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firstly if your a millionaire, you should grow the **** up and not act like a little 2yr old and lash out. secondly this guy is lucky I dont know him let alone others know him because he'd have the **** kicked out of him for damaging a vehicle that was built buy hand and a legendary name behind it. And thirdly if your a millionaire why would you buy a Lambo? let alone a gallardo. buy a LFA it's cheaper for shipping lol
I highly doubt that..

If he's a millionaire, do you really think a 200k car really matters at all in his budget? It's as if you threw out a McDonalds burger instead of sending it to a poor country with no food. It's irrelevant to him, he destroyed it to make a point- that point being that he wasn't serviced properly and he no longer supports that company. I'm sure he had a great time watching it being destroyed.

On a side note my friend just picked up a Gallardo, it's slower then another buddies STI