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    Thread: Four New Versions of the Golf R at the Geneva International Motor Show

    1. 08-21-2011 02:55 PM #36
      Mmm such sexy cars. Time to start saving lol.

    2. Member Harepower's Avatar
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      Jan 23rd, 2007
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      09-13-2011 09:58 PM #37
      Quote Originally Posted by Pathfinder2041 View Post
      It was the "my way or the highway" options, dealer markup, and economic conditions in the NA market that made the '08 R32 a sales disaster. Instead of learning a lesson, VW used a "popularity contest" to determine the only transmission for the new R and set themselves up for failure. The majority of people that are screaming for the 6 speed can't afford this car without payday loans or selling body fluids. Three other German auto makers offer the customer a choice of options in a car they plan on buying, and the customer desires and wallet guide the choices. VoA has to buy cars in "blocks" from VAG, and choosing one transmission only cuts the market for these cars in half, increasing the time the cars languish on dealer lots. History repeats itself, proof that VoA and VAG are not evolving in this market.
      It's an R and DSG is EXACTLY why most MKIV R owners did NOT opt for the MKV. If you simply want to be faster then get a faster car. there are cheaper and faster cars available.

      Myself and several other MKIV R32 owners talked with VWOA reps during some really cool meets and such; and this is what we wanted. NOT what people NOT paying wanted.

      to further clarify, and this was a major realization for myself .......VWOA is basically a huge car dealership for America. VWOA goes to VW and begs to get this kinda car for our market. The optioning and such are key to justify the expected run of said cars to make a profit. With an "expected" run of 5000 units for the US that is exactly why the R will come damn near fully loaded just as before. I believe we are looking at 2 option levels this time around. MKIV had a sunroof and leather option. Seems lame as hell to me, but this is about how it works. VWOA is a giant car dealership and they sell what they coax out of VW.

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      10-04-2011 07:47 AM #38
      the new golf r just doesn't set my soul on fire like the mk4 r32 did. why not just call it a 4motion gti? in essence that's what it is. the "r" title should be reserved for something special and this just isn't it. the vr6 is dead, but audi has proven the 2.5 to be a real gem. volkswagen, PLEASE give us the 2.5! better yet, audi, send us the rs3!
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      10-06-2011 08:45 AM #39

      I wanted

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