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    Thread: 2010 Passat Service Indicator

    1. 03-30-2011 10:40 PM #1
      I got my 2010 Passat serviced today and the morons forgot to reset the indicator and it is still saying to service the vehicle. To make things worse it is a 150 mile round trip and I had to take off work to get it done. Does anyone have any idea how to reset the service indicator?

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      03-30-2011 11:45 PM #2

      It's in there, plus possibly other questions you might have.
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    3. 03-31-2011 01:08 AM #3
      Wow I finally figured it out. Could find nothing online. I finally was just sitting in the car looking all over, then I started playing with the menu on the instrument cluster (that you control with the steering wheel buttons). While scrolling through the menu I saw (Service) I hit the OK button and there was an option to reset the indicator.


    4. 06-12-2011 12:38 PM #4
      It works, but this will also change it from flexible service interval into fixed service interval. Does anyone know how to reset service interval using VCDS and maintaining flexible service interval?

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