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    Thread: Your Scirocco History

    1. Member vw_Dru's Avatar
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      Jul 25th, 2006
      Boston, MA
      79 Scirocco
      05-12-2011 02:22 PM #26
      This is a great topic. Its interesting to see what brought people to these cars. With me it all started with my first car back in 1987, a 1982 VW Rabbit. It was a great car and began my long VAG relationship.

      Pouring over my tattered copies of VW & Porsche magazine I became a big fan of the Rabbits sportier S1 brother.

      So a year later when a friend of mine offered me a "free" Scirocco that came along with a mk2 Scirocco he bought, I jumped at it. After a series of misadventures towing the car to its new home, I finally had the car of my dreams...

      The car was a bit of a basket case and, being a college student with little time and no money, progress on the car was very slow to say the least. Unfortunately I lost my storage space before the car was close to being drivable and I had to give it up. I wish I still had it. To this day I'm a fan of green on tan in these cars...

      Since then I have enjoyed a long line of GTIs, but the little Scirocco was never forgotten.

      Finally 5 years ago I decided it was time to find another Scirocco. The search resulted in this:

      and I couldn't be happier. The great community that came with the car was a bonus.

    2. Member sw05s2k's Avatar
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      Aug 31st, 2010
      Jackson, Michigan
      05-12-2011 03:17 PM #27
      My first car (back in '88) was a 1980 Scirocco that my parents bought for me. I got it a few weeks before I got my license and I used to sit in the driveway pretending to drive it.
      I had it for 4 years until I wrecked it, I hit a guard rail and filpped it end over end and I walked away. Next was an 85 GTI, had that for a year or so and then wanted something newer, so I got a '92 Corrado VR6 (used). I owned the Corrado for a year, of that it spent 6 months at the dealership getting fixed for various things that went wrong. The Corrado was my last VW until last year when I picked up another Scirocco, and so the fun begins all over again.

      There's definitely something about these little cars.

    3. Member scirocco*joe's Avatar
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      Feb 23rd, 2002
      things broken
      05-12-2011 03:40 PM #28
      Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bee View Post
      I found some old pics I'll scan and add.

      sharing is caring...
      Still waiting...
      1981 Scirocco
      2010 Sportwagen TDI

      Philadelphia, PA

    4. Member microdub98's Avatar
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      May 12th, 2007
      York Haven, Pa
      No more VW's
      05-12-2011 05:10 PM #29
      Quote Originally Posted by vw_Dru View Post
      This is a great topic. Its interesting to see what brought people to these cars .
      Agreed . It was "people" that brought me to them. I always loved cars & grew up around them. I just never had/found my own "niche" till I became acquainted w/ said "people". Personally for me it's all about the people, friends, relationships, stories, etc.... the cars are just a bonus. Cheers to everyone in the Scirocco forum for the good times & many to come .

    5. Junior Member
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      Oct 22nd, 2007
      Buffalo, NY
      2011 Honda Element , 2007 BMW Z 4 3.0si coupe, 1981 VW Scirocco S (Dieter)
      07-18-2011 02:20 PM #30
      It was May 1981 and I had just finished my junior year at the University at Buffalo when I purchased my first new car....a 1980 Alpine white with red leatherette Scirocco. I traded a 1977 Toyota Corolla wagon, put about $3500 of my own money and borrowed $1100 from my mother. A lot of money for a college student in 1981. As a car enthusiast I loved the Scirocco for its handling and performance and as an Architecture student I appreciated the aesthetics...It was truly a beautiful car.
      The car had been sitting on the lot at Jim Kelly's Volkswagen here in Buffalo for almost a year, but it was brand new. The car I wished I could afford was the 1981 Cosmos Silver S model in the showroom, but it was considerably more expensive. Almost 30 years later I would own a Cosmos Silver S....Dieter!
      I kept my 1980 until April 1986 when I traded it for an 86 Tornado Red GTI. Two years later I would upgrade to an 88 Alpine White GTI 16V...my favorite VW. In 1991 I got the bug again and traded the GTI for a 1990 Tornado Red Corrado. I traded the Corrado for a 1994 Acura Integra...the most boring, albeit reliable car I ever owned...My friends called it the secretaries car.
      Ten years later after buying a 2001 BMW 325Ci, I bought my sister's 1993 Fox for use as a winter car....frankly a piece of junk.
      Then in 2010 I bought and restored Dieter.


    6. Member sciroccohal's Avatar
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      May 4th, 2005
      Infrared AZ.
      2each'78s,81S,TTQ,S2 8V, race Corvette
      07-18-2011 03:10 PM #31
      In July of '78 I was contracted to provide the database of information for a Engineering firm who was writing an Article for R&T Mag. Published in Aug of '78 I believe. The article ended up being something like one PARAGRAPH long and the owner of the engineering company was pissed at the amount of money he spent to get so little 'column inches'!!!

      Best Cars in America...one Foreign and one domestic.
      Twas based on about 100 critreria from ergonomics to space for size of car, styling (subjective) Maintenance, gas mileage etc.

      I spent the whole summer writing up the matrix and submitting it. I tested some 400 cars/models.
      It was a terrific way to spend a summer and get paid for it, when you're a college student.

      I was driving one of my many OPEL GT's at the time.

      The car that won the 'foreign' section was the 1978 VW Scirocco
      The car that won the 'Domestic' section was the 1978 Chevy Impala 4 door.

      A short time later I was able to find a wrecked 78 Scirocco with 2000 miles on it and this was the first of 51 Scirocco's I've owned and rebuilt.

      51 Sciroccos, 28+ years of continous use and 500,000 miles later the rest is history.
      The feeling of immortality extends right up until the moment of impact.
      I cannot teach you how to be a Zen mechanic, grasshopper.
      The VW Scirocco, the worlds fastest ECONOMY car.
      I drive a 36 year old YORK with a Scirocco attached.

    7. Member LT1M21Stingray's Avatar
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      Sep 13th, 2006
      Foothills of the Adirondacks.
      SR71 C30 t53a/b
      07-18-2011 03:54 PM #32
      On with the pictures. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

      My first Scirocco, 1.7l 1983 Champagne Silver with red interior. Had it a year, then sold it in 1994.

      My second Scirocco, 1.8l 1983 Montego Black with black interior bought in 1994. Bone stock except for the Ronal R8s, no body kit, had nice and heavy park benches.
      Lower mainland BC with beautiful Mt Baker in the background.

      First mods were a body kit, brand new euro bumpers, TT intake manifold, exhaust, 4-2 exhaust manifold, G-Grind, Neuspeed TB.

      Moved to the East Coast, bought a 1988 Scirocco Slegato as a winter beater in the mean time and sold it to Daun a few years later.

      Now being restored by Mr Pill.

      Need to keep the addiction going. Got this cool MK1 on ebay.

      The MK1 awaiting a 16V motor.
      Build thread here.


      Before Vortex, there was the Scirocco list, and before the Scirocco list, there was USENET with rec.auto.makers.vw.watercooled.
      The passion for the Scirocco is still strong. I have met a lot of nice and wonderfull people all along. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

      Quote Originally Posted by Mk1Madness
      Back when making your car faster and better handling was the big thing.
      Quote Originally Posted by Tavarish
      The car's best safety feature includes ejecting you in the moment of impact and wishing you the best of luck.

    8. Member scotttu's Avatar
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      Jul 20th, 2008
      Silverdale, WA
      1980 MK1 w/91 Jetta Engine, 96 Nissan 4x4
      07-18-2011 08:40 PM #33
      In 1983 I knew a soldier who's daddy bought him a brand new green Scirocco (It was an 81)...
      I came to love riding in that car, pretty cool..

      So In 1993 I was going through a divorce and working under the table just to make ends meet.
      A friend from work had just bought a 1980 Scirocco for his daughter to drive to college.

      It needed new CVJoints/Half-shafts.

      He bought it, drove it straight to my house and after the work was done said he can't afford to pay me AND his daughter did not want a car, let alone a stick shift but if I want the car it's mine for $750.

      The car had about 79k on it at the time.

      I kept the car as a backup car and drove it a few times but not much, I liked it's quick resopnsiveness but my Dodge Conquest was my daily driver.

      When I blew the turbo out I drove the VW.

      One day I am driving up a LIGHT hill in federal way, car stalls out.
      Towed home and 2 months later I woke up in the middle of the night and said "It's the catalytic converter" - it WAS.......

      She broke down at 5PM on a Friday night once, split the upper radiator hose in half going up the southcenter hill in SEattle.

      Traffic was blaring, people were pissed, got her to the road, next day 5 minutes to repair.

      Another time I witnessed some guys burglarizing the local Les SChwab and called the cops, next day I come home and my car is on jacks....getting brand new tires from Les Schwab

      Sold the car to my daughters mom for a while, she blew the motor (1.8 cam in a 1.6 and 215k miles)...

      Voila, she now sports a 91 Jetta engine and trans and new paint, new interior, new everything actually...$5500 later...

      18 years now...Wow!

      Last edited by scotttu; 07-18-2011 at 08:43 PM.
      If one's words are not better than silence, one should keep silent.
      - Kwai Chang Caine

    9. Member Nataku's Avatar
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      Dec 25th, 2005
      Andover, Minn.
      1980 VW Scirocco
      07-19-2011 04:43 PM #34
      Whoops - didn't realize I had posted in here already....

      Oh well, I did find another photo of the car that started the madness for me.

      Last edited by Nataku; 07-19-2011 at 04:51 PM.

    10. Member My Old Roc's Avatar
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      Aug 14th, 2003
      78 Scirocco MK1 8 Valves of Furry Fury
      07-19-2011 06:33 PM #35
      Everyone knows the story:

      -1978 - Pop buys it brand new in September.

      -1988 he gave it to me.

      -Driven daily for almost two decades.

      -2002 It spent some time as a a Sorta-Gray .

      -2006 to present - Turns Silver - Gets the full on Team Andy® Treatment

      So many modifications....so many stories...so many fails....so many friends....SO MUCH FUN!

    11. Senior Member Chris16vRocco's Avatar
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      Apr 29th, 2006
      Scirocco x2, QSW, FJ40, E30, S4, W123, Golf7 TDI
      07-19-2011 06:45 PM #36
      Quote Originally Posted by My Old Roc View Post

      -2006 to present - Turns Silver with a blue headliner- Gets the full on Team Andy® Treatment
      Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    12. Member xECKSx58's Avatar
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      Oct 4th, 2008
      Germantown Ny
      '84 Sciocco; '03 350z
      07-19-2011 07:16 PM #37
      I swear I have posted here before

      Apparently not though, so here it goes:

      I do come from a VW(/Audi) family (sort of).

      My moms first car was a blue 1979 (?) VW Beetle similar to this one

      Her brother (whom I'm named after) owned a yellow 1976 (?) VW Rabbit (which he was killed in at the young age of 18).

      My grandfather has owned so many VW's I can't think of half of them. I know that he was stationed in germany for a while, and bought a few v dubs there. I will try to list out the cars he owned but I know I will miss many. (I just talked to my mom and she said he would buy a new VW every year after trading in last years model [never a Scirocco though]. This was mainly in the 70s, but also earlier.)
      VW Vanagon truck

      VW Karmann Ghia

      VW Diesel Dasher Wagon

      I'm pretty sure he had a Fox and a Jetta too, but I'm not sure about that.

      Back to my mom:
      She owned a 1987 Audi 4000 CS Quattro
      She was pregnant with me when she crashed it into a tree (1992)

      It wasn't until 2005 (ish) that she got back into the Audi world

      She had a 2001 Automatic S4...

      ...Traded that in for a 2001 Nogaro Blue 6spd S4

      Then one day in 2008 my sisters boyfriend came home with his 1983 Scirocco fresh from the paint shop.

      This is what made me want one.
      Later in the year I saw a silver 1984 Scirocco on Craigslist for $600
      After bugging my parents about it for 2 weeks they finally allowed me to purchase my first car at the young age of 15.
      Here is the beauty as she sat the day I picked her up

      And this is what she looked like in her finest state to this day

      As of today she's being stripped of her old paint in preparation for new fresh paint.
      Why would I repaint a car that was just repainted last year?
      Because the guy who painted it (for free, minus the paint) did a terrible job.
      There was orange peel everywhere and drips along the whole drivers side
      Here is how she sits

    13. Member cuppie's Avatar
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      May 3rd, 2005
      Redford, MI
      88 Scirocco 16v (Wilda); 02 Passat NevarLose wagon; '12 Fusion SEL (wife's.) Past: '86 QSW, '87 Golf
      07-19-2011 11:23 PM #38
      My 'rocco history:
      First VW in the family was Mom's '79 Rabbit - she got that when I was 17 or so. And, I took care of it.
      My first VW was my '83 'rocco (which, oddly, was Flash Silver), which I got when I was 20. Drove that for a couple of years; sold due to needing far more work than I felt the car was worth.
      As a replacement, I got an 87 Golf GT. Drove that for the next 10 years. Sold due to rather nasty rust issues (windshield opening - it would rain in the car....)
      Next 4 years were spent driving BMWs. 2-year lease on a 325i, then another 2 years in a 328i (which I do still miss - damned nice car.)
      Last April, I came back to VW - and, back into a Flash Silver Scirocco. This one I plan on keeping for a long, long time:
      - Cup
      '88 Scirocco 16v, 'tastefully' modified.
      Click here for my Cincy pics
      things currently broken (Scirocco): 4
      things currently broken (Passat): 4

    14. Member cholland_'s Avatar
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      Apr 12th, 2006
      Toronto, ON
      1973 VW 914, 1986 VW Scirocco, 2010 VW GTI
      07-19-2011 11:49 PM #39
      I think it goes without saying that I come from a VW family. After helping my dad restore his '57 bug I bought my own project for a good price. I was 14, with money from delivering the local newspaper. It planted the Karmann seed. You can see the leftovers from the '56 we parted out in the back of the picture. It's roof and oval window is still in my parent's backyard.

      In 2005, when I earned enough money in college to afford to stop taking the bus, I bought this my '86 Scirocco for $750. It had 265,000km and ran great, but looked like crap. Bondo everywhere and the clear coat was peeling off all over the place. Still, it got me through my second year of school.

      I repainted it once, replaced pretty much everything as it needed it and drove it as my daily until 2009.

      In January 2010 I bought a mk4 Golf so I can make it a really pretty car.

      In 2009 my Dad and I decided to buy Izzy's '75 Scirocco, a doppleganger of his first Scirocco, which he owned for a few years after it was new. The blue Superbug in the picture is the car he drove before getting the Scirocco, and had to keep to drive when the Scirocco broke down (often).

      After some adventures which don't need retelling, it's saving me from missing my brown car too much.
      Quote Originally Posted by Chris16vRocco View Post
      You are a god among men. Or a man among retards, not sure which.

    15. Member MickR's Avatar
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      Jan 27th, 2011
      Baltimore, Meowyland
      1977 Scirocco, Protege 5, Mobylette
      07-20-2011 09:04 AM #40
      This thread inspired me to go into the basement and find some old photos. My Scirocco history included a few other VW's along the way. When I was 16 I got a white 74 Beetle. That was replaced by an orange sunroof Super Beetle when I got to college. At some point I got a 1977 orange Rabbit, with a cool brown velour interior. It was rusty, ratty, but the most fun car I ever had. When that disappeared from a parking lot (the college security might have thought it abandoned), I went out and found my first Scirocco, this 1979:

      The color was, I think, Platinum Metallic. My father sanded the whole car and fixed the bits of rust, as a birthday present. He loved doing bodywork. We had it painted for $99 at Maaco if you can believe it, and it came out pretty nice. I got hit in a parking lot almost immediately after that. I loved the car, but moved up to a 1986 GTI. In the interim, I have owned a bunch of cars, plus a 91 Arctic White MK2 GTI, but here is my latest acquisition, my 1977 Indigo Blue Metallic Scirocco:

      I just got this car a few weeks ago from another Vortex user. I have plans to just keep it nice and stock and enjoy it.

    16. Member mavicman's Avatar
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      Nov 13th, 2000
      Carbondale, CO
      87 Scirocco 16v, 93 Corrado VR6 for sale, 03 Passat Dad-Wagon, 90 Corrado G60 RIP, 81 Scirocco S RIP
      07-20-2011 10:42 AM #41
      I remember walking to my first day of middle school back in '81 and seeing said year Scirocco sitting in the teacher's parking lot. I was instanly in love but, in that middle school way, didn't really realize it yet. The teacher turned out to be my health instructor and was a Rocco fanatic. Then in high school, '85, a friend got a brand new '86 16v. In my subconscious mind the future was set. Finally purchased my first '81 in '94 and have had a Scirocco ever since. I currently have an '87 16v (and a '93 Corrado) but I sure miss my '81.

    17. 07-20-2011 08:41 PM #42
      it was 1996 , i was driveing past arbys in hixson tn and saw my first scirocco. it was dark grey i pulled over trying to figure out wtf it was i was lost didnt know how to pronounce it . fast forward to feb 1997 im in the airforce , stationed in tucson az. im getting really tired of walking to work(5 miles) i hear there is a car for sale at the dorms . i go to meet the owner after work . turns out hes got a 84 scirocco auto i got that car for $350 no breaks , speedo is 30mph fast . had speedo fixed found out the top speed was 45 mph! come to find out the guy i bought it from didnt know where the airfilter was. after 3 months of work and a [B]lot[B] of help from wagonhaus she ran like a dream. i autox it . rally x it . i loved that car . 6 months later the harness catches fire while sitting at a gas pump. i pushed it to the side of the lot got the fire put out and left it there . it hurt alot seeing her sitting there like that . but my pay grade was to low to be able to fix it i left the title in the seat. fast forward to 2002 ive been looking for a car . im standing in a k-mart parking lot on 58 hwy talking to a friend of mine that worked at the penske auto center there. and i spot out of the corner of my eye a black 16v scirocco . as im watching it drive by i notice the shoe polish on the back window with the words for sale . i didnt say bye , ill be back nothing i jumped in my buick and ran the guts out of it trying to catch up to get the number. it took me till hixson tn to catch it at a light. 3 days later i bought that car . im still driveing that car ive got over 500k on it . it still pulls 10.90s in the 1/8th mile .

    18. Member ginster86roc's Avatar
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      Apr 19th, 2005
      oviedo fl
      86 volkswagen scirocco, baby
      07-20-2011 11:09 PM #43
      oooh! i'll play.

      it's *totally* my dad's fault i'm a vw-holic. (
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      i good vibes... and sciroccos.
      Quote Originally Posted by sciroccojim
      Yes. Follow the adjustment procedure in the Bentley. Works like "magic."

      Quote Originally Posted by punchbug
      That's just how we roll.

    19. Member
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      Dec 15th, 2010
      south jersey
      87 16v rocco
      07-20-2011 11:30 PM #44
      my very first dub was an 83 auto forrest green scirocco that was sold to me by my cousin, eventually fell in love with it as i was into djing at that time, 17 yrs old. i traded this in for a 92 mex made gti which i thought was made in germany. true enough, after 25 wty repairs within the 1st year, i sold it. rested for 3 years, and got a modded up 88 16v rocco. beat the crap out of it til my son came along, and had to sell it to buy a honda minivan... i know i know.14 years later, still itching up to get one. got one this past february from ohio, an 87 16v roc. up until this day, i still blame the xmas holidays coz i could've gotten scirocco joe's 16v.grrr...oh well, but hey after a few repairs to the car, including replacing the hollowed cat converter, and dead oxygen sensor, and a new bosal cat back exhaust, it breathes like a new car again... i mean it's like a night and day difference. more parts to replace, + i'm falling for this red one. yeah, i'm the 6th owner, but carfax says that it's never been into an accident. it does drive straight. until then... long live the rocs!

    20. Member Beakersloco's Avatar
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      Oct 9th, 2005
      88 VW Scirocco 16v, 94 VW Jetta
      07-21-2011 01:27 PM #45
      Well my dad was into vw bugs and we owned a bug up until 1988 ish. It was loaned to an uncle and he wrecked it after hitting a patch of ice.

      Back sometime after I got my first car I used to pick up car mags(1991/1992 ish) i saw one in a VW mag and fell in love. Fast forward to 2005 I needed a gas saver and went looking on ebay for cheap vehicles within 200 miles and found my present car that was listed as running but with issues and lost the auction (car sold for 8 or 900 dollars) to a guy with 0 feedback. A day or 2 later I looked at the auction again and saw that the winner was showing a negative 1 for feedback. I then emailed the sellor and told him to contact me if the buyer does not contact him.

      Well a few days later i got an email and I called and negociated $600 for the car. Rented a trailer and Drove up and the battery was dead too dead to jump car. So I made him a quick offer $475 as is and it was mine. Not sure why I did not go lower. Car cost me $600 (gas and trailer rental). Previous owners literally drove the crap outof the car.

      And the rest is history, Car still has issues and I have mostly only been able to repair things that mean I cant drive the car. In the last year I have been able to do more to the car then in the previous years, new struts front and rear, 15 in rims, Euro headlights (awaiting my to install at end of summer) and new rear rotors.
      “All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”" Edmund Burke -Irish orator, philosopher, & politician

    21. Member vwleadfoot's Avatar
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      Oct 31st, 2001
      California, MD
      81 Scirocco s, 95 URS6, 1999 911 Carrera, 92 BMW 750il, 01 Golf TDI "Kerma'd", 86 4KQ "The General"
      07-21-2011 01:59 PM #46
      Oh god. this is gonna take me two weeks to write out......
      Stainless steel sculptures, Automotive art, Custom etched furniture and glass, Custom interior signs
      www.clearbrookproject.com --- the music
      www.mk1motorsports.com -- the cars

    22. Member Michael Bee's Avatar
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      Nov 4th, 2004
      City of Poughkeepsie
      1980 Scirocco | 2015 528xi | 2016 328xi GT
      07-21-2011 02:49 PM #47
      Quote Originally Posted by vwleadfoot View Post
      Oh god. this is gonna take me two weeks to write out......
      so what??

      Start writin!

    23. Member ginster86roc's Avatar
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      Apr 19th, 2005
      oviedo fl
      86 volkswagen scirocco, baby
      07-21-2011 10:04 PM #48
      Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bee View Post
      so what??


      i good vibes... and sciroccos.
      Quote Originally Posted by sciroccojim
      Yes. Follow the adjustment procedure in the Bentley. Works like "magic."

      Quote Originally Posted by punchbug
      That's just how we roll.

    24. Member Rocco_julie's Avatar
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      Jul 11th, 2006
      Amsterdam NY
      81 16v Turbo Scirocco & 88 Scirocco 16v
      07-22-2011 06:02 AM #49
      I drove a 73 Mustang when I first got to the States. One repair after another I got sick of it when it broke AGAIN.. (little did I know at that time)...
      My boyfriend at the time, gave me a 72 Bug to drive. Every panel was a different color. One fender was welded on due to rust, but the thing started every time!

      Fast forward 2 years....
      On the way to work one morning, opened the door and sat on the drivers seat, and... It fell through the floor.... Sigh....
      A chunk of 2x4 later, the seat supported, I saw a white VW for sale on the side of the road.
      It had a radiator! That meant HEAT! Yeah Baby!

      An hour later, that 75 Scirocco was mine! That was 1988 (I still have the registration tag

      Fast Forward to 1991...
      The day after my daughter was born, we bundled her into her rocket seat in the back of the very same car, for the ride home. Later, I'd open the DS door, she would walk over the DS seat, step between them and settle her self in her chair. (She cant do that now, 20 years later
      She has never known a time where we have not owned a MKI or a MKII.

      Fast Forward to 2011. Jill drove the silver 88 16v for a few days while the 90 Cabby was repaired. NOW she gets it and wants one for her self..... Get your own kid!

    25. Member Michael Bee's Avatar
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      Nov 4th, 2004
      City of Poughkeepsie
      1980 Scirocco | 2015 528xi | 2016 328xi GT
      02-01-2012 11:42 AM #50
      2k12 bump.

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