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    Thread: Ac recharging, 99 jetta 2.0.... Have you done it?

    1. Member NH-JK's Avatar
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      Feb 24th, 2011
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      06-06-2011 04:39 AM #1
      I have a 99 mk3 2.0 jetta, I bought the "no tools required" 134a Air conditioning recharge bottle ($14.00@ auto zone) I tired to connect it to the low side of the ac but the fitting was too small, does VW require a diffrent size?

      Have you guys done this successfully in the drive way? Can it be done? My ac is not coming out very cold anymore and I would like to charge it up with out paying $100. @ a dealership, any ideas or info would be great.


    2. Junior Member
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      Oct 30th, 2007
      mia yayo
      98 jetta 2.oh
      06-06-2011 04:46 AM #2
      u have it on the wrong port its the big pipe that u put it onto itsthe blue can with the blue hose u bought with a gauge?
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    3. Member shuttle pilot's Avatar
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      Aug 25th, 2006
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      06-06-2011 08:21 AM #3
      Read you can of stuff carefully. If it contains sealants, seal conditioners or some special blend, then you don't want to add it to your system. ESPECIALLY SEALANTS!! The only thing that should go in the AC system is R134 and PAG oil and UV dye.

      Any of this stuff weird stuff added will result in a bigger shop bill or destruction of the system if it is ever opened up (sealant hardens when exposed to atmospheric air). The previous owner added this stuff to my car. I had to replace the entire AC system because the system was suspect from blockages when this stuff could not seal a hole in the condenser. I could not replace a single part because the stuff was likely to float around the system and destroy it again (think of how cancer works). No shop will want to touch your car for fear of contaminating/damaging their tools.

      I've recharged mine. It is not hard, but the tools to properly do it was expensive. You do not need to add oil unless you have a broken part that has leaked it out. Trust me, take it to a shop or dealer that does AC or invest in the proper tools. Especially if the are only asking for $100.

      Have them try to locate a leak with UV dye and a R134 sniffer first before doing any recharge. If they can't do either or both, then they are not a serious AC shop. Go find someplace else.

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      06-07-2011 01:10 AM #4
      The DIY recharge kit from AutoZone worked fine for me a few times in the past. It should only fit onto one of your two ports.. whichever one it fits onto is the correct one. Bring the engine speed up (handy that the throttle body is right there) to get the low-side to suck in from the can.

      Technically you're not supposed to "top off" A/C systems. Supposed to fix the leak (which is why you would need to top it off in the first place), suck it down, and then put the amount of charge in that should be on the sticker by the grille (I believe.. 800g + 50g of oil). Friend of mine does commercial refrigeration, so for a six-pack, he came over and did mine and used the set of gauges and everything. Still works great, and on hot summer days, I sometimes have to add some heat to it or turn it off for it being TOO cold.
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