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    Thread: good press. good people, good times THANKS!

    1. Banner Advertiser nothing-leaves-stock's Avatar
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      May 16th, 2006
      5780 Main street center valley PA 18034
      a few.
      06-28-2011 08:21 AM #1
      hey guys, just wanted to thank everyone ,
      everyone but 2 people, the 2 i had to yell at. pot smoking but front gate in show flied,REALLY!? a family show and your doing that? do it at home. not around my family and friends with thier kids. and candy shooting guys, sorry man, just can't have that. soft candy or not, people don't know you and don't want candy hitting them and thier cars. sorry i had to yell at you both but it just can't happen. 2 bad apples in a huge worries. now on to the good stuff!!!!

      the day went GREAT, we are so happy! the total count is not in yet but we know it was close to 400 show cars, just under. which is 150-170 MORE then last year! amazing!

      heres a link to the channel 69WFMZ 6 0'clock news on sunday after the show! great good press for us, the show and over all...the vw people! final huh!?

      also, the charity for bubba. we raised $603 for him to put towards an ipad and the software so he can start learning. the family was very happy and thanksful and you guys did it! thanks so much for caring and helping others out!

      my crew and family and friends that helped.......
      there is NO WAY i could EVER do this with out them. they help months in advance, walter and charity work on the flyers and designs, walter and frank helped design and then print the Tshirts,my mom does all the paper work, registration papers and money, jason diem coated the amazing awards, brad machined the awards, many friends woke up around5 to come sunday to help set up and then run the show all day, many friends handed out flyers ahead of time, you guys came to make it happen and raise money for local needy families, pvw covers it to make it better each year....the stuff can go on and on!

      i can't thank everyone enough, it was a great great day and i'm so thankful for the friends that came! we had a blast! can't wait to cult 7!

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    2. Member deletedo1m's Avatar
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      Jul 9th, 2007
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      06-28-2011 08:24 AM #2
      It is always a great show and it is nice to see it get bigger and bigger and still maintain the laid back atmosphere that some other shows can't provide. Thank you for putting on the show.

    3. Geriatric Member PSU's Avatar
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      May 15th, 2004
      2015 Autobahn GTI
      06-28-2011 08:55 AM #3
      Always those select few that have to ruin it.

      Sounds like it was a great turn out though.

      Kudos to you, sir.

    4. Member eudorrra's Avatar
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      Jun 20th, 2006
      North Jersey, South Florida, the D
      '93 Cabriolet, black '01 TT 225Q autoX machine v2, '11 TDI coupe unicorn, '92 mariner blue meowta
      06-28-2011 08:56 AM #4
      ^^ this.. somehow even though the show gets bigger every year, it's still the chillest time around . I suspect it's the playlist
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    5. Geriatric Member JUS_GT_EYEZ's Avatar
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      Nov 12th, 2001
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      06-28-2011 09:16 AM #5
      The Cult Classic Crew has class. Everyone involved cares about the show and it shows.

      Thanks to all that are involved... and those awards kicked ass.
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    6. Member Couch Gentleman's Avatar
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      Jan 14th, 2006
      Doylestown, PA
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      06-28-2011 09:38 AM #6
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    7. Member nemo1ner's Avatar
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      May 5th, 2004
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      06-28-2011 11:44 AM #7
      Quote Originally Posted by eudorrra View Post
      ^^ this.. somehow even though the show gets bigger every year, it's still the chillest time around . I suspect it's the playlist
      This! It was funny having "Ruby Soho" being followed by "Return to Innocence."

      Great Job and the awards were awesome!
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    8. Member veedubman91's Avatar
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      Apr 5th, 2002
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      06-28-2011 12:11 PM #8
      well said Josh! always a great time at cult, and i will keep coming back for sure
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    9. Moderator rmbalisa's Avatar
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      Jan 17th, 2002
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      06-29-2011 11:10 AM #9
      rick astley and mr. boombastic

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