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    Thread: MK4 "Soft Touch" removal?

    1. 06-05-2011 09:38 PM #1
      I have a simple question regarding this Soft Touch material layed on select plastic pieces. It has worn its days out, it's peeled, and its holding dirt. Looks like crap after a week I cleaned it. But this soft touch material as we know that's layed on the door handles, center console and radio surround? I'm roughly tired of looking at how it looks, and I can take it off with my nails. But that's too time consuming and i'm trying to get the surface complete even.

      So is there any method to knowing a best, clean, quick and effective route?

      I would really appreciate the assistance. Thank you all.

    2. Junior Member
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      May 29th, 2011
      Central Maryland
      '00 Tornado Red MK4 VR6
      06-06-2011 09:39 AM #2
      if you pop the pieces from the door handles off, the soft touch comes off pretty well with the green scrubby side of the sponge with soap and water. After you get most of that crap off, if there is any sticky adhesive junk left, wipe it off using some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and it should come off

      As for the radio surrounding pieces and cupholder lid... its a huge pain to get that off because it is attached to the cage holding in the radio and cd player... but it can be removed and scrubbed to look like flat black plastic. Or you can get fancy!

      heres what i did to my car a couple weeks ago concerning the same problem

      good luck!

    3. 06-06-2011 12:17 PM #3
      Thank you so much, man!! I asked a few locally, they were like "Use mineral spirits and a paint scraper".... oh hell naw. But i'll get to work today on it!

      Dope set up in your jetta btw. I was going to vinyl wrap all the pieces something.

      But cheers brother!

    4. Member Bryoc's Avatar
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      Apr 24th, 2009
      New Jersey
      MKlV GTi
      06-07-2011 01:12 AM #4
      i used diluted "purple power" cleaner and a finger nail brush. took a while, im sure finger nail polish of something along the lines of that would work well

    5. Member Winston_Taco's Avatar
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      Sep 13th, 2002
      Lodi, WI
      87 Coupe 05 Outback XT
      06-10-2011 10:12 PM #5
      Simple Green and a skotch brite pad work well but it leaves the plastic gray. just hit it with some Refinsh Restorer and the parts come out mint.

    6. Member 01Golf's Avatar
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      Sep 30th, 2008
      Southern, NH 03063
      01 Golf 2.0 5 spd & 88 Saleen Mustang tribute build
      06-12-2011 06:00 PM #6
      I used a small knife a scraped it all off and them went over it with scotch bright and alcohol to clean the rest of it off. Very stupid idea VW had painting interior parts that were already that color LMAO. Big time fail! But, you can correct that mistake with taking things apart and some elbow grease.
      LB9A Candy White/Tan 2001 Golf 2.0 5 spd

    7. Member speedkillz's Avatar
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      Jan 26th, 2005
      '05 GLI, '13 TDI Beetle
      06-12-2011 11:50 PM #7
      we used acetone and a scotch bright pad on the beetle.

    8. Member VR6R0ME03's Avatar
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      Mar 29th, 2011
      El Paso
      2003/VW/GTI VR6
      06-24-2011 02:34 AM #8
      After peal respray with duplicolor vinyl and fabric paint FLAT BLK!!!!

    9. Member
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      May 29th, 2012
      Stafford, Virginia
      99.5 Jetta 1.8T
      06-11-2012 10:50 PM #9
      Quote Originally Posted by VR6R0ME03 View Post
      After peal respray with duplicolor vinyl and fabric paint FLAT BLK!!!!
      Perfect finish after using this. Thanks!

    10. 10-03-2015 06:26 PM #10
      I just did this, however I would not use isopropyl alcohol! That turned the plastic milky white.

      Just hot soapy water (dish soap) worked for me, along with elbow grease. Letting it sit in the soapy water for a while (30 minutes perhaps) before scraping helps.

      Another trick I used is something I also do for stuff that's baked onto pans with non-stick coating. In cases like that you want something that's firm enough to scrape off the gunk, but not hard enough to scratch. A fingernail works well; but what also works is wood - specifically a popsicle stick and/or toothpick. I just now did mine with a popsicle stick and it worked well.

      Again - I would recommend avoiding alcohol. For me at least, it turned the surface somewhat white.

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