I'll make this intro short and sweet.

Bought this 1962 International Scout a few years ago and wasnt able to put much time or money into at first.. Now I've set me goal to have this thing on the road/trails by July first. Hopefully you'll see me reach this goal here.


-Purchased for $350
-152 ci 2.5l IH 4cyl with 86 "Gross Horsepower"
-3 Speed manual
-Twin stick Spicer Tcase
-Dana 27 axles
-Lots of rust
-Originally came from the factory with a 'half cab' top (gave the appearance of a very small pickup truck)

Since the date of purchase I have been stocking up on NOS and aftermarket parts for this thing. This spring has graciously allowed me to finally got to some work done on it!

Some mods so far:

-new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil
-Pertronix Breakless Electronic Ignition
-Replaced clutch slave cyclinder (yes it has a factory hydro clutch!)
-new rear wheel cyclinders/lines
-new coolant hoses
-new battery
-painted travel top
-cleaned and refilled diffs
-swapped old style oil canister for screw on type oil filter

Unfortunately this will not be a 'frame off' job. Just a first timer project that I would like to see road worthy by mid summer. Mind you, this will not be a hack job. Perhaps in the future the body will come off and I'll get down to the nitty gritty of what's underneath.

Anyway here's a list of what to look for in the future updates from me.

-Body work
-New floors
-new rocker panels (inner and outer)
-More body work
-Half cab (pick-up style top)
-New bed
-New Exhaust
-Carb rebuild
-More body work
-New wiring harness
-IH Scout II Dana 44 Axle swap (SOA)

Next year my plans are to get more into the lift/gearing/tcase/steering/tires options.

Anyway, hope you guys can provide some motivation for me to get this thing to completion.

Now for the pics...

DAY 1:

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