When I turn off my car (I can even hear it when the car is running but not as much) I hear a gurgling noise coming from the dash. I'm assuming its coolant. Ive searched around on Vortex and a few people seem to say its a shot auxiliary pump, but when I first got the car it had a coolant leak and I took it to VW (only cuz i was in a bind and needed it done fast. Ive never taken to anyone again! even when I had to do the chains and guides... did it myself) and they replaced the auxiliary pump or "after run coolant pump" as they called it. Im assuming those are one in the same? They pointed it out to me when i came to pick up my car and i said the leak wasnt coming from anywhere NEAR there and they were like "well thats what our diagnostics told us." so i took it home, looked under it and sure enough the leak was still there coming from the same place. took it back and bitched and bitched and they ended up replacing the water pump and didnt charge me for labor. ANYWAY... is that what the gurgling noise is coming from? When i take off the coolant reservoir cap the pressure is released and the noise goes away. If the noise is coming from a shot auxiliary pump that baffles me because its only 3 years old with maybe 30k on it. Anyone think they may have put the old auxiliary pump back on when i took it back in and the replaced the water pump? that would piss me off because i still payed for the auxiliary pump. Thanks for any help/input guys.