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    Thread: Transmission fluid change. 1.8T , 98'

    1. n00b
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      Jun 17th, 2011
      South Carolina
      06-18-2011 12:00 AM #1
      Hello all,

      My 98', 1.8T Passat transmission runs flawlessly although it has 225.000 on it. I bought it at 197.000 and so far no problem with the transmission. Do you think I need to change transmission fluid and filter as a preventive maintenance? I have no idea whether or not the previous ovners changed it.

    2. Member scotts13's Avatar
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      Feb 15th, 2007
      Lehigh County, Pa.
      2004 GLS 1.8T
      06-18-2011 07:29 AM #2
      Quote Originally Posted by Sharma1492 View Post
      The tranny oil in the b5's is a lifetime oil.
      No, it's not. The manufacturer of the fluid recommends a 75,000 mile interval, and the manufacturer of the transmission recommends 60,000. The VW specification of "lifetime" is mostly for marketing purposes, to help counter the perception of VW's as "high maintenance" vehicles.

      From their point of view, they're right - the transmission almost certainly won't fail within the 100,000 mile that's generally accepted as a cars lifetime. If it does after that, well, it's out of warranty and VW would like to sell you a new car anyway.

      If you plan to keep your car indefinitely, do the maintenance. I did mine for the first time at a bit over 200,000.

    3. Member
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      Dec 1st, 2009
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      06-20-2011 12:26 PM #3
      The funny part is that printed on the VW branded ATF bottle, it says " Shelf Life is 5 Years" !!!!! And that's in the bottle!!!, nevermind in your transmission !!

    4. Member B5.5TW74's Avatar
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      Sep 24th, 2010
      2003 B5.5 1.8T
      06-20-2011 03:37 PM #4
      Just dropped my tranny this weekend and the oil was completely black and my B5.5 only has 113,000 on it. A little over a week ago my tranny started 'whining' not sure if it has anything to do with the transmission oil which is why i took it out this weekend. I would say change it to be on the safe side

    5. Banner Advertiser ECS Tuning's Avatar
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      Oct 2nd, 2006
      Wadsworth, OH
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      06-21-2011 04:07 PM #5
      There are a variety of different opinions on what is best for the VW automatic transmissions. VW has considered them a "lifetime fill" in the past, however some of the newer cars are now seeing 40k mile service intervals on the automatic transmissions. I personally change out the fluid and filter, usually before 100k miles.

      We do have service kits avialable for those who would prefer to DIY the fluid changes:


      It really does come down to a personal preference, but I have seen less transmission failures over the years in cars where the fluid and filter was serviced at some point. Usually when a problem arises (rough shifts, harsh engagement, etc...), it is often times too late and changing the fluid does not always fix things.

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