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    Thread: Water pump change How to?

    1. 04-11-2011 08:02 PM #1
      I am just getting my ears wet with my 2006 Jetta 2.5 and I need to change to water pump. I've changed water pumps before but I'm not familiar with my VW. Has anyone done a "How to" on changing the water pump? I've done a fair amount of searching but I couldn't find anything. Or could someone point me in the right direction? I am going to attempt it reguarless of help but I would just like to disassemble my car as little as I need. Thanks!

    2. 04-12-2011 11:55 AM #2
      You will need two jacks. First, one jack SUPPORTS the oil pan. Next, the second jack SUPPORTS the transmission. Do not punch a hole in these!!! Use a 2x4 or something to spread out the force of the jack!!!! Finally, remove the transmission mount and the engine mount over your accessory belt.

      Now that all this is done, CAREFULLY jack up the engine and lower the transmission. Twisting the engine just enough to get to the water pump, not an inch more!

      I have no torque specs or any idea which bolts are stretch bolts. I do know the lower mount bolts need to be replaced and torqued to spec per the VW TSB pertaining to knocking under load. The bentley manual or other sources including the dealership will not give you the proper specs for this mount. Refer to the TSB on the lower engine mount for these specs!!!!

      Good luck and I in no way take any responsibility for this repair. If you couldn't figure this much out on your own I would just take it in to the shop. If you take it to the shop find the TSB pertaining to the transmission mount torque specs and sympton "knocking under load". Otherwise they'll get the torque wrong too.

      I did a quick google search for you and came up with this thread containing some pictures http://volkswagenownersclub.com/vw/s...187-water-pump

      Why does your car need a new water pump already? Have you messed with the coolant at all? Be advised, these motors need special coolant to avoid corrosion of dissimilar metals. You need a special silicate and phospate free coolant, not just a "universal" coolant. There is a big difference between these two. Running the wrong coolant will corrode your cylinder head and destroy the head gasket. Again, SILICATE AND PHOSPATE free. Zerex g-05 is what crysler uses, vw/audi uses gXX.... whatever. Just be certain that whatever you put back in there is the right stuff not just "universal" coolant.

      The correct coolant is imperative and not just a gimmick. I have torn down vw's with ally cylinder heads before and seen the aftermath of the wrong coolant. Again, I'm not talking about "mixing" coolant. I'm talking about corrosion of dissimilar metals. The motor I tore down was thought to need a new head gasket but once we pulled the head looked like it had rusted from the inside out. The coolant passages themselves were heavily pitted and in some places destroyed.
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    3. 04-12-2011 01:55 PM #3
      Thanks for your help! That sound just like I've done before. Who knows, unless someone else has done it, when I do it this weekend I might even take pictures to help out my fellow newbies with this task.

    4. 04-12-2011 03:22 PM #4
      I had my window open for a while, didn't update and I just caught your additions. We took it into our VW dealer for its oil change and they mentioned that it was leaking. In the 4ish years that we have had it any work under the hood, with the exception of one oil change, our VW dealer has done everything. I am aware of the VW specific coolant and will be buying one of the jugs when I purchase the water pump from VW.

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