W8 Console
      Glove Box LED Lights
      Glove Box LED Strip
      Air Ride Compressor Box
      Cell Phone Holster
      Brushed look Door Pulls and Steering Wheel Emblem
      Door Pin Delete Mod (aka The Brody Mod)
      Bullet Casing Door Pins
      Red Stitched Interior
      Boost Controller in Cup Holder Mod
      Cup Holders in Arm Rest Mod
      5 Panel Mirror
      Fire Extinguisher Trunk Mounting DIY
      Armrest Delete
      Sock Mod
      Matching Seatbelt Clasps
      iPhone/iPod Holder
      Forge "Big Knob" Shift Knob Install
      Passat Look MkIV Cluster
      DIY Camera Mount
      Arm-rest Tool Box
      Rear View Mirror Glasses Holder
      Steering-Wheel Cover
      Golf Ball Shifter (With 6th Gear Delete)
      Flip Key Holster/Protector
      Flip Down Visor Plate
      Cracked Front Lip Zip-Tie Fix and Red Accent Shift Knob
      Crown Royal Shift Bag
      6" Under Dash Interior Neons
      The Shoe Polish Restore (Leather Seats)
      Free Key Badge Replacement!
      Sticker Bombed Center Console
      Grip Tape On Pedals
      Ashtray iPod Holder
      iPod / iPhone Functional Dock in Ashtray
      Automatic Shift Knob/5 Speed Look Exchange
      20th Inspired Painted Interior Pieces
      Patterned Mirror Mod

      Interior Electronics - Audio/Video, Subwoofers, Radar Detectors, MP3 Players, GPS, Keyfobs, Alarm modifications, window controllers, cruise control

      Neons Trunk Lighting
      Extend Keyfob Range
      Cheap iPod Interface Using CD Changer Port
      AUX In Filter
      Dual Siren
      P.A. Speaker
      COGA-PA Public Address and Musical Car Horn
      Instant Hidden Radio Faceplate
      Back-Up Sensors
      Back-Up Beeper
      DIY Louder more Masculine Lock Horn
      JB Mod - Aux Input Via Tape Deck Hack
      Flush Double Din
      Cigarette Lighter Stereo Hissing Sound Magic Trick
      Sub Immobilizer

      Suspension - Shocks, Springs, Coilovers, Swaybars, Strutbars, Stressbars
      Front Upper Stress Bar (Strut Bar)
      Sway Bar Delete
      Rust Proofing Coilovers
      Rokkor Coilovers
      Prevent the Front Sway Bar (FSB) / Axle From Rubbing
      Airlift 1000 for Lowered Car

      Wheel and Tire

      Wheel Well Vent
      Audi TT Style Vent Mod
      Painted Winter Steelies
      Resprayed Wheels
      Wheel Adapters

      Brakes - Calipers, carriers, rotors, pads, brake light switch

      Paint Your Calipers

      Transmission - Automatic and Manual, Starter

      OEM Shift Knob on B&M Shifter
      DIY Short Shifter
      Custom Shifter Assembly

      Drivetrain - Items/Issues that are common across drivetrains (Engine/Transmission). Fault codes, coilpacks, 02 sensors, EDL and ASR, Oil, battery, engine mounts, bushings, bearings and hubs, axles, fuel filter.

      Vacuum Reservoir relocate(1.8T)
      VF Dogbone Mount
      ECS Dogbone Mounts
      Renewing Your Engine Bay
      DIY Detailing Your Engine Bay
      Lower Control Arm Bushing Install
      Coolant Heater Install
      Protecting Ignition Coil Harness
      Trash Can Heat Shield
      JohnsonMOD (One Way Check Vavle, DV Modification)
      Sexy Valve Cover
      Smooth Lower Engine Cover
      Boost Hose Kit & Turbo Inlet Hose
      Front Mount Intercooler
      Cheap Catch Can Mod

      Intake and Exhaust - Cold Air Intakes, airboxes, CAI's, filters, exhaust systems and components

      Stiffen Exhaust Hanger
      Custom SRI Air Intake
      Mini Keg Heat Shield
      Intake Bore Out Mod
      Resonator Delete
      DIY Polished Intake
      SAI Breather Filter

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      MKIV Forum User Guide | Forum Rules

      Quote Originally Posted by dele
      The guys on coils can pull off their own Airless pride thread cos they clearly are the underdogs in the air/static debate, kinda like the equality movement for women.

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      NEW! The Expensive Mods Thread (all about >$100 Mods)

      Index coming soon
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      Quote Originally Posted by dele
      The guys on coils can pull off their own Airless pride thread cos they clearly are the underdogs in the air/static debate, kinda like the equality movement for women.

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