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    Thread: 2010 Jetta Sport Wagon Bluetooth. How can I upgrade like the 2011 and get my address book on the dash?

    1. 03-12-2011 07:08 PM #1
      The Blue Tooth works fine however I heard in 2011 they have a screen shot of the address book where on my 2010 it is not there. Can I have service do a software upgrade?

    2. Member
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      Feb 18th, 2002
      2010 JSW
      03-12-2011 07:50 PM #2
      No, it's a hardware upgrade. You'd have to swap out the bluetooth controller under the passenger seat with a 9w7 unit.

    3. Member .KIX.'s Avatar
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      Sep 7th, 2008
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      03-12-2011 09:07 PM #3
      Also you have to have a high line Multi function display.

      this one:

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