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    Thread: FS: 4.2 Autobox, Driveline Parts, 2.7T Piping, New All 4.2Engine Parts, Projectors, Bulbs, Wheels, Tires

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    1. 02-11-2011 12:37 AM #1
      Selling some spare parts I've accumulated over the past year and a half. Unless otherwise specified, all parts from a 120-130k mile C5. If I need to post prices I will, just hoping to get what I can and get this stuff out of my house. Please feel free to request clarification and I'll offer any input I can. I have way too many pictures to post, so please just view them all here in my albums. The "4.2 Self Study" album contains all new Touareg parts and representations of all available hardware, and my A6 4.2Q 6MT album contains all the other pictures. Prices may be negotiable, but do not necessarily include shipping. Paypal accepted, but other methods that don't charge fees preferred. References to C5 probably don't apply here, but some parts may interchange.


      - hardware for almost all parts listed below, and many not listed.

      - Pair of projectors only, no headlight parts. D2S 3" bixenon E-CODE. Acquired used from Choppo on Audiworld, never installed.
      - Single projector only, no headlight parts. D2S 3" bixenon DOT.
      - (3) D2S bulbs, good condition.
      - Early C5 taillights, excellent condition, replaced with Hella black housings.
      - black pearl C5 4.2 doorblades, if I can find some others. They stick out a bit from internal rust and a few screw heads are broken off.
      - C5 2.7T S-line mufflers. Probably stock sound, but with exposed chrome tips.
      - (2) C5 exhaust resonators. May opt to reinstall one, as I don't like the raspy sound, but I don't know yet.
      - C5 washer fluid bottle, headlight washer motor currently deleted, but easy to reverse.

      - 5HP24A core. Failed in some capacity, "invalid gear ratio" suggest failed clutches. Fluid looked like diesel motor oil.
      - 5HP24A valve body. Don't know if it's good, but surely rebuildable. Original buyer seems to have flaked out.
      - C5 3.7 ratio rear differential.
      - C5 rear axle shafts with good boots.
      - C5 automatic front axle shafts. One boot failed, was rebooted and all joints regreased by a local driveline shop.
      - C5 automatic rear driveshaft core. No CV joints, assumed good only for carrier bearing and ends.
      - 1994 S6 Manual front axle shafts. Have notches instead of windows for ABS pickup. Good boots, one loose joint.
      - Automatic shifter.
      - C5 4.2 transmission cooler lines.
      - Lots of wiring bits.
      - C5 4.2 flexplate
      - C5 2.7T dual mass flywheel, backcut to clear V8 rear main seal housing, no cracks, needs deglazed.
      free with flywheel - C5 2.7T pressure plate, no cracks, needs deglazed.

      - medium wood shifter bezel, B5/C5.
      - vanilla Homelink visor.

      - Brand new OEM A6/A8/Touareg 4.2 timing belt kit, less belts.
      - C5 SAI vacuum switch. Exterior damaged in garage fire, but still works.
      - New A6 4.2 variable or C5 RS6 intake manifolds, each complete with all hoses, etc. Availability depends on which one I decide to use.
      - Vacuum motors from variable intake manifold. Good control rods, will separate.
      - 2 camshaft hall sensors, 140k miles.
      - 2 cam chain tensioners, 140k miles, no visible wear.
      - 2 4.2 camshaft pulleys, good with some surface rust.
      - set of 4.2 timing belt covers, inner and outer.
      - 2 pair 4.2 kombivalves, one new, both functional.
      - 2.7T charge piping.
      - 4.2 valve covers, pair. Choose between sandblasted/painted and essentially new.
      - 4.2 variable intake manifold, 140k miles. Manifold flaps get sticky sometimes, silicone frees them up. Could disassemble, but not worth it.
      - 4.2 throttle body, 140k miles.
      - 4.2 valley cover plate, 140k miles.
      - 4.2 valley filler plate, 140k miles.
      - 4.2 valley check valves, 140k miles.
      - 04+ Touareg 4.2 complete oil pan, new.
      - 04+ Touareg 4.2 oil pump system with chain.
      - 04+ Touareg 4.2 crankshaft, basically brand new with flexplate.
      - 04+ Touareg 4.2 block with mains and bearings. Currently a table. Hole in cylinder wall and interchange ambiguity prevents me from committing to build it, but I really don't want to sell it.
      - 4.2 Front and rear seal housings, new with seals (reuse at own risk).
      - 04+ Touareg 4.2 oil cooler, new.
      - 04+ Touareg 4.2 oil filter/cooler housing, new.
      - 04+ Touareg 4.2 engine mount brackets, new.
      - 04+ Touareg ignition coils (only 7, as one got broken when transporting engine).
      - 04+ Touareg exhaust manifolds. Have not verified interchange with C5.
      - 04+ Touareg coolant manifolds. Have not verified interchanges.
      - C5 4.2 cylinder heads, 140k miles, one bad camshaft and cam follower. Will inspect further upon removal.

      - a few C5 snub mount shims.
      - 034 Solid (upgraded?) tierod ends, new.
      - C5 4.2 OEM swaybars. Not sure of fitment or size differences, but will research upon request.
      - 4 goodyear eagle F1 All-Seasons, 255 40 zr17. Not much tread left.
      - 4 Fat Five 17x8 wheels. Two have curb rash on outer lip, one inner lip has a few flat spots, one has a slight (
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